Emily Blunt Look-alike Love Dolls

Emily Blunt is a British actress who Forbes ranked as one of the highest-paid actresses in the world in 2020. Why would she be like that? She’s so highly paid because she’s a fantastic actress. Emily Blunt is a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award awardee. Furthermore, she had nominations for three British Film Academy Awards.

Emily Blunt’s career continued to grow with leading roles in “The Young Victoria,” “Mary Poppins Returns,” “Into the Woods,” “Edge of Tomorrow,” and many others. Also, she received critical acclaim for playing an alcoholic in the thriller “The Girl on the Train.” And who would forget about her role as a survivalist mother in the horror film “A Quiet Place” and its sequel?

This actress has repeatedly amazed people with her talent in acting. Additionally, she is stunning. That makes her an even brighter star. And because she’s so bright, she attracts many men’s attention.

Emily Blunt has been married to John Krasinski since 2010, and their relationship is still going strong. So, your dream of sleeping with her will probably forever stay a dream. That is unless you consider using the best in stock sex dolls from trusted sources. You can find an Emily Look-alike to fulfill that dream.

However, looking for such a doll is more difficult than normal. First, you need to ensure the doll has a resemblance to Emily Blunt. And as usual, you need to consider the love doll’s quality and capabilities. Thus, searching for them yourself takes a lot of time.

We already did the work for you so that you can get your love doll as soon as possible. Here is a list of the best Emily Blunt look-alike love dolls on the market. They are not perfect, as an official Emily Blunt love doll doesn’t exist.

MONROE – 158CM | 5′ 2″ – A CUP

Emily Blunt Look-alike Love Dolls

Many of Emily Blunt’s photos show her with blonde hair. But that’s not her original hair color; she dyed it. Its real color is light golden brown. She also tried different hair colors throughout her career. For instance, she rocked auburn hair in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Monroe is a great choice if we use that version of Emily Blunt’s looks. 

Monroe’s hair has the same shade as Emily Blunt’s hair during those days. And she also has a pretty face that will draw your attention. Maybe the resemblance is still not apparent to you. But you’ll see it once you set her eye color to blue.

Admittedly, there are differences between them you can’t correct. Height is one of those. Emily Blunt is 5 foot 7 – almost 5 foot 8 – inches tall. On the other hand, Monroe is only 5 foot 2 inches tall. 

That’s not an entirely negative thing because of physics. Usually, the bigger an inanimate object is, the heavier it becomes. Heavier sex dolls are more difficult to use since they require you to have very strong muscles to lift them. And you are already tiring yourself when having sex. So, Monroe being short is a blessing in disguise. Because of that, she weighs only 30 kilograms.

This love doll has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. Her mouth and anus are both 5.9 inches deep. It’s rare for a love doll to have that deep of an oral orifice. So she’s one of the best at giving blowjobs. You can’t ignore Monroe’s 6.7 inches-deep vagina, either.

CLOTILDE – 162CM | 5′ 3″ – M CUP

Emily Blunt Look-alike Love Dolls

Clotilde looks like Emily Blunt – the version with dark brown hair. They both have modelesque faces and exude an aura that says she’s a woman you can’t underestimate.

Clotilde is 5 foot 3 inches tall; she’s almost as short as the previous doll. However, there’s a big difference between their weights. Clotilde weighs 41 kilograms. Why is that? Because she’s carrying enormous milkers.

Emily Blunt has B-cup breasts; they’re quite small. Contrarily, Clotilde has M-cup breasts. That’s a big difference. Unfortunately, you can’t change it through customization options. But think about it. Would you really want to change them? Big breasts are sexy, and they allow you to do some naughty things.  

Clotilde’s body measurements are 37 – 24 – 39 inches. So, she also has super hot wide hips and a big bubble butt. Emily Blunt’s body measurements are 34 – 24 – 35 inches, slightly smaller than Clotilde’s but have the same shape. At least the waist size is spot on.

This Emily Blunt look-alike love doll’s anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, while her vaginal orifice is 7 inches deep. 

JAIMIE – 150CM | C Cup

Emily Blunt Look-alike Love Dolls

Jaime is a love doll with dark brown hair that is almost black. That’s reminiscent of Emily Blunt’s look in 2011. Give this love doll blue eyes through free customization, and you’ll see her likeness to the sad award-winning actress.

This love doll is smaller than the other dolls; she’s only 5 feet tall. As said above, that’s a good thing because that makes her lightweight. And unlike Clotilde, she does not have mountains as breasts. Jamie’s cup size is only C, only one size bigger than Emily Blunt’s. 

You have two options for Jamie’s bubble butt. What you choose affects her weight. If you choose the harder butt, she’ll weigh 28 kilograms. On the other hand, if you choose the softer butt, she’ll weigh 25 kilograms. Both keep Jamie in the lightweight doll category.

The best thing about this sex doll is how customizable her vaginal orifice is. You can decide what its inside textures will be like. The default vagina can have a deepness ranging from 3.9 inches to 7 inches. Meanwhile, the vagina with special textures can have a depth ranging from 3.9 inches to 5.1 inches.

Jamie is a Gynoid Doll. So, she’s not capable of anal or oral sex. So, make sure to choose the vagina type perfectly suited for your preferences. 

That is the list of the Emily Blunt look-alike love dolls and sex dolls via reviews. They are so realistic you will feel like you are actually having sex with the actress.

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