Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

There exist many kinks and sexual fantasies. Some people are strangely turned on by the sight of feet or even armpits. Also, there are people whose orgasm gets more intense when they are tied or handcuffed. And some even get off at watching their partners have sex with someone else. Then there are people who think women are in their sexiest form when they are pregnant.

While many would see this as something that is weird, there is actually a scientific explanation behind this kink. Research points out that it has something to do with imprinting. But an explanation that’s easier to understand is, pregnancy makes women have this “glow.” Their breasts become more pronounced, and their butt becomes bigger. And thus, they become more beautiful in the eyes of men.

With many celebrities posting pregnancy photos while they themselves are in their birthday suit, this kink became more common. It was seen in 2017 on Pornhub when searches for pregnancy porn has spiked. People that are asking Google and doctors if it is safe to have sex when the woman is pregnant also grew in numbers.

The problem is, not all men can get this experience. Their pregnant wives may not want to do it. Or if they permit it, there’s no way to keep them forever pregnant. Since men with partners face these difficulties, it goes without saying that single men have lower chances of fulfilling this fantasy.

But that’s only when you did not include sex dolls in the equation. These sexual wellness products come in all forms and shapes. There are male, female, and shemale models. Also, there are models with big breasts, big butts, and some have tiny ones. Yes, that means there are also “pregnant” models. They aren’t really carrying a baby, but they have the appearance. And who cares? It’s better that way. You’ll have one less problem without it.

Here are some highly recommended models:


Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

Elizabeth looks like an impregnated fairy tale princess. She is very, very pretty. But behind her innocent looks is a woman whose craving for sex can’t be stopped by pregnancy.

Seeing this 5 ft. 3 inches TPE sex doll in the nude will undoubtedly give you a rock-hard erection. And after you get a taste of what she can offer in bed, you will be looking for more. What does she offer? Elizabeth offers fantastic intercourse and anal sex experiences through her realistic orifices.


Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

Celine is like those women who managed to maintain their sexy body figure despite their growing tummy size. If anything, her pregnancy made her even more alluring. Just look at those G-cup breasts that have become highlighted. Celine’s tummy may be the most prominent feature in her body, but those are where your eyes will be directed at.

But Celine is more than her boobs and tummy. She can engage in oral, vaginal, and anal sex. And she does not just offer those; she performs exceptionally. All of her holes feel like they are off a real woman.


Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

Granny’s big tummy can’t stop her from looking gorgeous in a bikini. She’s simply too sexy. Perhaps, her C-cup breasts being not too big is the secret to achieving that look. But while she looks fantastic in a bikini, for sure, you would prefer seeing her completely naked. 

Granny is an expert t sex. This TPE sex doll has ultra-realistic vaginal and anal holes you would love to insert your shaft into. You would wish to give her a creampie. But please refrain from doing so. While you cannot impregnate a sex doll – and an already “pregnant” one for that matter – it is recommended that you use a condom. It will make maintenance of the doll a lot easier. 

Fat Doll With C-Cup BBW

Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

This black-haired 5 ft. 2 inches sex doll is another option you should consider getting. Her facial features make it seem like she already has children. Thus, she already qualifies as a MILF. So if that’s one of your kinks, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone with this sex doll. 

Made out of high-quality TPE, this sex doll has skin that feels as soft as human skin. Her orifices also feel like they are real. Rest assured, you would feel like you are having sex with an actual woman with this love doll.

Fat Girl With C-cup and Head #93 

Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

This sex doll proves that a woman does not need to have an hourglass-shaped body to look sexy. She can be like that even while she’s pregnant. 

This sex doll’s boobs may be small compared to other models, but they pop off thanks to her pregnancy. Her ass, however, is a different story. It is thicker than other dolls’ asses. It makes you want to spank her. There’s also an opening there, and her anus is 6.7 inches deep. You’ll love drilling that cavern. Her vagina, by the way, is just as impressive.

4 ft. 10 in. D-Cup Pregnant Sex Doll

Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

Off the bat, you’ll notice that this sex doll is smaller than average. But, you would learn to love that once you have used the product. Because pregnant sex dolls have large tummies, their weight is more than the average. That means you would need extra strength to hold the doll in some positions. Reducing that weight would make it more manageable. So being short does not mean they are worse than others. 

5 ft. 2 in. C-cup Fat Sex Doll with head 160

Pregnant Sex Dolls Are The Newest Trend for Preggo Fetish

This purple-haired pregnant sex doll is the sex doll for Millenials. She has that fresh and youthful look many of them would love. But that’s not all they would like about this doll. Her realistic deep holes are also enticing. One would love the feeling of having their penis inside this sex doll’s vagina or anus. They give an experience that is super close to what actual sex feels like.

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