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SexDolls Review – SexDolls.Com Reviews

SexDolls is an online sex doll vendor that is located in the United Kingdom, in Youlgreave Drive, Frcheville in Sheffield. According to the SexDolls website, it is not indicated as to how long it has been in operation, so we cannot be able to deduce the length of experience SexDolls has in this sector. Evidently, though, SexDolls has established itself and managed to amass quite a strong client base, through online marketing on various social media pages.

SexDolls has an advanced website, which is both attractive and intriguing, not to mention really graphic. The homepage is covered in all sorts of sex doll images that are so attractive and realistic that they almost look like the real thing. Each sex doll is attached to a brief description and a price tag for better visuals.

The SexDolls website is very catchy and has almost all-inclusive information for the public to access ad make sober decisions. All the columns are well articulated and very detailed, and the homepage has almost every detail that you would be looking out for in a potential vendor.

The customer service agents at SexDolls are professional and up to the task. They are available twenty-four hours every other day to answer all your queries and provide guidance whenever is necessary. They are also prompt in responding to the online chat page that pops up on the home page. More contact information like phone numbers and email addresses are displayed so that you have a variety of ways to communicate with the staff at SexDolls. 

SexDolls Review - SexDolls.Com Reviews

Sex Doll Selection

From the SexDolls website, it is not clear as to where the sex dolls are manufactured, but it is clear that the sex dolls are perfectly handcrafted to suit your needs. It is also clear that the sex dolls that you will order are the exact thing that you will receive. SexDolls takes pride in providing a comfortable experience for you from the moment you log in to their website, to the moment you receive your bundle of pleasure.

SexDolls has a wide variety of sex dolls to choose from. For the female sex dolls, you are at liberty to make adjustments to suit your dream sex doll. Your customization bar will stretch from the size of the sex doll, its height, skin color, hair color, eye color, the size of the boobs and butt of your desired sex doll, and whether you want it to have a detachable vagina or a permanently fixed one. For the male sex dolls, a client is at liberty to select the size of the sex doll body, its skin color, hair color, eye color, its height, and even better, the size of the sex doll penis.

On top of offering exquisite male and female sex dolls, SexDolls also offers you extra accessories. If you desire an extra head or more to the same-sex doll, the same is provided for you. You can also buy other accessories like wigs, clothes, lubes, and many others according to your needs. However, you will not be able to access other materials like pornographic magazines and videos at SexDolls.

Shipping Information

SexDolls strives to offer fast and efficient shipping to all parts of the world. There may be limitations to this with the countries that forbid the use of sex dolls. The key point here is that SexDolls minds your privacy and strives to let your business transactions and details remain confidential in order to maintain good customer relations.

The sex dolls are packed discreetly and shipped via their trusted courier services right to you, but you are free to decide whether you want to receive your sex doll at your address or at a different one like the courier offices, for example. It is not clear as to how many days it takes for the package to arrive, and what courier companies they use as well, but it is estimated at twenty-one days roughly; from order to delivery.

Return Policy

SexDolls goes an extra mile to assess every aspect of your sex doll before it leaves its warehouse. They ensure that the sex doll is in perfect shape, and also double-check that it is the exact sex doll you ordered for is what is being sent to you. They safeguard your sex doll from any external damage with their technical knowledge so that you receive it in its best condition. Do not forget that SexDolls offers you a guaranteed lifetime repair of your sex doll in case of any defects.

If you receive your sex doll with defects, get in touch with SexDolls customer service staff immediately. They will assess the magnitude of the defect and either helps you around correcting it or have you send it back for repairs. The sex doll has to be unused at all if it is to be returned.

Payment Information

SexDolls ensures that all clients are incorporated depending on the payment method. They accept payments from major debit and credit cards, secure PayPal payments, electronic bank transfers, MultiCard payments, Bitcoin, as well as other CryptoCurrency payments. You can contact them for more information if you prefer a different payment method.


SexDolls Review - SexDolls.Com Reviews

Why Do We Recommend SexDolls?

SexDolls seems like a legit sex doll vendor from a wider perspective. It has gone the extra mile to list all its trusted sub-vendors so that you do not get scammed into buying substandard sex dolls. Also, the sex dolls at SexDolls are priced on friendlier terms as compared to most other sex doll vendors. On top of this, you get to access free maintenance and repairs as long as you own a sex doll from SexDolls.


A stunning website design attracting most people.

Friendly prices to all the sex dolls.

Detailed information relayed to the public.

Active customer care agents to guide customers effectively.

A wide collection of sex dolls inclusive of both male and female dolls to include everyone.


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