Nadia Vulvokov Look-alike Love Dolls

Natasha Lyonne plays Nadia Vulvokov, the main heroine and protagonist of the Netflix TV drama “Russian Doll.”  

Nadia was fostered by a single mother who struggled with significant mental health challenges, as portrayed on the TV show. Nadia adored her mother, but their relationship was fraught with difficulties. Nadia moved in with a family friend and psychologist, Ruth Brenner when her mother died at 35 years old. 

Her personality was described as caustic, self-possessed, candid, and amusing. Nadia is a no-nonsense broad with sarcastic humor and a carefree outlook. “Fun is for suckers,” she jokes. “Looking down the barrel of my demise always surpasses the fun.”  

She has a friendly, witty personality that has garnered many friends, but she also has solitary tendencies and a fear of attachment. Nadia’s jovial demeanor conceals her fear of developing the same mental health concerns as her mother. Trapping in a weird time loop isn’t enough to calm those anxieties. 

She also feels deep guilt regarding her mother’s suicide and blames herself for it. This guilt deeply affects her relationships and inspires much of her recreational drug use. She is also addicted to nicotine and a regular smoker. 

Because of her stated attributes, you may want to take care of her; for example, you may want to assist her in overcoming her difficulties while also being with her. It’s a good thing she’s single now since Nadia previously had a protracted affair with John Reyes, a married man with a child. Even though John is currently divorcing his wife and still loves Nadia, she is unwilling to commit to the high stakes of a meaningful relationship with him. She is keener on casual hookups. 

Hookups with Nadia are still unattainable because she is a fictitious persona. Even if Nadia were real, you couldn’t get dirty or just hang out with her. But, whether Nadia is genuine or not, there is one method to make your sexual desire a reality. You can make use of love dolls.

Of course, you don’t just choose any old love doll. Choosing those who resemble the character you wish to sleep with is best. You must also find high-quality ones. They are realistic and long-lasting, so they will not let you down. 

This article will expose you to the best Nadia Vulvokov love dolls available. Please continue reading to get to know them. 


Nadia Vulvokov Look-alike Love Dolls

Adriana is gorgeous and will leave you speechless. Like Nadia, this love doll has fluffy and wavy hair. Their hair tints, however, varied slightly. Nadia’s hair is lighter than Adriana’s, although they are both brown. However, there are tiny changes that can easily be overlooked. 

Because eye color is essential, it must be accurate. They wouldn’t look so similar if they weren’t identical to Nadia’s. While you cannot customize this love doll’s eyes, you can purchase an extra pair to substitute her default pair. Make careful you select brown ones. 

Adriana is 5 feet 2 inches tall, whereas Natasha Lyonne, the actress who played Nadia, is 5 feet 3 inches tall, according to multiple sources, with an inch difference. Aside from that, their breast sizes are identical; they both have C-cup breasts, so you can easily mistake Nadia for the one in front of you.

Adriana’s physical measurements are 32.7 – 24 – 34.6, indicating a blazing hot bottom hourglass-shaped physique. Nadia is said to have body measurements of 36-27-36 and an hourglass figure. They are not the same, yet they are also not different.

Sexual Capabilities

Adriana is capable of both anal and vaginal intercourse. She has a deep vagina 6.7 inches deep, which is unusual. And her anal orifice, with a depth of 5.9 inches, makes her even more unique.


Nadia Vulvokov Look-alike Love Dolls

Akila is a beautiful love doll with beautiful curls in her hair. She’s also rather appealing. As a result, Akila is similar to Nadia Vulvokov.

Akila has blue eyes, which means she is the wrong eye color for a Nadia Vulvokov love doll. As with the last scenario, you should buy an extra pair of brown eyes to replace the doll’s default ones.

The height of this love doll is 5 feet 4 inches. As a result, she and Nadia are about the same height. Unfortunately, their physique types are not the same. Nadia Vulvokov has a flawless hourglass figure, but Akila has a bottom hourglass figure. The latter is likewise more slender. However, they are similar, so it should be fine for you.

Akila is a love doll from TPE. So you may be confident that her skin feels natural. It will feel like you’re touching a real woman. Her massive N-cup breasts are stunning. The nicest part is that you can touch them whenever you want. 

She’s difficult to use due to her massive boobs. Akila is 50 kilograms in weight. However, you may encounter challenges in employing this love doll, necessitating the assistance of another person or the bulking up of oneself. 

Sexual Capabilities

This Nadia Vulvokov love doll looks fantastic in bed. She has tremendous depth in her oral, anal, and vaginal orifices. Her vagina is also anatomically correct. As a result, you’d have the impression that you’re truly handing it to Nadia Vulvokov. 


Nadia Vulvokov Look-alike Love Dolls

If you can throw aside devotion to the source for what you objectively judge sexy, Alina is the way to go. This brown-haired love doll stands only 4’8″ tall. Even though she is short in stature, she has large breasts. Alina’s cup size is D, larger than Nadia’s breast size.

The good news is that Alina is light enough. She is only 30 kilos. That being said, you can utilize her whenever you want and move her with ease.

Alina’s is quite appealing. Aside from her large breasts, she has a small waist, lengthy legs, and a large butt. Her BWH dimensions are 32.3 – 15.4 – 34.6 inches, ideal for an hourglass shape. 

Sexual Capabilities

Like the last love doll, Alina is a TPE sex doll with anal, oral, and vaginal capabilities. Her anal orifice is 6.3 inches deep, so unless you’re hung like a horse, you might be able to go balls-deep in either of them. Her orifice, on the other hand, measures 5.5 inches deep. Her vaginal opening is also 6.7 inches deep.

And here are the top Nadia Vulvokov look-alike love dolls to look into.

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