Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

The pandemic has opened many people’s eyes. Because of it, many now know how helpful sex dolls can be. Consequently, the sex dolls became even more popular, causing their sales to skyrocket.

Perhaps, you are among the newly enlightened ones, and you plan to buy one yourself. Or maybe you already like sex dolls before the pandemic hit but are still looking for tips. You have come to the right place.

Here, you can find tips on how to maximize your time with your synthetic love partner. Without any fuss or delay, let’s hop into it.

TPE or Silicone

Suppose you have not yet bought a sex doll. It is important that you study the materials used to mold it before purchasing. The two best materials are TPE and silicone. They both have an advantage over the other. For instance, TPE is soft and feels more realistic than silicone. However, silicone is more durable and is even heat resistant. Another thing to note is that silicone sex doll heads can’t offer blowjobs, while TPE heads can. 

From that, you should see how important the material is when choosing a sex doll.

Utilize the Sex Doll’s Skeleton

Almost all high-quality sex dolls on the market have an articulated metallic skeleton. This allows you to put the sex doll in different poses. It would be best to take advantage of this to realize your kinks. Ride your doll in different sex positions to see what you like best.

Doing this reveals how important the weight of a sex doll is. The heavier it is, the more limiting it becomes because lifting it gets less manageable. So, choose one that is not too heavy for you.


 You should always clean your sex doll – especially if you give it creampies. Over time, residues will accumulate on its orifices, which would promote bacterial growth. That may cause you some infections and health problems. Therefore, you will no longer enjoy having sex with it. That would be a shame since sex dolls are expensive.

Therefore, it is best to study proper maintenance for a sex doll. It is also good practice to avoid sharing your sex doll with others unless you are 100% sure they are clean.

Try the Add ons

Is this your first time buying a sex doll, or are you buying a replacement? Regardless of your answer, it is highly recommended that you try including the add-ons in your order. Some sex dolls can be equipped with moaning/sound systems, and some can have internal heaters. They will make sex with the love doll even more fantastic.

Sex Doll Recommendations

You might want some sex doll recommendations now that you know those tips. This blog has you covered. Below are some of the best sex dolls that can help you explore sexuality as much as you would like.


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

Lindsey is a beautiful TPE sex doll. She is a brown-haired young lady with round, medium-sized breasts.

 This stunner stands at 5 foot 4 inches and weighs 36 kilograms. With these measurements, moving her around the house is manageable.

Since Lindsey is TPE from head to toe, she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. So, you can do many things with this sex doll. And you will find those experiences very pleasing because Lindsey’s orifices are deep, tight, and realistic,


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

Shannel is one inch taller than Lindsey but two kilograms lighter. This black-haired babe has a body that will make you feel feverish. She has a 30-26-34.6 inches BWH ratio, giving her a sexy spoon-shaped body.

Shannel has cute small boobs. In contrast to that, she has a big butt. On top of these assets, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. So if you want to embark on an erotic journey to achieve mind-blowing orgasms, Shannel would be a great partner.


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

Winona is a brunette that will capture your heart. She is pretty, and she is a sex expert. This sex doll can please you with her three holes. Winona has a 5.5 inches deep mouth that you can use for oral sex. Her 6.3 inches anal orifice is not only deeper but also tighter than that. And her 7.1 inches deep vagina is the best if you love going in deep. You can also include the free vaginal warming dildo in your order to make your sexcapades with Winona even hotter – figuratively and literally.


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

Daisy is a petite sex doll. She is a 5 foot 1″ tall sex doll who weighs 30 kilograms only. By far, she is the lightest sex doll on this list. As stated in the tips section of this article, that means carrying her is manageable. You don’t have to hit the gym to enjoy using her.

Of course, being lightweight is not Daisy’s only charm. She is a blonde babe with a playful but innocent appearance. Therefore, she is the perfect choice for people who lovees submissive partners.


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

This sex doll looks like a goddess with how beautiful she is. She is a 5 foot 3 inches tall woman with big round breasts. That, combined with her fine ass, will turn you on. And since she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities, you can do all sorts of things with her. 

Freya also has an articulated skeleton. So, sex with her in different positions is possible.

However, please note that she weighs 43 kilograms. So, that may not be too easy. We’ve found her online at Joy Love Dolls, although it was a similar price.


Tips for Guys Who Love to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

Leighton is lightweight; she weighs only 27 kilograms. She is also the shortest doll on this list, standing at only 4 foot 7 inches. Thus, she is the easiest sex doll to clean and maintain out of the bunch.

In terms of physical appearance, she’ll give the others a run for their money. This sex doll looks very cute. She will likely have a bubbly personality if she’s an actual person. If you like that, you should buy Leighton.

Leighton also has three penetrable orifices. These are anatomically accurate, so sex with her feels like real sex.

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