Best Love Sex Doll Review

About the Company

Japan and China are countries full of innovators and are huge contributors to the advanced technology we are using today in our daily life. These innovations have greatly changed the world in the past decades. But far from what most people already know, these tech giants have also collaborated to meet one amazing goal of improving the existing sex industry. A sex doll company widely renowned by the name Best Love Sex Doll is one of the pioneers of bringing this objective to the world. Generally, it aims to foster the modernization and evolution of sex dolls and other sex toys to help solitude and lonely people enjoy living their life to the full extent. Best Love Sex Doll is definitely the bright future for the world of sex dolls.

Best Love Sex Doll (BLSD) has been exporting its top-of-the-line sex dolls for more than 8 years now. During these years, they were able to reach a lot of different places globally and also ignited a tight market competition for interactive sex dolls, which are their chief expertise. BLSD is located in Japan with annexes across Hong Kong and Guangdong, China. These stores are bonded with one uniform goal of prioritizing the development and enhancement of their exclusive sex doll models. Best Love Sex Doll also has room for customer support that is readily available to assist you with your inquiries and requests.

This company is composed of proficient and skillful sex doll engineers, makeup artists, sculptors, and other people working in the overall production. All of them have eyes to detail and are naturally persevering to maintain quality, reliability, and durability in every product they ship out. Each creation is proven to be constant in achieving the standards of their customers. The management eagerly and willingly invests time, money, and effort in digging deeper through various enhancements of their products with the incorporation of different advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton.

Best Love Sex Doll Review

In the production process, BLSD manufactures sex dolls with the help of high simulation software that makes their products feel and look more realistic. This company ensures that before they hand the sex dolls to the courier, everything is well-checked and well-packaged to avoid unwanted disturbances.

BLSD’s goals include creating a wider arsenal of sex dolls to stay competitive in the global market. More so, they are also practicing an excellent performance in producing high-quality sex dolls to offer the world.

Sex Dolls Selection

Best Love Sex Dolls proves that their silicone love dolls are not only an adult sex toy, but it is also a form of art that embodies beauty and dreams. For the record, there are few men or women who prefer collecting these dolls just for display and no sexual intentions. Purchasing one can also be helpful to artists who paint or draw nude people to give them a neutral substitute instead of hiring a real human model. In this way, these creative people can effectively showcase that the human body is created uniquely.

When you go through their online store, you’ll be surely bombarded with different sex doll catalogs flattened on an easy-to-navigate website. Their website presents all the information in a very organized and responsive manner. You’ll never get lost when you visit this website.

TPE and Silicone dolls are available in their store where both can surely offer a pleasurable experience in vaginal, anal, or oral sexual intercourse. Any of the dolls from their wide arsenal can provide a realistic sensation similar to real female genitalia. These types of materials are not harmful to human skin so you can use it without getting any allergies.

Best Love Sex Doll Review

Normally, the height of their sex dolls measures around 3 foot and 3 inches (100 cm) to 5 foot and 9 inches (178 cm) tall. In terms of size, you have a broad option to pick a life-size doll or a cute sized doll. Customization is also offered from this store. You can get exactly what you want by just sending them a photo that they can use as a pattern in creating your doll.  They can replicate every doll detail from head to toe. Best Love Sex Doll is making it possible for you to sleep with your dream companion.

Picking a female sex doll with this store will make you lost but not in a bad way. There are tons of options for sex dolls to choose from and having different unique features. Breast sizes vary from flat chested to a big boom. They also make sure that all the naughty that a man can think of is available in their store. Each of the sex dolls they have in the closet carries a unique and distinguished personality.

For girls who have been sick and tired of their partners, this company has a great solution. This company also offers high-quality male sex dolls. By buying one from their best-selling male sex dolls, you can feel assured that you will get the best orgasmic feeling when it hits your g-spots, which you probably hadn’t experienced before from your partner. Best Love Sex Dolls made their male sex dolls to measure around 5.25 ft (160 cm) to 5.9 ft tall (180 cm) which are certified to be the most frequent picks of girls out there. Do you prefer big cocks? No problem. The male sex dolls you can find from this store carry a deep penetrating penis that measures around 7 inches and above. The dolls are aesthetically good looking with a muscular body build where you can surely make you feel safe around their arms.

Premium series dolls come from the famous brand, WM Dolls, which is known for its realistic dolls and superb artistry. There are also some Japanese sex dolls that resemble realistic Japanese girls or anime characters. Chubby and big ass dolls for men who prefer these dolls are also available.  

Sex doll wide customization options which include body size, skin color, eye color, nail color, breast type, foot type, vagina type, pubic hair, etc. are all available. You’ll never run out of ideas for your sexual desires with Best Love Sex Doll online sex store.

Shipping information

BLSD offers customers free international worldwide shipping with a total of 3 – 15 days of shipping time. They ship your orders with the help of shipping companies such as Ups, FedEx, DHL, and EMS. They will surely update you using a tracking number about the progress in the delivery. The product is discrete and well-packaged in a blank brown box. You’ll be notified in your email if any delay occurs throughout the delivery process.

Best Love Sex Doll Review

Payment Option

After ordering the product, you will have your total bill which you can settle using PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, and PayPal Credit (UK and US only). Once the store receives your payment, the doll will be shipped immediately. Make sure to not use Internet Explorer when transacting with the store because it does not support this type of content. When forced, you might only face some issues with your credit or debit card.

Returns and Why Do We Recommend Best Love Sex Doll

Unfortunately, they don’t acknowledge returns or cancelations of orders for any reason. With regard to your orders, the staff performs a thorough examination of the products before they ship it out to make sure that it doesn’t incur any factory damage.

Best Love Sex Dolls has a wide range of options that you’ll never get tired of browsing for sex dolls. They also offer sex toys and sexy dresses for you or your sex dolls. When you’re looking for the best online sex store this is the right place for you.