Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

Are you a fan of the curves? Real Sex Dolls Reviews Team has put up a list of Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls! Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments below!

This blog post will feature girls with breasts D-cup and larger and with a nice large ass (at least 85cm,  33.5 inches). Good luck choosing and enjoying the Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls!

#1 Melissa 

Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

Melissa is featured only on Sexy Real Sex Dolls. She is a lady that is so hard to find in real life. This beautiful woman can have anal, vaginal, and oral sex with you. Melissa’s skin is very soft, and she is made out of high-quality TPE. Take good care of her and love her right – you will be the luckiest man on the planet!

#2 Gabriella 

Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

Gabriella has the best ass on the sex dolls market. Hands down. She is a very muscular lady with huge thighs and lovely boobs. She loves sports, especially bodybuilding and soccer. Try this wonderful girl and be ready for some kinky sex ideas that she comes up with!

#3 Yukina 

Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

If you are wondering if you ever get a chance to make love to some exotic Asian chick – here is your best opportunity! This baby mama is the sexiest Asian sex doll on the market. She is a busty queen of quirky Japanese sex tricks that will surprise you every time. This girl has some crazy D-cups for you to enjoy! 

#4 Sonya 

Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

This sexy kitty is waiting for a man like you to take her home! She has great thighs and huge titties for amazing sexual pleasure. She loves occasional anal sex and enjoys oral sex a little too much. Get Sonya on AliExpress – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

#5 Nicole 

Top 5 Fat and Curvy Sex Dolls

This beautiful and glowing bride will make your first night special! She is one of the few brides that would enjoy good anal sex now and then. Nicole is a beauty inside and out – she will do her man right!

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