Top 10 Myths About Coronavirus and Sex Dolls

Many people today are threatened that they might get infected with the highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the newly-discovered strand of coronavirus called COVID-19. This viral jeopardy has already reported a total of about 76,000 confirmed cases from Mainland China, the epicenter of the epidemic, and a total of about 1000 isolated confirmed cases outside this country. 

Coronaviruses are no longer new to the world as this particular virus family had already brought everyone on the verge of grave danger years ago with the deadlier respiratory diseases namely Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). These respiratory infections had recorded a mass number of death cases in different parts of the world. 

2019 Novel Coronavirus (now COVID-19), on the one hand, is the newest strain that comes from this virus family. Similar to the previously identified strands, this virus is known to be zoonotic, meaning they are transferred from animals to humans or vice-versa. COVID- 19 is suspected to originate from bats that were sold in a wet market in Wuhan, China. Based on some studies, bats are natural reservoirs of various viruses, including coronavirus. 

At its early stage, COVID- 19 and other coronaviruses do not show any perilous signs and symptoms. It commonly starts from a simple fever, cold, sore throat, and cough. But as the strains continue to propagate inside the body, shortness of breath, pneumonia, chronic respiratory syndrome, and kidney failure begin to manifest and lead the infected individual to sudden death. 

Out of fear, many countries have already issued a temporary travel ban on China and nearby countries like Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan with hopes that it would decelerate the fluid spread of the virus. Furthermore, many people in all parts of the world are practicing thorough personal hygiene to get rid of this virus. Frequent hand washing and avoidance of going to crowded places are just some of the known effective precautionary measures.

But aside from travel ban, there are some people who prefer losing complete contact with anyone and anything that originated from any parts of the Chinese territory, including any products that were assembled and shipped out from this country. With this, sex doll industries have been greatly affected as most of these products were made and delivered from China. But to break the existing perception toward China-made sex dolls, is there really a high-risk of product-to-human viral transmission? One firm answer: No! There is no medical proof that upholds this claim. Sex dolls assembled or imported from China have no harm to the people.  

Top 10 Myths About Coronavirus and Sex Dolls

Understanding the Transmission Pattern of COVID- 19

Due to the continuous uproar of the viral epidemic caused by COVID- 19, many people get emotionally affected and fall naive about certain things they have to know about this virus and its transmission. Most of them come to perceive that this virus is airborne and transmissible in many forms because of the uprising and number of cases from different parts of the world, but supported by various medical findings— it is not. Amidst the aggressive spread of this virus and fake news, it is indeed important to have a piece of reliable knowledge about its nature, extent, and transmission patterns to be able to effectively get away from it.

Similar to influenza, COVID- 19 is transferred chiefly through respiratory droplets from an infected individual who coughs, sneezes, or speaks. These globs of liquid that contain the virus may enter the body through mouth, nose, or eyes. Hence, it is required to have very close contact with the infected person before the virus gets finally transmitted. These respiratory droplets are quite weighty to stay in the air, so the assumed airborne transmission would not be possible. Based on US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the viral transfer commonly takes place in about 6 feet close contact. 

With this being stated, the unreliable tales that circle around about the China-made sex doll transmission is invalidated. There is no possible way that a breathless, lungless, and lifeless sex doll could sustain the life of this virus and contribute to its propagation and dissemination. Hence, drop your fear that this epidemic will break your sexual fantasies with sex dolls. It would only lead you to major dissatisfaction.    

The Naked Truth: There’s Nothing to Worry About Your Sex Dolls  

It is undeniable that the world today is bombarded with fear due to the spread of COVID- 19. But keeping a composed mind amidst the revolution of fake news around is a great help to retain safe from this epidemic. Hence, be mindful of the news you read online and believe only the statements supported by medical evidence.

To give you some glimpse, here are some myths you should not believe about China-made sex dolls and coronavirus: 

COVID- 19 and other viruses can reside, sustain life, and propagate inside your sex dolls. 

No! These microorganisms can live and sustain life inside the human cell. Plastic creations like sex dolls do not have human cells, though so viral life would not be sustained inside these sex dolls. 

Sex dolls from China do not undergo thorough sterilization processes.

No! After the sex dolls have been assembled, the products are sprayed with anti-septic sterilizer to wash away all the unnecessary particles. Before it ships out, the company reassures that each doll is well-sealed to avoid contact with any unwanted particles outside the factory. 

Viruses and bacteria will survive the entire shipping time frame.

No! Bacteria and viruses cannot live outside the human host for weeks or months. They are so vulnerable and can only survive for hours in an open environment. 

The UK government is not strict with the parcels and packages imported from other countries.

No! Every single product that comes from another country undergoes an unyielding sanitary inspection before it gets submitted for domestic delivery. Hence, you can feel assured that the sex dolls and its packages are thoroughly examined before it reaches your doors. 

The UK government is not alerted by the threat of COVID- 19.

No! Actually, the UK government has imposed additional inspection requirements for all the products and packages that will be coming from all the places encompassed the Chinese territory. 

The following claims are the fake speculations that revolve around the world amidst the spread of COVID- 19. These statements have severed the fear of many people and affected various businesses, including sex doll industries:


The whole Wuhan population, about 11 million residents, would die because of the virus.

No! There are no verified reports released that declare such statements. 


Water that contains a high amount of salt can kill the virus.

No! Medical experts categorically invalidate this claim. Salty water has no ability to perish the virus. 

Anyone who catches this virus will be instantly killed.

No! So far, COVID- 19 carries a lower mortality rate compared to other coronavirus strains. 

People under quarantine reach 50 million. 

No! The total number of affected individuals only ranges around a hundred thousand and does not reach that much yet. 

People are dying in the streets.

No! People are well-managed in medical facilities in Wuhan and other parts of China. 

Top 10 Myths About Coronavirus and Sex Dolls

Don’t be afraid that your sexual satisfaction with a high-quality sex doll will come to an end due to the spread of COVID- 19. One more time, Sex dolls could not be and would never be a carrier of this virus to harm you. In Europe and the USA, there are many sex doll versions stored in the country even before the virus came into the picture. So keeping a new sex doll at your home would not be an issue. Still enjoy a good night with your sex dolls!

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