Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner. It is the time for giving your loved ones and yourself a treat. Also, it is the time when Santa Claus goes around giving presents. He only gives gifts to people listed as “nice,” though. But cheer up! His elves are here for naughty men like you. They will keep you warm on the cold December nights. 

Here are the top 10 elf sex dolls that will brighten your Christmas.


Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Big eyes that can see the wonders in everything and everyone. Huge pointy ears that will listen to all your problems and complaints And a sculpted body that will keep you pleased. These are the things elf sex doll Elanor possesses. 

This elf sexy doll is extra thick. She has pendulous M-cup breasts, thunder thighs, and a big bubble butt. Her 45 inches hips will give Kim Kardashian a run for her money. 

Elanor is not just sexy; she is also exceptional in sex. This elf sex doll has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. 


Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

When you think of elves, do you think of the ones in the Lord of the Rings? Those elves have good looks. No one can fault you because of that. If this is the image of elves that pops in your mind, Jenny is the sex doll you should get. She looks like she is one of them. 

This elf sex doll’s pretty face will captivate you. She has that “pure” look that is so attractive. On top of that, her sexy body will arouse you. She has enormous tits and a cute butt. Also, she has the sexual capabilities to make your December nights feel like summer nights.


Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Fairies have always been pictured as attractive. Since the Hobbit and LOTR, elves have been too. Combine those two, and you’ll have the ultimate fantasy dream. Eilf here is a fairy/elf hybrid. She will make not only Christmas come this December; those who have fantasy fetish will too.

Eilf, with her thick blonde hair, looks like a grown-up Tinkerbell. And she has grown up to be a sexy, sexy woman. This sex doll has humongous boobs you would love to fondle. Also, she has a tiny waist you would love to hold on to as you penetrate her. Then there is that spankable fine ass.

This elf sex doll can please you with her oral, anal, and vaginal orifice. With her, your sex life will be magical.

Fairy Sex Doll with Huge Tit and Sexy Ass

Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Like Eilf, this sex doll is a fairy x elf hybrid. She has otherworldly charms that you will, for sure, find sexy. This sex doll has bright green hair that gives her this “fresh” looks. Also, she has an innocent look that gives her a youthful glow. 

This elf sex doll’s body is a wonderland. She has big soft boobs that your mouth and hands would not be able to resist. Furthermore, she has three orifices she can use to please you. There is her ultra-realistic mouth, anus, and vagina. 

TL;DR is, this elf sex doll is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this Christmas. 

The Real Neytiri Alien Elf Sex Doll

Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Yes. It is Neytiri from the blockbuster Avatar. She is a Navi – a species that inhabits the moon, Pandora. But, they share qualities with elves. Don’t you agree? These humanoid creatures have pointed ears. So, that counts.

The Neytiri sex doll will keep your eyes glued to her. She is gorgeous! And you can even bump up her arcane attractiveness by giving her blue or green skin. This sex doll can truly make your fantasies come true.


Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

If dark elves turn you on, this is the sex doll for you. Ailrinni can pull off the chaotic, evil look. She has an expression that makes her look like she is plotting something dirty. And this is the “dirty” that you would love. 

This golden-haired tan-skinned elf sex doll has H-cup breasts with large areolas. She will suffocate you in these. After that, she will drain the life out of your penis. With her orifices, she will drain all the juice that you have. 

Amazon Warrior Elf Sex Doll with Big Titties – Neytiri

Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Some elves are trained for magic. Meanwhile, some are trained for combat. This Neytiri sex doll is of the latter type. Thanks to her athletic body, she can conquer any physical challenges you throw in her way. That includes the challenge of bringing you to an intense climax. 

This elf sex doll is complete with anal, oral, and vaginal capabilities. You can rely on her to make your Christmas eve and the nights after that action-packed.


Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

Of all the sex dolls on this list, Sylvanna is the one that looks the most like Santa’s helper. She looks cute and approachable. But do not be fooled by her innocent looks. Behind that is an elf with an unquenchable thirst for sex.

Sylvanna’s favorite gift to give to men is her body. She loves it when men use her mouth, anus, and pussy to achieve sexual release. And trust us when we say you would love it too.

Elfdoll Adult Size Love Doll

Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

This gorgeous elf sex doll will make your room seem like another world – a dimension where only sexual pleasure exists. And there, you are the only one that matters. 

This sex doll with hazy eyes will make you as stiff as a flag pole. Then, she will help you soften that up using her impressive orifices. But because this sex doll’s body is too luscious, that may take a long time.

C-Cup Sex Doll Realistic Elf

Top 10 Elves Sex Dolls to Brighten Your Christmas

The best thing about this pretty elf sex doll is how realistic her appearance is. Save for her silver hair and pointy ears; she looks like an ordinary human. She does not have unrealistic, overly large assets either. Everything about here is normal-sized. If you prefer that, this sex doll is the way to go. 

This sex doll is relatively normal – that is, in terms of appearance. In terms of sexual capabilities, she is extraordinary. She knows many ways to pleasure a man. Want to test that? Then take her home this Christmas. 

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