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Sex Doll Genie Review – SexDollGenie.Com Reviews

Sex Doll Genie is an online sex doll vendor, which entails a company that is made up of a husband and wife plus a few other workers. The founders of Sex Doll Genie are located in Miami, Florida, in the United States, and their company is registered in Wyoming. Sex Doll Genie has extended its wings into more countries within the United States, Europe, as well as Asia to help tackle their ever-growing client base.

Sex Doll Genie has an official website that has been graphically designed to attract anybody who is passing by on the internet. At the very least, the Sex Doll Genie Company has come out to prove that owning a sex doll is not as tough as it was made to appear in the past. It gets even better when clients know that they are dealing with real people; husband and wife, who understand everything there is about sex and sex dolls.

The Sex Doll Genie website has been intricately designed by professional staff to make it stand out. It has all the details you would want to obtain, and more, under one roof. The details are precise and clear, and all the columns have been filled with in-depth information to help all customers to make a sober decision to transact with Sex Doll Genie. The best part is that the customer service agents are online full time to help with any minor or major inquiries. There have been displayed personal emails and work emails, as well as contact information to enable you to keep in touch in case you need to.

Sex Doll Genie Review - SexDollGenie.Com Reviews

Sex Doll Selection

Sex Doll Genie prides itself on the wide collection of sex dolls, ranging up to one thousand three hundred samples and more.  Sex Doll Genie goes ahead to list all its verified vendors to avoid getting you into traps of conmen and scammers. All the sex dolls at Sex Doll Genie have been intricately designed to fit all the customers’ desires pertaining to looks, age, gender, and size variations.

Customers have an opportunity to customize their sex dolls according to their specific needs. The female sex dolls feature varying skin colors, eye colors, body sizes, boob sizes, butt sizes, heights, hair color, the presence or absence of pubic hairs, and whether a client needs a fixed vagina or a detachable one. The male sex dolls too, feature different body sizes, skin color, eye color, hair color, height, and most importantly the size of the penis. 

Sex Doll Genie also offers its customers a variety of accessories for sex dolls. For instance, there are more varieties of sexy lingerie and clothes, more varieties of wigs, samples of the best sex lube, manual on how to maintain the condition of the sex dolls, and even extra heads, for clients who wish to have several heads to one sex doll.

Sex Doll Genie, however, does not sell pornographic content like videos and magazines.

Shipping Information

Sex Doll Genie strives to provide free worldwide shipping of sex dolls for all their clients. Some countries, especially those with very stringent sexuality laws cannot transact with Sex Doll Genie, but you can order it into the nearest country and pick it from there.

All the sex dolls at Sex Doll Genie are packed and shipped with utmost discreetness, as the company values and treasures greatly their clients’ confidentiality. As such, Sex Doll Genie does not run ads on any social media pages.

As soon as you place your order, it will take Sex Doll Genie approximately two to three weeks to deliver your sex doll. This may vary slightly depending on the speed at the customs. You can only cancel the order before twenty-four hours, after which it is not allowed as production is already underway.

Return Policy

The quality and standards personnel at Sex Doll Genie inspect your sex doll personally before it is shipped out. This is in a bid to ensure what you get is up to standard and is just as you ordered. Sex Doll Genie goes ahead to do an intricate vetting on all its manufacturers to ensure no production of sub-standard sex dolls is reported.

If your sex doll arrives with any defects, you may call Sex Doll Genie customer care immediately, within 24 hours, to launch the complaint about assistance. Minor defects may occur especially during shipping because of unforetold troubles, but major defects are very rare. In both cases, though, you will be provided with the best measures to take in correcting the defects.

Defects arising from misuse are not considered in this case. Opt to use your sex doll properly for the best service.

Payment Methods

Sex Doll Genie offers you a 100% cashback guarantee if your order is messed up. This applies to the torso of the sex doll, and not the accessories. 

You can pay via any of the payment methods listed on the Sex Doll Genie website. They include all major debit and credit cards, PayPal, Bank and Wire transfers, all Cryptocurrencies, Zelle, Klarna, and Sezzle. Note that some of the payment methods are restricted to US citizens only, especially Sezzle and Klarna. For more inquiries on other modes of payment, please reach out to the Sex Doll Genie customer care staff.

Sex Doll Genie Review - SexDollGenie.Com Reviews

Why Do We Recommend Sex Doll Genie?

Sex Doll Genie is especially all about you as the customer. Perhaps the best part is the huge guarantee you get when transacting with them. You will receive the best customer service, advice, and guidance pertaining to your sex dolls that you will transact with Sex Doll Genie over and over again. Sex Doll Genie also offers you a price match. If your desired sex doll costs less on a different platform, Sex Doll Genie goes out of its way to match the lowest price tag!


A head start in price ranges for all sex dolls is available at Sex Doll Genie.

A very wide variety of sex dolls for all; LGBT, men, and women.

Intricate website design to attract, with in-depth information for the public.