Aimee Gibbs Look-alike Love Dolls

Aimee Gibbs is one of the characters in the Netflix series “Sex Education.” She’s among the popular girls in the school. Usually, girls like her in movies and TV series are unlikeable. However, Aimee Gibbs is different. She’s way nicer than the other members of “The Untouchables.”

Aimee comes from a wealthy family. But that does not make her arrogant. In contrast, she’s friendly, often using her house as a hang-out or party place.

Maeve and Aimee’s friendship highlighted how amazing of a person Aimee is. She left The Untouchables because they were bullying Maeve.

Aimee is an amazing person. Sadly, she is going through something. She can’t enjoy sex because she was assaulted while on the bus. A man ejaculated on her jeans. Aimee became traumatized and pushed everyone around her away. While she still hasn’t gotten over it and is undergoing therapy, she has made some progress. Aimee was able to share a hug with Steve, her boyfriend, after opening up to him.

Sadly (maybe fortunately for you), Aimee broke up with Steve because she wanted to be alone. She’s still on her journey to becoming sexually confident again.

That said, even if Aimee were a real person, you can’t get dirty with her. But whether Aimee is traumatized or not, there’s one way for you to turn this sexual desire into reality. You can use love dolls.

Of course, you don’t pick just any love doll. It is best to select ones that have some semblance of the character you want to sleep with. Also, you must find high-quality ones. They are realistic and durable, so they will not fail you. 

This list will introduce you to the best Aimee Gibbs look-alike love dolls on the market. Please keep reading to meet them. 

Miranda Premium TPE Sex Doll

Aimee Gibbs Look-alike Love Dolls

Miranda is so stunning she’d leave you speechless. This love doll has long blonde hair, just like Miranda. However, her hair is too curly, while Aimee’s is only wavy. Also, her hair is honey blonde, while Aimee’s hair is strawberry blonde. But these are minor differences you can easily ignore. 

The eye color is more important, so it must be correct. They would not look so similar if they were not the same as Aimee’s. While you can’t change this love doll’s eyes through customization, you can buy an extra pair to replace her default one. Be sure to choose brown ones. 

Miranda is 5 foot 4 inches tall, while according to several sources, Aimee Gibbs is 5 foot 5 inches tall. So, their heights are barely different. The same goes for her breasts. Aimee has B-cup breasts, while Miranda has C-cup breasts. So, you’d barely notice the difference.

Miranda’s body sizes are 29″ – 22″ – 33″, so she has a smoking hot bottom hourglass-shaped body. Aimee reportedly has body sizes of 35″ – 25″ – 35″, a perfect hourglass-shaped body. Again, they are not the same but also not very different.

Sexual Capabilities

Miranda has oral, anal, and vaginal sex capabilities. She has an impressive deep vagina – it’s 7.5 inches deep, which is uncommon. And her anal orifice with the same depth makes her even more special.

Juliana Premium TPE Sex Doll

Aimee Gibbs Look-alike Love Dolls

Juliana is a blonde girl with gorgeous curls in her hair. She’s also very attractive. Therefore, Juliana is like Aimee Gibbs.

Juliana has blue eyes, meaning she has the incorrect eye color for an Aimee Gibbs love doll. So, like in the case above, you best buy an extra pair of eyes you can replace this doll’s default ones with. Pick brown.

This love doll is 5 foot 5 inches tall. So, she and Aimee Gibbs are the same height. Sadly, their body types are not the same. Aimee Gibbs has a perfect hourglass-shaped body, while Juliana has a bottom hourglass-shaped one. The latter is also slimmer. But again, they aren’t too dissimilar, so it would not bother you much.

Juliana is a TPE love doll. So, you can rest assured her skin feels like real skin. It will feel as if you are touching an actual woman. That said, you’ll find her C-cup breasts amazing. The best thing is you can touch them whenever you want. 

Juliana weighs 38 kilograms; she’s not lightweight but not heavyweight either. That said, she’s not that easy to use but not that hard, either. 

Sexual Capabilities

This Aimee Gibbs love doll is amazing in bed. She has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices, all of which have impressive depth. Her vagina is anatomically accurate, too. So, you’d feel like you are actually giving it to Aimee Gibbs. Juliana also comes with a free vagina USB heater. That adds another element of realism. 


Aimee Gibbs Look-alike Love Dolls

Choosing Nina is the way to go if you can set aside loyalty to the source for what you objectively consider sexy. This blonde love doll is 5 foot 7 inches tall. And she’s not just taller than Aimee Gibbs; she is also blessed with big breasts. Nina’s cup size is H, many sizes above Aimee’s C-cup breasts.

The caveat is that Nina is heavy. She weighs 41 kilograms. That said, you may have difficulty using her if you can’t carry or move her effortlessly.

Nina’s body will make you consider her weight a minuscule sacrifice. She’s so sexy. Aside from her big breasts, she also has a tiny waist, long legs, and a big butt. Her BWH measurements are 35 – 21 – 38 inches. Notice that her and Aimee’s bust sizes are the same. The hips and waist are different but not too different.

Sexual Sacrifice

Nina is from WM Dolls, the most popular realistic love doll on the market. So, rest assured that she is an expert at pleasing men. This love doll has oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. Her anal and vaginal orifices are both 7.5 inches deep. So, you may be able to go in balls-deep in either of them unless you are hung like a horse.

And these are the best Aimee Gibbs look-alike love dolls you should check out.

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