Lockdowns Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Sex Doll Sales

A number of sex doll companies have doubled sales ever since the COVID-19 lockdowns were implemented. Many of the dolls were bought by married couples. 

The global pandemic has caused almost every country to implement lockdowns. This has caused a stroke of luck for the sex doll industry. While everyone is self-isolating inside their own homes, the interest of the public in hyperrealistic, silicone love dolls became higher than ever. In addition, it is not just the lonely single individuals who are contributing to the boom of the said industry. 

Lockdowns Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Sex Doll Sales

Moreover, a number of sex doll manufacturers and distributors based in Australia have also reported a significant surge ever since lockdowns were implemented in the country. In fact, some vendors are even reporting that their weekly sales have grown twice in comparison to the purchases that they have seen before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sex Doll Manufacturers Recorded a Significant Increase

Matt, from the online sex store called Cherry Banana, noted that they saw a considerable increase in the sales of their sex dolls. Since March, the store’s sales of Cherry Doll increased and they are now selling four to five dolls a week, or 20 to 25 sex dolls every month. 

Similarly, Andrew from another popular vendor in Australia called Sex Doll Australia saw the same increase. He said that they have experienced an increase in purchases of approximately 30 to 40 percent since the hard lockdown stages of the pandemic were implemented. The surge in sales started in May and is still increasing until now. 

In addition, Andrew also noticed another trend that is less predictable. According to him more and more couples and partners are buying sex dolls ever since lockdowns came into effect. In this trend, Sex Doll Australia has catered to a husband buying a female sex dol with his wife with him. They have also had a husband and wife buying sex dolls for each other. In addition, the number of women buying male sex dolls for themselves has also increased. 

True enough, the popularity of sex dolls among couples increased during the pandemic. However, Andrew said that this trend has already faced a considerable amount of interest even before the lockdown.

Moreover, Matt also said that Cherry Banana received a number of unusual inquiries. For instance, a customer asked them for a doll that does not have any genitals, a doll with three breasts, as well as a doll with a tail. 

He added that they also received customer requests for custom made heads. 

The Impact of the Pandemic On the Sex Doll Industry is Not All Positive

The pandemic has not entirely caused a positive effect on the sex doll industry. According to Kirk from Pleasure Doll Australia, their online traffic and customer inquiries increased. However, the pandemic caused disruptions for flights, postage, and general mobility. This resulted in a serious negative impact on the shipping and delivery of their sex dolls. 

For international shipments, the logistics that find suitable flights between the manufacturer and Australia have been impacted severely. In ordinary days, shipping sex dolls only take a few days at most. But throughout the past months, it became normal for a doll to wait for up to a week between connecting flights.

Furthermore, Kirk noted that the Australian Border Force recently increased the intensity of its screening measures. This applies to all international shipments. For this reason, there has been a major decrease in the number of sex dolls that can get into the country.

On some occasions, a sex doll has been stuck waiting for a customs clearance exam for six weeks. However, on normal days, this process would only take up to 72 business hours.

Yet, no one can deny the fact that the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in something good for the industry of manufacturing and selling lifelike intimate dolls. It does not matter if the people who buy sex dolls purchase them for explicitly sexual purposes or for their much-needed pseudo-human contact. 

Sydney man Ryan James, runs a business that supplies sex toys and sex dolls. More commonly, he calls those dolls “companion dolls or love dolls.” Just like any other sex doll business, he has seen a significant surge in sales in recent months following the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Lockdowns Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Sex Doll Sales

His company started two years ago. Yet, ever since its inception, this is the first time that Ryan has witnessed an approximately 35 percent increase in their sales. There was also a significant surge in their website clicks. 

True enough, customers first correspond through email before they make a purchase. This translates into sales for their dolls which cost around $3,000 to $4,000 each. Ryan believes that this is because a lot of people have less opportunity to socialize with others now that there are restrictions in place which causes a bit of frustration to people.  

While a sex doll cannot compare to the feeling of genuine human interaction, single people who are having trouble with human relationships are trying to find something that can provide them with comfort. 

Moreover, Ryan, from the online sex store called Southern Treasures said that they were struggling to meet the demand for sex dolls. He even said that their adult dolls were selling like hotcakes. According to him, they believe that single individuals or those people who live alone want a substitute object for real human touch. Despite skepticism, Ryan said that they found out from their clients that the sex dolls they purchase can really provide emotional comfort and sexual expression. 

Lockdowns Caused by COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Sex Doll Sales

Ryan began his business by selling bits and pieces of sex dolls on eBay. Later on, he moved to the importation of sex dolls. His company is essentially a dropshipping business. It acts as a local distributor and relies on other manufacturers who are creating customizable sex dolls. He admitted that they had delays when it comes to shipping during the pandemic. However, some customers are still willing to wait just to get their dolls.

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