Maleficent Look-alike Love Dolls

Maleficent is a strong dark fairy who appears in the 2014 film Maleficent and its 2019 sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Maleficent thought she was the last of her kind formative years as an orphan in the Moors. She became the Moors’ de facto protector when she grew into adolescence. One day, Maleficent is betrayed and deceived, and her pristine heart turns to stone.

Maleficent, thirsty for vengeance, ruthlessly bestows an irreversible curse on King Stefan and Queen Leila’s newborn daughter, Princess Aurora, only to discover that the girl may be the only one capable of restoring peace, prompting her to take bold measures that would transform both realms forever. 

Everyone assumes Maleficent is pure evil and represents all that is evil, yet they are unaware of the entire narrative. Maleficent was originally a benevolent, pure young woman who would go to any length to protect the Moors and their residents.

Maleficent’s pristine heart began to harden and eventually turned to stone after her closest childhood friend and lover, Stefan, betrayed and deceived her by severing her beautiful wings. Maleficent has transformed into the “Evil Queen of the Moors,” instilling dread in all hearts, even those dearest to her. 

Despite her negative side, Maleficent retains features from her good side; her interactions with Diaval and Aurora demonstrate this. Ultimately, Maleficent’s stone heart becomes pure again, thanks to Aurora’s purity and innocence.

You might be drawn to her character because her abilities and powers make her more alluring. In addition to her qualities, Maleficent possesses power and talents such as telekinesis, elemental control, telepathy, spell-casting, immortality, shapeshifting, destruction, and many more.

On the other hand, Maleficent’s weakness is iron, as seen in the film. Despite her abilities, even the slightest contact with iron might burn her skin, and sustained exposure may severely damage her. 

Despite your stereotype of her as evil, you appear to have already fallen in love with her. In contrast, Maleficent does not exist. She’s a fictional figure; therefore, you can’t hold or be with her, or so many people believe – although more people know you can.

Thus, the solution to your dilemma is to have a sex doll that resembles Maleficent. But finding a Maleficent sex doll on your own may be tough. Visiting renowned and trustworthy websites expedites the process because you can be confident of getting high-quality dolls.

So, refer to this blog and learn more about Maleficent’s look-alike love dolls. 

Molly: All-American Sex Doll

Maleficent Look-alike Love Dolls

Molly is a lovely love doll with a powerful aura, making her ideal for a Maleficent love doll. Most of this love doll’s facial traits resemble Maleficent’s: long black hair, eye color, and expressions. Despite her robust appearance, you can still see the youthful appearance of this sex doll. Still, she is an excellent choice for a Maleficent sex doll.

Angelina Jolie, who played Maleficent in the film, is 5 feet 6 inches tall; unless the program states otherwise, it may also be Maleficent’s height. Maleficent is thus 4 inches taller than Molly. Is this something that disturbs you? That shouldn’t have happened because it protected Molly from becoming overweight. Molly weighs only 28 kg due to her petite stature and lack of extra-large endowments. As a result, she is easy to use and transport.

They are also not identical in terms of body size. They do, however, share the same hourglass-shaped bottom. Angelina Jolie’s BWH dimensions are 36 – 25 – 35 inches, while Molly’s are 26 – 19 – 30 inches. They differ slightly, but not dramatically.

The breasts are about the right size. Angelina Jolie has C-cup breasts, while this doll has B-cup breasts; there is no significant difference.

Of course, no discussion about love dolls would be complete without the sexual potential of the doll being mentioned. Molly can engage in anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse. Her vaginal and anal orifices are 6.7 inches deep, whereas her oral orifice is only 5.1 inches. Molly’s sexual abilities will certainly satisfy you.

Eve: Long Leg Sex Doll

Maleficent Look-alike Love Dolls

Eve has beautiful ripened skin, straight brown hair, and a great figure. She has pouty lips and a strong jaw, just like Maleficent. If you change her eyes to brown, she’ll be ideal for a Maleficent love doll.

Their bodies, on the other hand, are extremely dissimilar. Eve is an inch taller than Maleficent, standing 5 feet 7 inches tall. The two dolls are quite similar in that they are both busty. This love doll has big, round, C-cup breasts. Yeah, it is identical to Angelina Jolie’s. Many men would not mind; large breasts are attractive and enjoyable to caress. The good news is that these breasts did not make her look bulky. Eve is only 43 kg. As a result, she remains light and portable.

Eve’s physical measurements are 34 – 25 – 37 inches. As a result, Maleficent’s bust and hip measurements are practically similar. Her hips, on the other hand, are significantly larger. What matters is that it forms an hourglass shape.

This Maleficent-like love doll has only two orifices: a 6.6-inch-deep anus and a 6.7-inch-deep vagina. This game is unusual because you can change the designs inside Eve’s vagina. Check out the customization options to make her the best love doll for you.

Frida: Ready To Ship

Maleficent Look-alike Love Dolls

Frida is a beautiful young woman with black hair and kissable lips. Her seductive eyes will melt you just before your sex. They differ in various ways, including skin color; this love doll has a brown complexion. Regrettably, because she is ready to ship, there is no modification for this love doll, but she is exactly as gorgeous as Maleficent, which is crucial.

Frida is one inch taller than Maleficent but the same height as Eve. Frida’s breasts, like Eve’s, are gigantic. Her breasts are a D-cup size. Yet, it is a few sizes larger than Maleficent’s. They’re fairly close, though.

Let’s move on to Frida’s sexual prowess. As previously indicated, she is a TPE sex doll. She has orifices in her oral, anal, and vaginal regions. The anal orifice is the shallowest, measuring 5.9 inches deep, while the former is the deepest, measuring 6.7 inches. Her vagina is the deepest, measuring 7.1 inches deep.

Even though none of these sex dolls are exact replicas of Maleficent, they are among the closest. They are also high quality, so every penny you invest will be worth it. 

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