More Men and Women Are Likely to Consider Having Sex with A Robot in 2021

This year, one out of five Americans, or a total of 22 percent of individuals, said that they are considering having sex with a robot. This was found out when YouGov conducted a study last February and then compared it to the results of a similar study conducted in 2017. 

The comparison of the results revealed that there is a six percent total increase this year in the number of individuals who are open to the idea of having sex with a robot. 

More Men and Women Are Likely to Consider Having Sex with A Robot in 2020

Is Having Sex With A Robot While You are In A Relationship Considered Cheating?

According to YouGov, the increase in the number of people who want to try having sex with a robot is particularly significant among American adults whose ages are anywhere between 18 to 34 years old. In addition, the way people feel about the idea of a robot for sex has also changed. This year, 27 percent of US citizens said that they would consider it cheating if their partner had sex with a robot. This is five percent fewer in comparison to the 32 percent who said the same thing in 2017. 

This interesting study also revealed that a significant number of people, 42 percent of the participants, in particular, believe that having sex with a robot is a lot safer than having sex with a human stranger. 

Moreover, robotic technology and robots are already playing a very important role when it comes to speeding up manufacturing processes, packaging, as well as processing throughout different industries. From films depicting technology to real-life applications, artificial intelligence or AI is becoming more and more famous in all areas of human life.

In addition, YouGov noted that a Bloomberg report that outlines Amazon’s plans to create a robot that is powered by Alexa. The said robot will have the ability to follow and help people around at home. Such may redefine how these machines serve humans in the years to come. 

More Men and Women Are Likely to Consider Having Sex with A Robot in 2020

Intimate Relationship With Robots: Would It Become Normal in the Future?

As robotics and the technology behind it develops, the relationship between human and robots become more and more important. 

Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost the entire world, people cannot interact personally. Almost everyone is in lockdown in order to prevent themselves from contracting the virus. 

For this reason, the sex doll and sex robot industry have become more popular than ever, as people who are on lockdowns are looking for something that could keep them company. In addition, some people are looking for safer alternatives to having sex with humans. This is why they opt to have or buy sex doll as their companion and sex partner.

For instance, Ryan James, a sex doll manufacturing company based in Australia revealed that there is a significant increase in sales of sex dolls and sexbots when the COVID-19 pandemic began proliferating. After he established his business two years ago, he noted that his company has seen nearly a 35 percent increase in website traffic during the pandemic.

Needless to say, this increase in the demand for sex dolls and sex robots means that society is already accepting their existence. 

Furthermore, even professionals are approving the existence of sex robots and dolls.

For instance, in his book “Love and Sex with Robots,” written by David Levy, it was said that in the future, love with robots will be as normal as love with humans. He even added that artificial intelligence, as well as machines, will be the solution for people who have problems in terms of intimacy. According to him,  sex dolls have huge demands from people who have an emptiness in their lives because no one loves them and they have no one to love. 

Moreover, the author noted that the world would become a happier place because those who suffer from miserable loneliness would suddenly have someone that they can be with for all of their lives. Levy thinks that sex dolls and sex robots will be an excellent service to mankind.

On the other hand, Dr. Laura Berman, a professor at Northwestern University talked about the advantages and benefits of the future uses of humanoids. According to her, there is an entire population of humans who are physically, socially, and emotionally isolated. For people like them, technology is the best solution because it allows them to create a social support system for themselves.

More Men and Women Are Likely to Consider Having Sex with A Robot in 2020

A study conducted at Stanford University supported the aforementioned claims. The said study suggested that people may feel intimate towards technology because people’s brains are not necessarily hardwired for living in the 21st century. For this reason, relationships between humans and robots may become a reality in the near future. However, the world is so fixated on the idea of perfection. This is why the study questioned whether this obsession will lead to a future where perfect robotic love will win instead of the real thing. Another question worth asking is whether humans will be capable of falling in love with non-thinking androids that are programmed to love them back regardless of the circumstances. 

One great example of that is written in the book “Close Engagements with Artificial Companions: Key Social, Psychological, Ethical, and Design Issues. In the book, the authors said that there are a number of complex problems that technology companies have to solve first before they could successfully manufacture a love robot. These robots must have the ability to detect the signals of their users in relation to emotions. Love robots must also be able to synthesize emotional reactions as well as their own signals. This way, they will be able to plan and show emotional reasoning. 

Intimacy with robots is under a lot of moral and ethical questions, mostly in terms of love. This is because love is a complicated and deep universal affection. It is difficult to duplicate using technology and computing programming. Needless to say, forging love through sex robots is something that would take time before it is successfully done.

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