Wednesday Addams Look-alike Love Dolls

Many people today are captivated by Netflix. They lie down and watch their favorite Netflix films or series when bored. As a result, many of you have most likely already seen the 2022 version of “Wednesday.”

Wednesday Friday Addams is the titular main character of the Netflix TV series Wednesday and one of the principal characters in the comic series, TV series, and film adaptations dubbed The Addams Family. 

Wednesday resembles her mother, Morticia Addams, and is always described as a gloomy and emotionally withdrawn girl intrigued by the macabre, faint-skinned, and with black hair in knotted pigtails. 

Her demeanor in the 2022 Netflix series reverts to how she was in the early 1990s films: a deadpan, gothic individual with many anti-social inclinations and a preoccupation with dark things. 

She is also proven to be incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable since she can play detective and discover information that others cannot. These efforts were successful in rescuing her father from false imprisonment. Wednesday is also well-equipped to protect herself with martial arts, having faced guys much larger than her and emerged unscathed. She also has some fencing experience.

Certainly, despite her gloomy appearance, she maintained a good attitude throughout the series. Because of these incidents, many men perceived Wednesday Addams as an appealing lady, even though the character was played by the stunning American actress Jenna Ortega. 

However, you can only hang out with her whenever you want because Wednesday is fictitious, and Jenna Ortega might be too young for you. Don’t worry; there’s still a method for you to spend time with her whenever and wherever you choose. 

You can utilize a love doll that looks like Wednesday Addams. The advantage of doing this is that you can engage with the love doll anytime. You are also not being nasty to the actress. Consider approaching and telling her you to want to have sex with her because Wednesday Addams is the girl you adore.

If you use a love doll that looks like her, she might think you’re still sexualizing her. But how could she possibly know?

After all, here are three love dolls resembling Wednesday Addams. They are of great quality, so don’t be concerned about your money being squandered. They will be well worth the money you invest in them. 

158cm Premium luxury Sex Doll – Beatrix

Wednesday Addams Look-alike Love Dolls

Beatrix is a small black-haired woman with an exquisite face. That’s appropriate for a love doll based on Wednesday Addams, who is generally 16 years old. 

Jenna Ortega has a strong jaw, one of her most appealing features. As a result, Beatrix is an excellent candidate for a Wednesday Addams love doll.

Beatrix is also only an inch taller than Wednesday at 5 feet and 2.2 inches. It could be better, but it’s near. It helps you visualize her as the imaginary character in question.

The nicest part is that this love doll is slightly heavier than Wednesday. Jenna Ortega weighs 46 kg, whereas this C-cup-breasted love doll weighs only 33 kilograms. You can lift and transport her without breaking a sweat.

What about her physical stature? The BWH measures of this love doll are 33.6 – 23.6 – 33.9 inches. Unfortunately, they do not correspond to Wednesday’s dimensions because her BWH is 30 – 26 – 32; nonetheless, it is an hourglass shape rather than a rectangle; the latter is too different.

The splendor of C-cup breasts is that they are accessible in all breast types. Choose solid if you want them to look cheerful. Choose hollow instead if you want them to be soft. And if you want them to look as authentic as possible, Gel Implanted Breasts are the way to go. 

This Wednesday Addams-inspired love doll includes orifices in the mouth, anal, and vaginal regions. Her anal and vaginal orifices are 7.67 inches deep, while her oral orifice is 5.9 inches deep.

Sallie – 151cm | 5’ 1” – D Cup

Wednesday Addams Look-alike Love Dolls

Sallie is another dark-haired beauty who resembles Wednesday Addams. Even if she had implanted actual hair, this love doll would appear the same. She’s another petite lady; therefore, her existence is a victory for males who like petite ladies, and it’s an even larger win for sex doll fans. 

Sallie is a petite love doll. She is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall. Jenna Ortega, the actress who played Wednesday, is 5 feet 1 inch tall. That’s something to remember if you’re concerned about precision.

But, as we’ve noted in previous articles, being short is usually a blessing for those who adore dolls. They are often lightweight and so simple to operate. Because this sex doll weighs only 29.8 kg, lifting and posing her is a breeze. The dimensions of this love doll’s body are 28.7 – 20 – 33.5 inches. That is a pear form, not an hourglass shape. As a result, her body is unlike Wednesday’s. 

But what are her sexual abilities if she isn’t appealing enough? Luckily, she’s quite sexy, so you’ll have a great time getting dirty with her. This sex doll has a bubble butt and lovely D-cup breasts. She also has full orifices with incredible depths – oral, anal, and vaginal. 

168cm ( 5.51ft ) Flat Breast Thin Indian Girl Sex Doll D19051624 Amanda

Wednesday Addams Look-alike Love Dolls

Amanda is an Indian sex doll, making her a wonderful candidate for Wednesday Addams look-alike love dolls because Jenna has an Indian appearance. Furthermore, this sex doll has the same youthful and aggressive appearance as the fictitious character. 

This adorable love doll has black braided hair and brown eyes. As a result, there is no need for modification. Daphne is also 5 feet 5 inches tall, barely 4 inches taller than Wednesday. 

Amanda, unlike the other sex dolls, has flat breasts. Jenna Ortega does not have large breasts, so this could be good. As a result, you can readily imagine Amanda having sex with the fictional figure. Also, flat-chested ladies are more attractive than you believe.    

Amanda has the same body type as the fictional character, both slim and thin. If you are concerned about the appearance and body of the love doll, this sex doll is an excellent choice. 

Apart from that, this sex doll features complete orifices for you to play with – anal, oral, and vaginal – all with incredible depths.  

Finally, there are the love dolls that resemble Wednesday Addams. They all have excellent features and capabilities, so that you can go right with them.  

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