Best Elf Sex Dolls – Realistic Elf Sex Dolls

Don’t worry; you aren’t alone! In fact, if you are a true Tolkien fan, you might even be slightly disappointed with the lack of skin color options. Nonetheless, there are some incredibly realistic elf sex dolls available. This list is the best elf sex dolls available today. Find your preference, and enjoy it!


#1 Tiriel

This is our favorite! Why? Well, from the available options, she is the most non-humanlike! This elf sex doll will make you feel like you’ve stumbled into Mordor and you’ve saved her pink booty from an army of orcs! Like all dolls available from this store, it’s fully customizable and available in many different options. Yes, you aren’t stuck with the blonde hair if that isn’t your particular taste! Check out the many options available to her right here!

Best Elf Sex Dolls - A List for Realistic Elf Sex Dolls



#2 Sylvana

A true beauty! Sylvana from Sexy Real Sex Dolls comes in the number two spot for our best elf sex doll list! She comes standard at five feet and five inches tall, which if you are familiar with the lore, puts her a bit short! However, the genuine feel and experience with Sylvana made us forget all about the lore and then some! She can be customized to a ridiculous degree, but this standard model is what we experimented with. We are very pleased with the overall experience! You should try it sometime!

Best Elf Sex Dolls - A List for Realistic Elf Sex Dolls


#3 Ailrinni

This was a close one, but we ended up putting her third. The realistic feel of her body equally matched the quality of both the Number 1 and Number 2 spot. In fact, I’m not sure why we had to put her third, but I guess you can say she was at least tied for Second Place spot. Once again, this doll is made by the same company as the Number 2 spot, so regarding the sheer quality and realistic feel, both inside and out, it is of the highest caliber. You can read more about her customizable options here.

Best Elf Sex Dolls - A List for Realistic Elf Sex Dolls