Beth Harmon Look-alike Love Dolls

Beth Harmon is among the most interesting female characters in fiction. She is the main protagonist of Walter Tevis’ novel “The Queen’s Gambit” and the Netflix series of the same name. But perhaps calling her a female character is wrong. Beth had relationships with her male teammates and Cleo, a French model. So, she is bisexual. Many people will find that hot.

Beth Harmon is a chess grandmaster. She also has skills in mathematics and is knowledgeable in sciences and history. In short, Beth Harmon is an intelligent woman. 

However, Beth Harmon is not perfect. She is quite unstable and very susceptible to substance abuse. Also, Beth Harmon has anger issues. That said, she’s attractive in the eyes of people that like stories about someone changing a person through their love. “I know she has issues, but I believe I can change her,” – that sort of deal.

But then again, Beth Harmon is a fictional character. So there’s almost no way to fulfill your fantasy. The keyword was “almost.” Maybe you can make Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress who played her, agree to have sex with you. And she’ll role-play as Beth Harmon. But for most men, that will only happen in your dreams.

The best thing to do is use the best ever sex dolls resembling Beth Harmon. Don’t expect a perfect one to exist, though. Netflix shows are not likely to release love dolls as merchandise, and manufacturers can’t make replicas of real people without consent. While Beth Harmon is a fictional character, Anya Taylor-Joy is a real person. They may face legal problems if they do that. So, it’s best to be thankful for these dolls and Beth Harmon’s similarities and learn to ignore the differences. 

Here is a list of high-quality, realistic love dolls that look like Beth Harmon.

Vixen – 5’2″ (158cm)

Beth Harmon Look-alike Love Dolls

Vixen is an attractive redhead. Her hair color does not match Beth Harmon’s hair in the books because that’s brown. But the show version of the character is more popular, and she’s a redhead. So, it’s all good. Vixen also has that youthful but fierce look that Beth Harmon has, making her an even better candidate for a Beth Harmon love doll. 

Anya Taylor-Joy is 5 foot 8 inches tall, so that could also be Beth Harmon’s height unless the show tells otherwise. That said, Beth Harmon is 6 inches taller than Vixen. Should that bother you? It should not because it prevented Vixen from being heavy. Since she is a short love doll who does not have extra-large assets, Vixen weighs only 33 kilograms. Therefore, she’s not difficult to use.

As for the body sizes, they are not the same either. However, they make the same bottom-hourglass shape. Beth Harmon’s BWH measurements are 33 – 26 – 34 inches, while Vixen’s measurements are 27.9 – 19.3 – 31.5 inches.

The breasts are about the right size. Anya Taylor-Joy has A-cup breasts, and this doll has small ones too.

Of course, it would not be a discussion about love dolls without mentioning the doll’s sexual capabilities. Vixen has anal, oral, and vaginal sex capabilities. 

JESSIKA – 152CM | 5’0″ – K CUP

Beth Harmon Look-alike Love Dolls

Jessika has red hair, a sexy body, and a pretty face. Like Anya Taylor-Joy, she also has pouty lips. Set the eye color to brown, and her head becomes perfect for a Beth Harmon love doll.

On the other hand, their bodies have many differences. Jessika is 5 feet flat tall. So she’s even shorter than Vixen. But the difference between the two dolls is Jessika is busty. This love doll has massive, round, K-cup breasts. Yes, that’s not the same as Beth Harmon’s cup size. But many men would mind; large breasts are sexy and pleasing to caress. The best thing is, these breasts did not make her heavy. Jessika weighs only 31 kilograms. Thus, she’s still easy to use. 

Jessika’s body measurements are 35 – 18 – 33 inches. So, the bust and hip sizes are almost the same as Beth Harmon’s. However, her waist is significantly smaller. Still, the shape it forms is an hourglass, and that’s what matters.

This Beth Harmon look-alike love doll has three orifices. Her mouth is 5.5 inches deep, her anus is 6.3 inches deep, and her vagina is 7.09 inches deep. What’s special is that you can choose the patterns inside Jessika’s vagina. Be sure to check the options on the customization options to make her truly the best love doll for you.

KATELYNN – 152CM | 5’0″ – D CUP

Beth Harmon Look-alike Love Dolls

Katelynn is a young-looking, redheaded lady with kissable lips. Change her eye color to brown, and you’ll see her resemblance to Beth Harmon. 

Katelynn is as tall as Jessika; thus, she is also 8 inches smaller than Beth Harmon. But unlike Jessika, Katelynn does not own extra-large breasts. Hers is only D-cup breasts. Admittedly, it is still a couple of sizes bigger than Beth Harmon’s. But at least they are not too far apart.

So, she’s a 5 feet tall love doll with medium size breasts. As you would expect, she is lightweight. This love doll only weighs 29 kilograms, meaning she’s super easy to use. That adds a lot to her charms. It allows you to have sex with her in different positions. And if you get the EVO skeleton, she’ll be able to squat. That would open up even more positions.

That brings us to Katelynn’s sexual capabilities. She is a TPE made and trusted sex doll from a great website. So, she has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. The former is the shallowest, being 5.5 inches deep; the second-deepest is the anal orifice, measuring 6.63 inches. And the deepest one is her vagina, which measures 7 inches.

Katelynn comes with a free USB vagina-heating wand, lingerie or bikini set, a blanket, gloves, and Irrigator. 

That is the end of this list. While none of these dolls perfectly match Beth Harmon’s physical appearance, they are among the closest to that. And they are up to standards, too, so every penny you spend on them will be worth it.

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  1. Interesting. A Beth Harmon doll could be a great addition to a fan’s collection of memorabilia from the popular Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit.” The doll could be a fun way to display one’s appreciation for the show’s protagonist, Beth Harmon, and her love for chess. Additionally, the doll could serve as a source of inspiration for young girls who are interested in pursuing their passion for chess, just like Beth did in the show.

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