Can I Take a Bath With My Sex Doll?

The doll you just bought is not only your sex partner but emotional support as well. You feel like she made your life better, giving you what you want in bed and satisfying your wildest desires. The question of how else would you use your doll bothers you. On top of it all, there is a major lack of information on the internet. So what do you do? You can ask Real Sex Dolls Reviews about anything! 

So, Can I Take a Bath With My Sex Doll? 

When it comes to taking your sex doll to the shower or bath with you, the main question is whether your doll is made from TPE or Silicone. There is a major difference between those two materials. 

No matter if it is TPE or Silicone, you should clean your doll right after the use. She can sit with you in a warm bath, or take a shower with you, but we recommend not to submerge her head and hair into the water. There are special tools to use when you are cleaning your dolls head, and we talked about them in one of the articles. 

If you are planning on taking hot steamy baths with your sex doll, you will need to get a silicone one. Dolls made of this material are way more resistant to hot water and sterilization. Silicone dolls are way more expensive, but it might be worth every single penny. 

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Taking a hot bath with a TPE sex doll may cause major damages to the porous structure of the doll. Do not be shocked if you see your love doll losing her appeal after a hot bath. The material may become very sticky, and even melt! Remember, TPE dolls can be washed only with lukewarm or warm water! 

Keep in mind all this information when you think about taking a bath with your sex doll. You do not want to throw thousands of dollars away just because your romantic bath procedures did not end the way you wanted. 

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