Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Some ladies are not that interested in sex. They only do it to please their partners. Other ladies like it but are too shy to make sex interesting. And many guys want sex better when it’s spicy.

Now don’t be confused. A naughty girl is not strictly a bad girl. What men like better is a good girl when other people are around, then turns wild in the bedroom. That makes them sexy as sin.

Finding a lady like that can be difficult. Fortunately, the sex tech industry has a solution. You can buy a sex doll that gives off the vibe of a naughty girl safe and secure from many websites. Top that with their hot looks and realistic orifices. Those make buying one of these worth it.

Here, let us expedite your journey in finding a naughty girl that will satisfy your desires.

These are the top 8 naughty sex dolls.

170cm (5ft7′) Real Russian Barbie Doll with Small Tits

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Small but perky breasts, a tiny waist, and a big bubble butt are some of this sex doll’s best assets. That’s already enough to make you worship her. But she has more to offer.

This short-haired Barbie sex doll has a naughty expression on her face. It is like she’s saying: “Give it to me! Use my body in any way you want to.” That’s a huge turn-on.

The thing is, she does not even need to tell you that. Her amazing orifices will make you addicted to sex with her. This sex doll has 7.9 inches deep anal and vaginal orifices and a 4.7 inches deep oral orifice.

160cm (5ft3′) $2000 Sex Doll with Small Tits and Big Butt- Bonnie

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

You can classify this gorgeous woman as a MILF. Admittedly, she is not a real “mother” since sex dolls don’t reproduce (one more reason to use them to satisfy your sexual desires). But she looks like a yummy mummy – the factor that matters here.

A MILF is fantastic in bed because she already has experience. And while this doll is not an actual MILF, she will live up to the name. Bonnie has an articulated skeleton that makes her flexible. So, you can have sex with her in different positions. For example, you can have doggie-style sex with her, giving you access to her spankable big butt. 

85cm (2ft9′) L-Cup Small Love Doll Torso – Cruella

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

With Cruella’s name and hairstyle alone, you’d know she is a naughty girl. She likes “playtime” and prefers to improve things by spicing them up. BDSM is her kink, and she likes playing the role of the cruel queen who wants to torture you through extreme pleasure. 

Please note that Cruella is a sex doll torso; she does not have legs. But her amazingness at sex will make you overlook that. She has oral, vaginal, and anal sex capabilities. Additionally, she has L-cup breasts and a round butt. And everything about her feels ultra-realistic because she’s made of high-quality material. 

159cm (5ft2′) J-Cup Realistic Silicone Love Doll with Big Tits – Gemma

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Gemma also has a sexy expression on her face. That look makes you think she enjoys every thrust you make so much. That will make your nights hotter with her.

This sex doll’s facial expression is not the only thing she offers. She has the body of a goddess. She has J-cup breasts, for starters; you would love fondling them. Also, she has a perfect ass, a tiny waist, and a nice tan, making sex with her even more exciting.

Like the other dolls on this list, Gemma has realistic orifices. So rest assured, you will never regret taking this naughty girl to your home.

161cm (5ft3′) E-Cup The Best Realistic Love Doll with Big Boobs – B Love

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

B Love is a naughty girl that wants your attention. And getting it is an easy job for her. This sex doll has E-cup breasts – not the biggest, but certainly above average. Since she is made of TPE, these breasts feel real. Furthermore, your eyes will point towards her even when she’s not facing you. More specifically, you will be looking at her big fat butt.

After making you hard and excited with her physique, she will please you through wild sex. This naughty girl sex doll is complete with three orifices and an articulated skeleton.

Emma Premium TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Emma is for the men who believe bad girls are superior. She looks like she’s a member of a biker gang or a spy for a secret organization. Combined with her smoking body, these things about Emma simultaneously make her hot and cool.

This premium TPE sex doll has perky C-cup breasts, an hourglass-shaped body, and a fine ass. Of course, she also has amazing orifices that will make you feel like you are having real sex.

Nadine Premium Female Sex Doll

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Look at that suggestive smile Nadine has. It makes her one of the best candidates for a naughty sex doll. And she won’t disappoint you; this blondie is a total hottie. 

Nadine may have small breasts – only B-cup – but she has a perfect butt. Additionally, she has anal, oral, and vaginal sex c

capabilities. Some included freebies will also make sex with her even hotter. The free USB vagina heater will do it in the most literal sense. With all these things, sex with this naught sex doll will always be satisfying.

Mia Premium TPE Sex Doll

Top 8 Naughty Sex Dolls

Mia has full lips, thick thighs, and a big fat butt. What more could you wish for? 

Admittedly, you don’t have many customization options if you choose this naughty sex doll. But that’s alright because she’s perfect the way she is. First of all, she is a TPE sex doll. That means her skin feels as soft and supple as human skin. Also, she has three realistic orifices. So whether you want a blowjob, vanilla sex, or anal sex, she can make you satisfied.

That’s it. These are the top 8 naughty sex dolls on the market.

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