Hotel Turns Into Sex Doll Brothel To Ignite A More Innovative Preventive Measure During COVID- 19 Crisis

Almost 5 months after the first COVID- 19 cases were recorded in Wuhan, China, the pandemic’s ground zero, the crisis continued to wipe the whole world with the soaring number of fatalities and positive cases. By far, the global number of coronavirus cases passed 4.3 million with 290,000 deaths and 1.4 million recoveries. China, New Zealand, and South Korea, which were once the home of overwhelming COVID- 19 cases have already lifted their lockdowns and started to bring back the normal course of life. However, the wave of the virus seemed to move around North America and Europe. Currently, USA tops in the entire world with the most number of COVID- 19 cases. Surpassing Russia and Spain on the second and third spots, the USA has recorded a total of 1.4 million coronavirus positive cases with 83,000 deaths and 235,000 recoveries. With the domination of this viral disease in the whole world, it can’t be denied that it has incurred and continuously creating damages in every country. Everyone is staying home, mass transportation is suspended, business operations are halted— the economies are frozen. Not a surprise to know that we’re heading into a possible recession or worse, depression. 

But while the world is grappling and caving into the economic slump caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, one entrepreneur in Hong Kong stood up to gather possible solutions that can lift her business up. 

Perhaps, it’s right to say that one effective way that can keep your business standing still while being pressured by the vicious pandemic is to be resourceful and creative enough to align the nature of your business into the current situation. It may sound difficult at some point, but a hotel owner has successfully taken the issue into her hands. 

The Transformation

Basically, an entrepreneur in Hong Kong transformed her hotel into a sex doll brothel to cater to the sexual necessities of the local citizens which are seemingly ignored nowadays that the world is fighting against the coronavirus pandemic. Compared to other countries, Hong Kong has a very small number of positive cases. Currently, it only has 890 cases, about 0.4% of the total USA number of coronavirus cases. But Hong Kong authorities do not take this for granted. Proper preventive measures are still being implemented, together with strict health hygiene. If you’re going to roam around the streets which are normally flocked by thousands of visitors, you will see that everyone is really serious about the implementation of regulation and they are all staying at home. Hotels, of course, can’t continue their daily operations since most of the tourist destinations are closed and no visitors are coming in. Shierly, the creative and resourceful hotel owner, can’t afford another month or so with no business operations. If it persists, her business will surely hit rock bottom. Thus, she thought of some creative solutions to continue generating revenue from her business even if strict quarantine and lockdown measures are being implemented nationwide. 

Hotel Turns Into Sex Doll Brothel To Promote Prevention During COVID- 19 Crisis

As of right now, it’s still early to be assured of something about the pandemic. No one still knows what lies ahead. So Shirley decided to act for her business. A brilliant idea of converting her hotel into a brothel rushed into her mind. Step-by-step her plans were born into reality with the help of her close friend, Kenneth Lee Wai-lin, a silicone sex doll provider. The two brilliant entrepreneurs teamed up to harvest some gold in the middle of a dark tunnel.

The Brothel

Using the booking application developed by Kenneth, patrons who are interested to satisfy themselves in a private room with a gorgeous and voluptuous sex doll can reserve a night through the use of the application. The price list starts from $110 dollars with free condom inclusion. 

Shirley makes sure that the rooms and the dolls are well-sanitized in compliance with the strict hygiene requirement being implemented to avoid the COVID- 19 outbreak. The mattress together with the pillowcases are replaced with the new one every time a customer uses the private room. 

The management also makes sure that the sex dolls they offer are of the best quality to give their clients the best and once and a lifetime experience. 

The Reactions of the Locals

Shirley and Kenneth do not set aside the possibility that the public would have negative reactions to the unusual operations happening inside her hotel. But they want to clarify that their business is within the scope of ethics and moral practices. They are insisting that just like any other business out there, they are only providing the needs of the people around their area. According to Shirley, they are actually helping people who are targets of social shaming and discrimination. These people are most likely the ones who are having a hard time building relationship with the people they love. Likewise, they barely fulfill their needs for a satisfying sexual release. So in the presence of facilities like their sex doll brothels, it became their primary home in living the life they deserve. For a little while, they can savor the privilege of freedom and do the things they failed to do in the outside world. 

Hotel Turns Into Sex Doll Brothel To Promote Prevention During COVID- 19 Crisis

To settle your mind up, the management had consulted some legal experts to study the possible implication of their business that may transgress the law. Fortunately, it turned out that running such a business is within the coverage of legality. 

If this becomes more successful and rises to extreme popularity that triggers a strong demand, Shirley is open for further expansion of her business to other hotels that may be converted into a sex doll brothel. But now, it’s still so early to tell if the public will go along with her plans. She couldn’t say yet if annexes will be possibly erected around the nearby areas. But if it fails, she will accept that fact and stay positive. At least she tried. 

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