Male Sex Dolls That Really Look Like PewDiePie

PewDiePie, or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is a Swedish YouTuber best known for his “Let’s Play” and comic-structured videos and shows. Kjellberg’s YouTube success and considerable media attention have established him as one of the most well-known internet celebrities and content providers.

Kjellberg launched his YouTube channel “PewDiePie” in 2010, mostly releasing “Let’s Play” videos of horror and adventure games. His channel grew rapidly and was one of the most rapidly expanding in 2012 and 2013 before earning the most-subscribed on YouTube on August 15, 2013. Kjellberg’s channel was also the majority-viewed on the platform from December 29, 2014, to February 14, 2017.    

During this time, his content expanded beyond “Let’s Play” to include vlogs, comedy shorts, organized shows, and music videos. 

His channel is still one of the most subscribed to and seen on YouTube, with over 111 million followers and 28.8 billion views. His online fame has been noticed to increase sales of the video games he plays and generate support for charitable fundraising initiatives. Time magazine labeled him among the world’s 100 most important people in 2016. 

Even if you don’t usually watch YouTube, you’ve probably heard of PewDiePie because he’s popular. And maybe you’re here because you fantasize about sexual things with him.

Unfortunately, as previously stated, PewDiePie is already married to his long-term girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin. They also announced that they were expecting a child this year. 

That must be disappointing for you, but since you can’t have a chance with the real PewDiePie, you should be aware that there are PewDiePie-looking sex dolls available. 

Sex dolls aren’t concerned with who you are or what you do. As a result, the vast distance between the real PewDiePie and you is irrelevant. Because you are a nobody, the sex doll will not hesitate to have sex with you.

You came here looking for tips on choosing an excellent sex doll. The answer is to consider the looks and quality of the sex doll. You can accomplish so by investigating the dependability of the distributor and manufacturer.

But don’t be concerned. You are not required to complete that time-consuming task. Here’s a list of sex dolls who look just like PewDiePie. 

160cm (5ft3’) Realistic Male Sexy Doll – Ben

Male Sex Dolls That Really Look Like PewDiePie

Ben has brown hair and a Swedish appearance. He looks just like PewDiePie in one of his photos. The only difference between them is the dimension of their hair; Ben has long hair, while PewDiePie has short hair.  

Ben is only 5 feet 3 inches tall, which makes him shorter than the YouTuber. On the other hand, Ben is significantly lighter; he weighs 38 kilograms, while Felix weighs 78 kilograms. As a result, he is less difficult to utilize than other male dolls. 

Ben, like PewDiePie, has a body that will get you wet as a puddle. He has 6-pack abs and a physically healthy figure. He also has a thick penis, the length of which is determined by your preferences. The first penis option is 5.1 inches long, a little less than typical. On the other hand, the largest one is 7 inches long, which is a little larger than typical. 

Not only that, but this guy doll is also capable of oral and anal sex. Because his mouth is only 3.8 inches deep, he can’t give you deepthroats. However, it is far superior to nothing.

Ben has a 4.7-inch-deep anal orifice. That is not the most profound anal orifice available. However, it is a reasonable depth for an anal orifice on a male love doll.

175cm (5ft9’) Male Actor Love Doll – Joey 

Male Sex Dolls That Really Look Like PewDiePie

If you like a sex doll similar to PewDiePie, i.e., a tall one, here is a tall man love doll for you. Joey is a brunette who stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. While the prior dolls were a few inches short, this one was an inch taller. Nevertheless, he’s the choice if Felix’s height was part of what drew you to him.

Based on what has been said, you already know what this means: Joey is big. He is 56 kg in weight. As a result, many believe that the only way to exploit him is to let him lie down and stroke his manhood. 

Fortunately, doing so is enjoyable. Joey’s penis measures 7.5 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference. It will undoubtedly hit the right places. And you can see his sculpted body when you bounce over him. His powerful chest, arms, and 6-pack abs will instill even more lust and excitement in you, resulting in tremendous orgasms you will never forget.

The inner bendable support of the penis allows it to be flaccid or erect. Tops can also use this love doll with a large anal opening. Joey’s anal hole measures 6.7 inches in depth. So, if you want to utilize him as a bottom, he’s the best option.

Realistic Male Doll James – 160cm (5ft2’) Man sex doll

Male Sex Dolls That Really Look Like PewDiePie

James is a love doll with a bad-guy image and killer beauty. He is sometimes referred to be a realistic sex doll due to his features. He may not look Swedish like the YouTuber, but that’s okay since he’s just as hot as PewDiePie. 

This love doll has the same body dimensions as Felix. James has a massive chest, 6-pack abs, and a massive butt. These assets are sure to attract your curiosity.

It doesn’t stop there because James’ penis is likewise quite large. His penis is 7.87 inches long, which will surely make you fantasize about him. The depth of James’ anal opening is equally amazing, measuring 6.69 inches.

Maverick: Rugged Male Sex Doll

Male Sex Dolls That Really Look Like PewDiePie

This final sex doll is the same height as some others, but he is an inch taller than PewDiePie. In addition, he has the same facial characteristics as the YouTuber. Both of them have brown hair and a beard. As a result, they’re both as hot as a fantastic supper. 

Maverick has an anal and oral opening, which gives him sexual ability. His anus measures 7 inches deep. His penis size is also 6.7 inches, which isn’t too bad since you can still feel PewDiePie. You can also try sucking his nipples because he has great ones, just like the YouTuber. 

Finally, the list comes to a finish. We are convinced these PewDiePie love dolls will enable gays and ladies to have their most filthy sex escapades with the famous YouTuber. 

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