Can I Buy a Sex Doll with Bitcoin?

Sex dolls are relatively new to the market and they are getting big with each day. People want to know, “Can I buy a Sex Doll with Bitcoin?” and the answer is Yes! They are extremely realistic-looking, sexy, and affordable. One of the questions that you have is whether you can be discreet and anonymous with your purchase. And we can say that to sex dolls companies your confidentiality is their #1 priority. Therefore, you may get the doll of your dreams with most of the major cryptocurrencies.

Can I Buy a Sex Doll with Bitcoin?



Buy a Sex Doll with Bitcoin

Lots of sex dolls companies accept cryptocurrencies, like Litecoin and Bitcoin. They are looking forward to accepting more currencies in the nearest future. Sites, like Silicon Wives, accept not only Litecoin and Bitcoin but Ethereum as well. There are many benefits to using them as your main form of payment – anonymity and no transaction fees when you are in a different country.

When you want to purchase a sex doll, you think about being discreet and anonymous due to the nature of the subject. Cryptocurrencies give you an opportunity to be anonymous when making a transaction and protect your privacy 100%.

When you are in another country and the bank that you are using is international, you can stumble upon huge transaction fees when purchasing something in the US. Avoid paying huge fees and use your bitcoin to purchase a sex doll now!

Buy a Sex Doll with bitcoin

How to buy a sex doll with Bitcoin or Litecoin?

When you choose the doll of your dreams and you are ready to check out, find Cryptocurrencies in the payment option. It will redirect you to a platform (usually sex doll websites use GoCoin). You will be redirected back to the website page to receive your confirmation. Paying with cryptocurrencies is just as easy as paying with a credit/debit card. Simple as that!

Your security and confidentiality are very important to the companies, that sell sex dolls.  Do not worry about anything and enjoy your purchase right away!

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