Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

If you have been on 4chan or just on the internet long enough, you likely have seen Sahdbase/Shadman’s works. Or, you have heard of them at least. These are not safe for work webcomics that you would not want anyone to see you reading. They are like hentai manga but more colorful. Also, there’s a very graphic depiction of sex on his work.

Swedish artist Shaddai Prejean, who uses the names Shadman or Shadbase, rose to popularity in 2009. He’s notorious for how shocking his works are on the sites 4chan and Newgrounds. His work shows various popular fictional characters doing dirty things. He has created original characters for his lewd comics as well.

You can enjoy Shadbase’s works regardless of your sexual orientation. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or even transgender, there would be a comic strip waiting for your eyes to feast on them. No matter your kink, Shadbase has you covered.

Shadman gets a lot of flak because some of his works are controversial. We were not kidding when we said Shadbase had covered all the kinks. For instance, he has illustrated people getting intimate with animals. 

 But, not all of them are like that. Shadbase has also drawn “regular” lewd things. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying these. 

After reading Shadman’s works, you likely would want to get sexual release. You can masturbate vanilla style. Or much better, you can have sex with a sex doll backed by thousands of good reviews.

Sex doll websites sell so many models. Therefore, it is not impossible to find ones that look similar to a character Shadman has used before. And since it is Shadbase we are talking about, the list of options is endless.

Below are seven amazing sex dolls that you can buy to fulfill your Shadbase fantasies.

Sexy Soccer Super Star Hottie Male Sex Doll – Seymour

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

From January 5th to 20th in the year 2014, Shadbase did a parody of Bioshock: Burial at the Sea. He titled it: Biocock: Anal at the Sea. In this 4 page comic, Zachary Hale Comstock drilled Elizabeth from behind.

Perhaps you want to experience what she experienced. If so, you should buy Seymour, the hottie male sex doll. Admittedly, he looks younger than Comstock. Still, he has that mature “daddy” look, so he is fit for the role.

Anyway, only parts of Comstock’s body – particularly his thick penis – were shown in the Shadbase comics. And this sex doll has that. You will love having him inside your anal canal.

Realistic Love Doll for Woman – Smexy

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Shadbase also did an RWBY parody. It is called Ruby’s Workout Regimen. The “workout regimen” was given by Nora, and it involved getting gang banged by three faceless hunks with huge penises.

Suppose that got you turned on. You can buy a Smexy sex doll. This 5 foot 7 inches tall sex doll has a muscular body. So, he could be one of those men. He can also have a 9 inches long penis, which makes him an even better candidate.

LifeSize Male Love Doll for Women

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Shadman has created a bisexual character who is also a crossdresser. He is a black-haired man with a girlfriend who discovered he likes pegging and other men too. If you want to bang someone like that, get this sex doll.

This synthetic love partner is a 5 foot 9 inches tall man. He has a sexy body that just the sight of him in his birthday suit will gratify you. And you will love riding his 7.5 inches long penis. Then, if you want to be the top, you can plug your manhood in his 6.7 inches deep anal orifice.

Curvy BBW Sexy Doll with Nipple Opening – Ariana

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Shadman has created original characters for a comic strip about a man remarrying. His lesbian daughter instantly got attracted to her soon-to-be stepmom. And who could blame her? That busty redhead is smokin’ hot.

Do you feel the same as the daughter? If so, you should check Ariana. She is a redhead with the perfect curves at the right places. Ariana also gives a new meaning to titwank. Her nipples are penetrable. So, she has 5 points of entries in total.

L-Cup Thick Love Doll with Big Tits and Fat Butt – Krista

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Aside from Ruby, Shadbase also drew lewd depictions of Yang Xiao from RWBY. If you want to piece of this blondie, you should buy yourself a Krista sex doll. This Shadbase sex doll has irresistible L-cup breasts, a large waist, and a big fat butt.

She also has a metallic skeleton that allows you to pose her any way you want. Just note that she weighs 43 kilograms, so she is quite heavy. Nevertheless, Krista is a fantastic Shadbase sex doll you should consider getting.

Hentai Sex Doll Big Breast – Ruma

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Shadbase has drawn lots of sexy blondes. Some examples are Jack Lynn Thomas, the OC hot momma, and the OC classy lesbian. If you like any of these women, check Ruma. She is a gorgeous blonde sex doll with a breathtaking body. 

Ruma is terrific in bed too. Her anal and vaginal orifices are 7.9 inches deep. And they are tight too. So, they are guaranteed to please you more than reading Shadbase comics does. 

Ruma’s oral orifice is not too shabby either. We also found her being sold online at Madam Dolly for a good price as well if you prefer them.

Big Black Butt Imani 

Top 7 Shadbase Sex Dolls

Shadbase is also known for his love of black characters. Sombra from Overwatch and Chel from Road to El Dorado are some that come to mind. If you share this love for ebony characters, check Imani.

This 5 foot 3 inches tall sex doll is a hottie. Imani has huge tits, a tiny waist, and a ghetto ass. Imani is a TPE sex doll, so her skin is very realistic. You will love touching her assets – or every inch of her body if you feel like it. But why stop at touching? This black Shadbase sex doll has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. 

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