Alice Cooper Look-alike Love Dolls

Alice Cooper is a character on the CW soap opera “Riverdale.” She begins as a prominent antagonist in the first season but gradually transforms into an anti-hero as the series proceeds. She then appears as a supporting protagonist in the second and third seasons.

Alice is a lovely middle-aged lady with a beautifully thin, feminine figure. She has blonde hair, tanned skin, and gray eyes that sometimes appear blue. 

Alice’s fashion was largely portrayed throughout the series, and her style represents the aspects of her personality that she frequently wants to exhibit; this is demonstrated by her dressing professionally, in a smart, immaculate manner, frequently using pencil skirts and flattering tops. 

When speaking about her character, Alice Cooper is a highly protective parent concerning her family, especially Betty, whom she overprotected when she discovered Polly was pregnant. Her character is also incredibly cunning when gathering information about something or someone. She may also be highly manipulative when she wants to play mental games to extract information from someone. 

Many series fans secretly admired Alice’s character, although she was widely labeled as the villain, and perhaps you are one of them. Alice is undeniably attractive. But if you want to be with her, you may because Alice has no love interests in the series. He had two children and married, but their marriage did not work out. As a result, she is single.   

Don’t worry; there’s still a chance for you to see what it’s like to be with Alice Cooper. Yes, even if Alice Cooper is a fictitious persona. No, the actress who played her has nothing to do with it.

You could use an Alice Cooper love doll. The advantage of doing this is that you can perform the act with the love doll whenever you want. You are also not being rude to the actress. Imagine approaching her and telling her that you want to have sex with her because Alice Cooper is the girl you adore.

If you use a love doll that looks like her, she might think you’re still sexualizing her. But how could she possibly know?

With that out of consideration, here are three Alice Cooper-inspired love dolls. They are of great quality, so don’t be concerned about your money being squandered. They will be well worth the money you invest in them. 

Britney: Flexible Sex Doll

Alice Cooper Look-alike Love Dolls

This sex doll, like Alice Cooper, has a gorgeous face. They both have blonde, curly hair and the same eye color, which is blue. That makes her an ideal candidate for an Alice Cooper love doll. The only difference in their facial features is that Britney appears younger than Alice. Still, it’s only a minor distinction between them.

Britney is also 5 feet 5 inches tall, just an inch less than Alice Cooper. It could be better, but it’s near. It helps you visualize her as the imaginary character in question. 

The nice part is that this love doll weighs less than Alice Cooper. This love doll weighs just 42 kilograms, whereas the actress who played the character, Mädchen Amick, weighs 55 kg. You can lift and transport her without breaking a sweat or having difficulty. 

What about her physical stature? The BWH measures of this love doll are 32.7 – 24 – 34.6 inches. Fortunately, it is very similar to Alice’s measurements of 34 – 27 – 36. However, it is an hourglass form rather than a rectangle. The latter is too comparable.

This Alice Cooper-like love doll includes orifices in the mouth, anal, and vaginal regions. Her oral orifice measures 5.1 inches deep, her anal orifice measures 5.9 inches deep, and her vaginal orifice is 6.7 inches deep.

Holly: Babysitter Sex Doll

Alice Cooper Look-alike Love Dolls

This love doll is ideal for an Alice Cooper love doll. Why? Because the character of this love doll is a babysitter, whereas Alice’s role is a mother. So, just as she takes good care of her children, Holly will take good care of you in your bed. 

Aside from these similarities, Holly’s facial features are similar to Alice Cooper’s. This love doll has blue eyes and is also a blondie. The only difference is that Holly has straight hair, and Alice has curly hair. But they’re both quite long. 

Unlike the last love doll, Holly is quite heavy, owing to her assets and height. This love doll measures 5 feet 8 inches tall. She also has massive breasts and an ass, contributing to her weight. She now weighs 45 kilograms as a result. You could need someone to help you carry her, or you might bulk yourself up.

This love doll’s body measurements are 39 – 23 – 43 inches, which is an hourglass figure. As a result, her body differs from Alice’s. But that won’t matter because her enormous assets will quickly pleasure you, and your concerns about her will go overlooked.

This love doll is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal intercourse. Both her anal and vaginal orifices are 6.7 inches long. Meanwhile, her oral orifice measures 5.1 inches in depth. However, they differ in terms of tightness and interior texturing; this distinguishes them and makes each encounter distinct.

Celine: French Sex Doll

Alice Cooper Look-alike Love Dolls

Celine and Alice Cooper are both blonde and stunning. As a result, Celine is an excellent choice. But it takes more than just her hair color to determine whether she’s one of the greatest. Celine, fortunately, is more than just her golden locks. 

This sex doll is 5 feet 2 inches tall, just three inches shorter than Alice. Celine’s physical measurements of 38 – 23 – 39 inches resemble Alice Cooper’s. They both produce a stunning hourglass figure. 

Alice Cooper wears a bra size 32B. Celine, on the other hand, has E-cup breasts. So she’s more talented than the persona, which would delight many males. 

Celine has more assets than Alice, but she is much lighter. Celine weighs only 32 kg, while the actress weighs 55 kilograms. Unless you’re a sex doll, where your weight influences how easy you are to use, there’s nothing wrong with Alice’s weight.

Celine’s steel skeleton with flexible joints allows you to arrange her in numerous poses because she is not heavy. Why should you be ecstatic about it? Because this sex is capable of anal, oral, and vaginal sex. As a result, an articulated skeleton and appropriate weight provide opportunities for various sex positions. 

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