How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

Unfortunately, when you are browsing for a sex doll on the internet, you may stumble upon some dishonest sex dolls sellers. Real Sex Dolls Reviews Team will explain how to avoid sex doll scams and get the best product for the price.

We are interested in providing only honest reviews and recommend the best online stores. We write about trusted providers that we worked with. Real Sex Dolls Reviews Team is here to help.

How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams: An Ultimate Guide

How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

#1 Visible address

Whether you are shopping on AliExpress or any other store you found on the internet – make sure the address and phone number are written clearly on the Contact Us page.

#2 Manufacturer VS Retailer

If you see that the retail store is selling dolls from a particular manufacturer (main ones are Z-One Doll, OR Doll, YL dol, WM Doll), contact the manufacturer and ask if they have this retail store as their representative. You’re paying quite a lot for your love doll, and you deserve to know this information.

#3 Clear product description

Your love doll is supposed to have a very clear description: the height and the weight are a must. Some even indicate the breast’s size and the depth of the oral/vaginal/anal cavity.

How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

#4 Reviews matter

We do trust AliExpress and some stores in particular: Anna Yan Store or KNETSCH Sex Dolls Store. They have a huge percentage of positive feedback and lots of happy customers. Just like on Amazon, the trusted customers are allowed to post comments only when they purchased the product. Please take some time and read through the reviews, comments, suggestions from the sex doll buyers before purchasing it.

#5 Payment methods

Probably the most important part. Check the payment methods before you purchase your sex doll. Credit cards and PayPal are the safest ways to pay, for sure, and you will have the option to recover your money if you stumble upon a scam.

#6 Too cheap is never too good

The average price of a sex doll on AliExpress is at least $300. They do have promotions or shipping costs, but it is rarely less than that sum. Not too expensive and not too cheap is your goal.

#7 Know your rights

Still uncertain about buying the product on AliExpress? Read their Buyer Protection Information – you will be calmer about purchasing on this website. AliExpress offers:

-A full refund (if you do not receive your order)

-A full or partial refund (if the order is not as described)

This is wonderful news for the consumer. You will be safe when buying from AliExpress. Yes, some of the stores are operated by Chinese sex dolls manufacturers, and their English might be poor. But it is not a reason to refuse to buy something from there. Just look around your room – at least 90% of the things there will be Made in China.

How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

#8 Read our reviews

We spend an obscene amount of time researching, purchasing, testing the sex dolls, manufacturers, different stores. We will provide you with the best of the best. Real Sex Dolls Reviews Team is here to help – Contact us if you have any questions about your future/current sex doll. We are truly experts in this product.


7 thoughts on “How To Avoid Sex Doll Scams

  1. I’ bought several dolls on Aliexpress and had some bad experiences and some great ones. The one from China and looks great, but did not look like what I asked for. I now have 6 dolls and 3 extra heads and none really look like what I ordered. 2 look like little girls, and I’m not into that at all. I’ve also found that these sellers on Ali can hide negative feedback. Still looking for the perfect doll and think I’ll go with Knetsch this time.

    1. What store in Aliexpress did you use that were bad, or great for that matter? I’m looking at buying a doll and can’t decide on which store to use, it would be very helpful if you could identify which ones you used. Thanks!

      1. Hello!
        Thank you for sharing your experience and we are happy to help you.
        We will show you some of the articles, where you can read about how to shop on AliExpress ( it is pretty much like Amazon )
        Best Aliexpress Sex Dolls
        How To Shop For A Sex Doll On AliExpress

        Some stores on AliExpress that we would recommend would be
        WM Doll
        AJ Doll

        If you have any other questions, please let us know and we will be happy to help you

    2. Same experience, when I got my doll I realised its completely different than the pictures. I asked the seller a refund, he gave me back $100, but the doll is still not as pretty as she was on the pics… 🙁

      What about WMdoll?

      1. Hello!
        WM Doll is awesome and lots of America-based sex dolls stores just drop ship from Aliexpress, particularly from WM Doll. You can’t go wrong with this one. The price is, of course, a lot higher than other AliExpress stores, but more it is more affordable than buying it from the US.
        Here is a link to WM Doll store.
        Good luck!

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