How To Shop For A Sex Doll On AliExpress?

AliExpress is a large online shopping site for third-party sellers transacting under the umbrella of the famous Alibaba. The best example to compare with would be Amazon, to understand better how AliExpress works. Here, you will find cheaper goods that may or may not be of the same quality as those in the market.

Online shopping has gradually become important for every little thing you need to buy; especially for private and personal goods like sex dolls. While it takes longer for goods to arrive, online shopping has more advantages than disadvantages. And besides being cheaper, it is downright convenient to order your products from the comfort of your location. For better or worse, in February 2021, all sex dolls have been banned, and even if you search for them, you physically cannot find them if your IP Address is in the United States.

How To Shop For A Sex Doll On AliExpress?

AliExpress Has Weaknesses Too, Bans are Normalized

Not all that glitters is gold, so they say. Even with all the convenience and affordability, there are shortcomings in shopping for goods in AliExpress:

– Longer delivery period – Sex Dolls Are Banned for Most Shoppers

Shopping on AliExpress is all good until you have to wait for your goods for up to sixty days. At that point, you start to imagine it was better to walk to the closest sex dolls store in the first place.

– Quality difference

The goods you receive may be of lower quality than described online, and that will work you up having invested your money and time. It is the risk you will have to take when shopping for cheaper products. 

– Difficult return and refund policies

This fact has probably affected many people’s opinions about online shopping. Shipping back goods are expensive; probably more costly than buying it and it means waiting for another extended period to receive the correct order. Sometimes, the goods get misplaced in the back and forth movements.

– Possible hidden charges

Apart from the cost of the goods ordered, there are other charges like handling fees, shipping costs, and taxes that amount to quite large amounts of money making the end total higher than bargained for.

How To Shop For A Sex Doll On AliExpress?

Sex Dolls On AliExpress – The Banning of Sex Dolls

AliExpress stocks various types of sex dolls depending on the gender of the shopper. Most ladies will purchase vibrators, dildos, Kegel balls, clitoral suction and stimulation devices, and anal toys. The hardness, color, and strap-on options can be different from woman to woman. However, the intensity of the vibrations, the speed, and the depth of penetration remain solely on the user’s desires.

Men would purchase real sex dolls that come in the shape of a woman. The specifications also apply to color, body size, breast size, vaginal depth, and ass size among other details. These factors will depend on a man’s type of woman as no all men desire slender or brown women, others love them dark, white, or even big.

Depending on your desire, shop around for your sex doll type. Remember to specify if you want them manually operated or automated. Some use electricity and other – batteries. Also, remember to buy accompaniments like straps and electric cables.

Shopping For Sex Dolls On AliExpress

Sex dolls are a sensitive issue as they involve a lot of specifications and customized details by clients. Putting into consideration factors like size, color, material, and shape among others takes a lot of keenness and attention to client detail. What, then, is the best way to go about it?

– Look around online as much as possible for all options to the type of sex doll you want and consider all options before settling on one. Gather as much information as you can on the quality and service of your sex doll preferably from online reviews by clients who have bought it or used it before.

– Once you make up your mind on your choice, check out the seller. Do this in in-depth detail by looking at reviews of buyers he/she has interacted with. This step will cover you in case your seller is a con or scammer since you get to collect all information necessary.

– The next step is to reach out to the seller directly via email, phone call, or otherwise. Confirm all the information you have is correct and ask questions to get satisfaction before purchase. You could even ask for their experience with the doll if they have used it before and such as inquiries.

– If all is clear, sign up for the purchase. AliExpress accepts most payment options, but the most common one is the credit card. It is entirely reasonable to be skeptical about losing your money or being defrauded and it is essential to take measures to minimize it.

– Use escrow protection available for all transactions on AliExpress. This means, your credit card details remain hidden from the seller, and the money you pay is withheld until you confirm receipt of your goods. If the seller was a con, refunding your money becomes easier.

– Confirm your receipt after you check out your goods. Open up your package and check that the sex doll ordered is the one you received. If it is a vibrator, for instance, does it have the shaft and arm extension as requested or not? Does it turn on when operated, or is it already spoilt? After, confirm the receipt.

Remember, sex dolls are a vital way of sexual satisfaction just like real partners, and investing in a good sex doll will ensure your sex life is in check. Good sex dolls should be long-lasting and as close as possible to a real partner, especially in size. However, in cases of fantasy, going overboard is allowed.

How To Shop For A Sex Doll On AliExpress?

Tips On How To Experience Variety And Affordable Online Shopping

Shopping for sex dolls on AliExpress is just as involving as any other goods. It is essential to learn the return and refund policy in case your goods differ from your order. Note that it is also crucial to be clear with your specifications and if possible attach samples of colors and materials. Also, be realistic with sex doll orders, for example, some penis sizes may not be available at all; stick within the practical range. Always rely on online reviews to stand a chance of landing the best and most satisfying sex dolls in the market.