Can I Take a Bath With My Sex Doll?

The doll you just bought is not only your sex partner but emotional support as well. You feel like she made your life better, giving you what you want in bed and satisfying your wildest desires. The question of how else would you use your doll bothers you. On top of it all, there is a major lack of information on the internet. So what do you do? You can ask Real Sex Dolls Reviews about anything!


Things you should consider before taking her to the shower

Hold it right there, you do not want to damage your sex doll by doing reckless things with her. Yes, she’s not alive, but this inanimate figure can also arrive at its end if not taken with care. Bringing her with you to the shower might damage her skin if you have no idea what type of material she is made of. Sex dolls are naturally known to be expensive so if you truly care about its skin and overall component, you should be careful enough before engaging her to various sexual activities.  If you have a fantasy of taking her into a warm shower, do research first. Make sure that this pleasurable thing is applicable to her. For more convenience, you can directly reach the store where you get the doll. 

First things first, surface temperature. Of course, these creations, especially the TPE love dolls,  are highly sensitive when it comes to temperature. Hence, make sure you check the water temperature before submerging your doll into the pool. Moreover, be careful when choosing the soap you are going to use in the tub. In case you’re not aware, there are some chemicals present in the soap that may harm or impair your love doll, particularly its skin complexion. Commonly, the damages or dents are irreversible, meaning it’s going to be there forever. So before having a warm bath with your doll, go online first, and do a quick research. 

After enjoying a good shower time, mind to inspect every single part of your doll if there are some water leakages that occurred. If she has open damage, don’t ever bring her to the tub. It may only contaminate its inner skeleton and leave it ripening in rust. In the event that your doll has a standing feet feature, it is better to bring it away from any water exposure as its screws may ignite or worsen the rusting of the skeleton inside.

Friendly advice for all the people who own a TPE sex doll, the safest way to shower with your TPE sex doll is encasing her inside a transparent plastic bag from her head down to her feet. In this way, you can prevent her from getting drenched in the shower. Afterward, remove the plastic and inspect it all over again. 


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Steamy shower sex ideas to do with your sex doll

You will probably get tempted to have a satisfying release inside the shower together with your sex doll. Of course, no one would dare to hold it up when chances are already in their hands. A way to spice things up and get into the mood is to explore one’s sexual desire, fantasy, and pleasure. And definitely, a shower setting is really a good catch up. If you wish to have this experience with your love doll, the most recommended type is the silicone sex doll. Unlike TPE, these dolls are more resilient and waterproof which lowers the risk of incurring damage to your plastic girlfriend. 

The best inline? Well, a steamy shower is really a must-try. 

The first step to have a steamy shower is, of course, elevating the shower temperature. Heating up the tiles and walls should be done because these will set the mood. To add fuel to the fire, fill the space with your favorite scent and powder. Afterward, join your sex doll in the tub and savor the experience. 

Don’t let the gap takes the air. Play some intimately romantic music and light up some scented candle. This will create a light-weight and romantic atmosphere inside the room as if you’re in heaven with your love doll. 

But above all, safety measures must always be observed. So why not consider investing in non-slippery bathmats? This will help you prevent indoor accidents due to the slippery floor, especially when you’re already out of self-control. 

What’s your favorite shower sex position? Well, you’re free to have it with your sex doll.


The Best Sex Positions In The Shower

If you have a luxurious and decent shower in your house, would you still mind the sex position? Of course, yes, especially when you’re screwing an inanimate figure like a sex doll. Space matters still so you have to adjust to the sex position. Don’t worry there’s a lot that fits your fantasy. You can still penetrate through your sex dolls inside the shower as long as you and your plastic girlfriend are in the right position. 

Do you have something in mind for a hot start-up? Well, the following might be a great help to you. 

Upright Citizens.

It’s ironic to put this position in number one when this one is the best finale. So basically, it’s like carrying your sex doll while she’s in sitting position and of course, your weapon is aiming the butthole. It’s a must-try especially when your shower doesn’t have enough space to cradle other major positions. 




This is romantic and erotic at the same time. You’ll seat in the toilet and carry the sex doll on your lap facing you. Of course, your penis must straight head her rendevous for better penetration. This is a good start-up to build tension between you and your sex doll. 


The Chairman


Your sex doll sits on you as if you’re like her chair. And that’s the thought. Aiming her butthole, you’ll start kissing her through her neck while pressing on her boobs. Since you’re in the bottom, supposedly, the motion must start from here, but of course, she can’t do it. So to make this possible you have to adjust a little and make the move instead. Close your eyes and push your legs up and down. Slowly and surely. 


So, Can I Take a Bath with My Sex Doll?

When it comes to taking your sex doll to the shower or bath with you, the main question is whether your doll is made from TPE or Silicone. There is a major difference between those two materials.

No matter if it is TPE or Silicone, you should clean your doll right after the use. She can sit with you in a warm bath, or take a shower with you, but we recommend not to submerge her head and hair into the water. There are special tools to use when you are cleaning your doll’s heads, and we talked about them in one of the articles. 

If you are planning on taking hot steamy baths with your sex doll, you will need to get a silicone one. Dolls made of this material are way more resistant to hot water and sterilization. Silicone dolls are way more expensive, but it might be worth every single penny.

Taking a hot bath with a TPE sex doll may cause major damages to the porous structure of the doll. Do not be shocked if you see your love doll losing her appeal after a hot bath. The material may become very sticky, and even melt! Remember, TPE dolls can be washed only with lukewarm or warm water!

Keep in mind all this information when you think about taking a bath with your sex doll. You do not want to throw thousands of dollars away just because your romantic bath procedures did not end the way you wanted.


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  1. Very specific info. TPE only “lukewarm or warm water?” what does that mean?
    Please be specific minimum and maximum water temperature for your TPE doll.

  2. I’m not concern trolling.. but are you certain about this? It seems the opposite of “watered down”! Haha!

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