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The results are in! We’ve had the fortune of testing out real sex dolls, and we hope from the fruit of our labor that you get to enjoy right off the bat, the Very Best, Top Real Sex Dolls Reviews! These are sorted by the average, overall quality of the doll delivered by the best providers in the industry.
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  • Wide Variety of Customization
  • Super Realistic
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Good Customer Service Response Time
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment

  • One of Our Favorites!
  • Very Affordable
  • The MOST Realistic
  • Canadian Company
  • Best Overall Customer Service
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment

  • One of Our Favorites!
  • Good Customizations
  • Highly Realistic
  • GREAT Prices
  • Fast, Helpful Customer Service
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment

UPDATE! Ready to SAVE Some Money on Sex Dolls?


We have found three companies in China that sell the exact same sex dolls, except it’s directly from the manufacturer. The sex dolls that are sold for $2,000 are available for $500.  We placed a few orders and have found them to be legit. These are the same, exact dolls, without the American middle-man jacking up the price. The best part is, the shipping time is the same (about two weeks) because it uses FedEx, UPS, and similar “discrete” boxes for shipping. The best, best, best part? You actually have a REAL return policy and buyer protection since it’s traditional transportation. If you don’t like what you’ve received, you can and will get all your money back – directly from the manufacturer. These American companies do NOT offer this, as they assume you have used the doll for… well… you know!



Real Sex Dolls Reviews

We’ve all seen what the past decade has brought us: from homemade DIY sex dolls to handheld to discrete flashlights with a surprise function. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, the world has been turned upside down with the invention of hyper-realistic sex dolls. With the handmade design of artists to the meticulous ingenuity of scientists: we’ve reached the point where the skin feels like real skin, and the “flesh” bounces like real flesh.


realdoll reviews

Are These Real Sex Dolls Reviews?

Yes. Did you miss the picture above? We aren’t going to waste your time with the garbage that seems to fill up the rest of the internet. We only intend to help you save time and money by finding the best supplier of the most realistic sex dolls the planet has ever seen.


“Are These Sex Dolls Real?”

It’s a fair question! Yes, there are some pictures you can find on the internet which look so convincingly real, you’d be hard-pressed to guess one way or the other. We have an entire gallery of Real Confirmed Sex Dolls so you can start to learn the difference. What makes the biggest difference in a sex doll? The manufacturer. They come in many different ways, shapes, forms, and even materials. It can get pretty complicated, so that’s why we are here! Our goal is to help you find your ideal match: both physically and financially.


“That is a real person! I’ll Bet You $1,000 That Is A Real Person!”

 Nope, That’s a Real Sex Doll.



“OK, This One MUST Be A Real Person! There is No Way That is a Silicon Sex Doll”

Wrong Again, My Friends! It’s a TPE Sex Doll!


The Pros and Cons of Buying Sex Dolls

As sex doll reviewers, we’ve tested the products on hundreds of love dolls and have experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of buying sex dolls. Now, you can find the detailed list of our biggest Pros and Cons so you can figure out if these products are exactly what you want.

Real sex dolls reviews

The Pros

1. It’s a great way of kickstarting your sex life, without all the drama.
2. It helps strengthen your Social Confidence. This practice can make your self-esteem skyrocket, and you’ll be more likely to get lucky with the girl of your dreams.
3. They can look and feel incredible and realistic.
4. It can fulfill your life in ways that masturbate can’t. Remember, sex is sweaty, sticky, and quite the workout. Get ready for that six-pack!
5. You’ll never get an STD from having sex with a sex doll!

The Cons

1. They are expensive! Some sex dolls are almost $10,000. That’s a lot of money!
2. They might take up a lot of space. If you need to hide your sex doll, you might need to have a plan for storage before you buy it.
3. Buying sex dolls isn’t socially acceptable yet. You might not want to tell your friends. Otherwise, you might have to share!
4. Scammers and knock-offs are potentially dangerous! Some companies in China are cutting corners and making fake sex dolls that can be dangerous.

Sex Doll Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Sex Doll Pictures Real Sex Dolls, Or Just Women?

All the pictures you have seen on this website are all of real sex dolls. It can be quite confusing sometimes, because professional photographers can really make these sex dolls look incredibly real when they mimic sweat droplets with sprays.

Are These Real Reviews Of Sex Dolls?

Yes! Our team has enjoyed the hard work of coordinating and testing these sex dolls from all the different manufacturers and these are simply our honest experience with the entire process. From navigating the website to communicating with their customer service, to having rough sex with the sex dolls. We love every aspect, but you can imagine which one is our favorite part of the job!

How Much Do Sex Dolls Cost?

The cost of the sex dolls can depend on everything from the supplier to the additional addons and customizations you choose. Generally, expect to pay at least a grand for a top quality sex doll, but they can go as high as $5,000 or $6,000 for some. The most expensive sex dolls are around $10,000 and are based off real pornstars!

Is It Safe To Have Sex With A Sex Doll?

Yes! You can have oral sex, anal sex, and traditional sex with these sex dolls without worry! The sex dolls are made of special types of silicon that will feel real to the touch but won’t leave a burn! It’s 100% safer than real sex, and you don’t have to worry about pregnancies or STDs!

Can Someone Tell If I Buy A Sex Doll?

No! Unless you tell them your family and friends, no one will find out! All the major providers we will recommend will have discrete payment and shipping. You will just have a big cardboard box arriving at your house! Your neighbors will have no idea!

Can I Buy A Sex Doll For A Friend?

Yes! That will be a very expensive, but a well-received gift! People are always surprised by the quality and level of realism with the sex doll industry!

If I Buy A Sex Doll, How Long Until It Arrives?

Typically, for a pre-made sex doll, the shipping can take 2 weeks. For fully customized sex dolls, it can take almost 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.