Business Owner Turns Hotel Into a Sex Doll Brothel to Survive the Coronavirus-Caused Economic Slump

The coronavirus pandemic showed its fatal and adverse effect on millions of people. It has also affected the economy of many countries which caused businesses to think of measures to counteract the crisis. A businesswoman from Hong Kong decided to face the matter using her own ways.

A Hong Kong-ba Business Owner Turns Hotel Into a Sex Doll Brothel to Survive the Coronavirus-Caused Economic Slump sed female entrepreneur decided to turn her hotel into a sex doll brothel in order to save it from the economic downfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. True enough, Hong Kong has a significantly small number of COVID-19 cases compared to the other affected nations. The said country only recorded 890 cases. Still, the once busy and crowded streets of Hong Kong are now empty as the government suspends travel and home quarantine is imposed. Due to the temporary travel ban, approximately 200 hotels are expected to seize their operation due to the absence of tourists. In addition, several 300 guest houses were forced to close during last year’s social unrest.

Business Owner Turns Hotel Into a Sex Doll Brothel to Survive the Coronavirus-Caused Economic Slump

When a 15-room guest house was put under the care of a veteran accommodation entrepreneur from Hong Kong, she taught of turning it into a short stay love hotel for couples. The businesswoman hoped that tapping into couples who often look for a private place where they could shortly stay, she would be able to shield her business from going into a slump. She may have been able to do so; however, the current coronavirus pandemic showed its adverse effect on her business, making it difficult for her to stay afloat.

Shirley (not her real name), a businesswoman from Hong Kong did not want to just sit and wait for the pandemic to end. For this reason, she thought of turning her hotel into a sex doll brothel with the help of a friend who sells sex dolls, a very popular sex toy among Asian countries

The businesswoman then discussed her business idea with Kenneth Lee Wai-lin. The two became business partners and Wai-lin was the one who developed an app for love hotel room-booking. The two are aware that they will be pursuing a once failed business model. Back in September 2018, a young man opened Hong Kong’s very first sex doll brothel. The man set up the brothel in a 1,000 square foot flat that is located inside a factory building in Kwun Tong. The sex dolls were placed in three rooms and customers have to pay HK$500 for an hour of rent. However, he was arrested two months later and faced legal charges for providing films with pornographic themes as well as for the unlicensed display of sex dolls. 

Now that the sex doll brothel is fully put up, customers can book rooms of different themes. They can also pick a doll, which prices range from $110 to $150. Free condoms were also given to each customer. According to Shirley, she is planning to hire an additional worker to help her clean the dolls which weigh around 45kgs. Also, Shirley will not provide any pornographic videos to their customers in order to avoid any legal trouble. The customers are also not allowed to purchase the sex dolls.

According to Shirley, Wai-lin told her that the size of their market can be compared to a dark tunnel, and if they never dive in, there is not a chance that they will know where the gold is. 

Shirley is aware that there could e could possibly be a public backlash against her new business. However, she noted that there is nothing immoral in it and they are only providing what the public needs without corrupting public morals. She further noted that their target market is men who cannot build any relationships with women as well as individuals who desire to use sex dolls, however, do not have the means to do so.

Business Owner Turns Hotel Into a Sex Doll Brothel to Survive the Coronavirus-Caused Economic Slump

Aware of the possible legal issue that their business might face, Shirley and Wai-lin consulted a lawyer. The lawyer told them that their newly-put up business would not face any legal issue. 

Furthermore, Shirley emphasized that they are merely letting rent rooms that come with sex dolls and that they are not promoting prostitution. 

The woman also publicized that she and Ai-lin are thinking of expanding the business by turning other hotels into sex doll brothels. Still, Shirley knows that her idea of expansion might not come up with a good result. She also stated that if the public pressures and calls her out to stop going further, then she will give up her expansion.

The Hong Kong law allows prostitution but soliciting is illegal. Running a brothel of two or more people, controlling a woman for prostitution purposes, as well as living off the profits of prostitution are also considered as a criminal offense in the said country. 

Sex doll brothel business has already popped up in some other countries as well. In February 217, one sex doll brothel opened in Barcelona, Spain and the owner claimed that it is the very first of its kind in the world. In September the following year, Li Bo, a Chinese entrepreneur opened another brothel in Northern Shenzhen and said that it is the first in mainland China. 

According to Barrister Albert Luk Wai-hung, Shirley’s legal hotel cannot be defined as a vice establishment. In addition, he could not find any aspect of Shirley’s business that did not follow the law. Luk also said that Shirley and Wai-lin are providing sex dolls and not sexual services. It cannot be considered illegal since no one knows what the customers do with the sex dolls inside their rented rooms.

David Leung Tai-wai, a hospitality veteran and founder of the Hong Kong Guest Houses Association said that Shirley’s idea is very innovative. He also said that it is a good strategy now that the accommodation industry is facing a difficult time. He further added that as long as Shirley’s sex doll brothel is legal, then it will certainly be all right as a business.

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