Adam Groff Look-alike Love Dolls

Adam Groff is a fictional character from the Netflix series “Sex Education.” He started as the school bully, immediately getting the attention of people who love bad boys and toxic men. But as the series progressed, he became sweeter and sweeter.

Adam Groff used to bully Eric Effiong. Then, he realized he was sexually attracted to the guy. That confirmed Adam Groff’s bisexuality, as he had a girlfriend, Aimee Gibbs. That increased his charm.

This character had great development. Though, Adam was known to have a sensitive side from the start. That was seen during his season 1 episode 1 and 7 moments of panic. His interactions with his mother also hinted at that.

Adam unlearned his violent tendencies, and viewers can’t help but be proud of him. He also made great friends, which according to him, no one told him were his friends in the past.

Season 3 of the show highlighted how compassionate Adam Groff is. He reached out to Erik when he was going to Nigeria. Also, he started developing his passion for dogs. 

Good news: Adam Groff is single now; he and Erik broke up. Unfortunately, he’s not a real person. So you still have no chance. It’s sexually frustrating.

Don’t worry. You can always use love dolls to get rid of that frustration. While they haven’t made an official Adam Groff love doll, models that look like him exist. You can buy those, customize them a little, and use them to fulfill your desire.

One thing to remember is to ensure the doll you buy is of high quality. TPE and silicone love dolls are realistic and long-lasting. So, they are preferable.

Admittedly, searching for a high-quality Adam Groff look-alike love doll can take some time. But don’t worry. You can use this list to know the best ones in mere minutes.

PAOLO – 170CM | 5′ 5″ – MALE DOLL

Adam Groff Look-alike Love Dolls

Paolo and Adam Groff both have almost rectangular faces. They are also both brunettes, and even their eyes have the same color. Indeed, Paulo is a good option for an Adam Groff love doll.

According to, Adam Groff is 6 feet tall (Connor Swindel’s height.) Paolo, on the other hand, is only 5 foot 5 inches tall. So, this love doll is shorter. But sometimes, being short is a good thing for a love doll, especially male love dolls. Paolo currently weighs 46 kilograms, meaning he is heavy. Depending on how strong your muscles are, you may find Paolo a little difficult to use.

And speaking of muscles, this man is ripped. Paolo has breathtaking pecs, abs, and biceps; they will make you drool. Adam Groff has a delicious body but is not as muscular as Paolo. But who’s complaining? For sure, you wouldn’t be.

This love doll is well-endowed. He has a 7.28 inches-long penis with jaw-dropping thickness. Riding it will surely be pleasing as it will hit you in the right spots.

You can equip this Adam Groff look-alike love doll with sound and body heating systems to make sex with him more realistic. If you don’t want Paolo to moan, you can select body heating only instead.

TRAVIS – 160CM | 5′ 2″ – MALE DOLL

Adam Groff Look-alike Love Dolls

Like Adam Groff, Travis is a dreamy brown-haired man. However, Travis has blue eyes instead of brown. Don’t worry. You can go to the customization options and select the right eye color. It’s quick, easy, and, more importantly, free. So don’t forget to do it to increase Travis’ resemblance to the fictional character you want to bang. 

Travis is 5 foot 2 inches tall, meaning he is also shorter than Adam Groff. But like Paolo’s case, his height also stopped him from being too heavy. And because Travis is smaller than Paolo, he is lighter. This love doll weighs only 37.5 kilograms, so it’s not that difficult to use. You can also get the standing feet add-on to keep Travis standing without external support. That will make using this Adam Groff look-alike love doll easier to use. 

This love doll has broad shoulders, sexy pecs, strong arms, and six-pack abs. Those will surely make you wet or hard down there. 

The best thing is, like Adam Groff, Travis swings both ways. Ladies and bottoms will enjoy having Travis’ 6.69 or 7.48 inches penis inside them. And this love doll will bend over for you if you are a top. His tight ass is 7.48 inches deep, so unless you are hung like a horse, you can go balls-deep inside it.

Jack 5ft3″ / 160cm Muscular Male / Gay Sex Doll – AF Doll

Adam Groff Look-alike Love Dolls

Jack looks like he’s a little confused. Adam Groff looks like that too. Also, their faces have some similarities. They’re not striking similarities, but they are there.

Jack does not have brown hair. Unfortunately, no available customization options allow you to change his hair to the right color. Anyway, Adam Groff’s hair is almost black, so it’s not too far. His eyes are the correct color, though. So there is no need to customize that.

Jack is 5 foot 3 inches tall. Again, he is shorter than Adam Groff. He’s between the previous two dolls, not only when talking about height but also weight. This love doll weighs 45 kilograms. So, don’t expect him to be too easy to use.

Despite Jack’s weight, he is still worth your consideration. This man is a hunk. His muscular chest, 6-pack abs, and big biceps will enthrall you. It would make you think of the amazing sex you can have.

Jack will not disappoint you. His penis has a length of 6.7 inches and a girth of 4.52 inches. He also has an anal orifice for people who want to penetrate him; it is 6.2 inches deep. Unfortunately, because Jack’s head is made of silicone, he does not have an oral orifice. So, you can’t use him to know what Eric felt when Adam Groff gave him a blowjob. Despite not having that capability, Jack is a solid choice for fulfilling your sexual desire.

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  1. These male dolls still absolutely freak me out. Not enough girls buying them to fund their development.

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