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  • Stocking of top-quality sex dolls
  • Very competitive prices
  • Clear cut information on all policies

Silicone Sex World Review – Reviews

About The Company

Silicone Sex World Review - Reviews

Silicone Sex World is an online vendor of sex dolls based in London, UK. Silicone Sex World has been in business for some years now and has built a large customer base ever since. The store aims to become one of the UK’s and USA’s leading suppliers of silicone and TPE sex dolls. Silicone Sex World indulges in thorough marketing of their sex dolls via various online platforms and magazine features like The Daily Mail, Sunday Sun, The Sun and The Mirror, and the Daily Star.

Silicone Sex World stocks a wide variety of sex dolls for both male and female clients to choose from. There are various designs of sex dolls as well as sex dolls made from a variety of material and clients are at liberty to select whichever they feel best fits them.

Along with the sex dolls, Silicone Sex World also sells accessories to pimp your doll in. Get extra sex doll heads, sex doll wigs, and doll parts like removable vaginas and removable penises. This makes it easier for you to enjoy the sex with your love doll as much as you can to your utmost satisfaction.

Silicone Sex World website is designed graphically with great detail and is well laid out for easy perusing. Browse through the columns of- find your doll, build your sex doll, recent doll images, accessories, info & advice, and contact us for more detailed information about Silicone Sex World and their sex dolls including the governing policies.

Silicone Sex World Review - Reviews

Sex Doll Selection

All the silicone and TPE sex dolls at Silicone Sex World are made in China and imported into London, UK. This assures you that all the dolls you are purchasing are straight from the manufacturer and have been tested and have passed all the necessary quality tests. Therefore, you will be receiving a high-quality doll that will give you the service of your money.

All the sex dolls at Silicone Sex World have incentives. They come with sexy clothes, a wig, a vagina cleaning device (for the men’s sex dolls), a USB heating stick, and extra silicone for repair. Other accessories that come with your sex doll are heads ( if you want two or more heads on the same torso), premium doll wigs, and other body part accessories.

The sex dolls are of a wide variety, and both men and women have a wide variety to choose from. Women can customize the type of doll they want; his body size, height, skin color, eye color, hair color, and penis size. Men also have a chance to customize their sex dolls into their desired effects. On top of that, they get to choose if they want a removable vagina or the permanent one. The men’s dolls come with a detachable penis for those with weird fetishes of having sex with a shemale. As you can see, the products at Silicone Sex World are all-inclusive and very attractive to any buyer.

Silicone Sex World Review - Reviews

Shipping Information

Once you place your order at Silicone Sex World, you have twenty-four hours before you can cancel your order, after which the processing of your order is already underway. After twenty-four hours, your order is forwarded to the manufacturer who takes about fourteen days to produce it and ship it to Silicone Sex World. Silicone Sex World then does its quality controls and checks before shipping the doll to you within one week. In total, give or take between fifteen days, and twenty-one days, you will have received your doll. While this is a very long time, we understand that it is because of the manufacturer being in China and the seller being in the UK.

All sex dolls are shipped in plain brown boxes that are unmarked and unlabeled for discreteness, and to ensure that your privacy is protected. All sex dolls are packaged carefully as fragile goods, and in most cases, they are delivered while in great shape.

Silicone Sex World offers to ship worldwide to all countries except Islamic countries owing to their strict laws on sexuality. Shipping is free of charge, and you will not be expected to pay more.

Silicone Sex World uses UPS and TNT shipping companies for the speedy arrival of your sex doll. You can choose to pick your package from their offices or have them delivered to your address as per your preference. All packages have tracking numbers to allow you to monitor the movement of your package.

Return Policy

All the sex dolls from Silicone Sex World are inspected and thoroughly checked and tested before being shipped to you. While most of them arrive in the right conditions, there is time-to-time cases when your sex doll may come with a few defects. As such, Silicone Sex World expects you to call them as soon as you can, preferably within twenty-four hours regarding the same. Depending on the extent of the damage, you will be guided on how to correct it, or they will arrange to pick your sex doll and ship a new one to you.

For this case, all sex dolls that are returned are supposed to be unused. If used, it will not be accepted by Silicone Sex World. For more information on this, contact the customer service department using contacts available on the website.

Silicone Sex World Review - Reviews

Payment Options

Silicone Sex World accepts all of the most common payment methods like a Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal regular, PayPal Credit, VISA, Master Card, American Express, and bank transfers. Speak to Silicone Sex World about their monthly payment option to allow you to have access to as many options as possible.

Why Do We Recommend Silicone Sex World?

Silicone Sex World has top-quality sex dolls shipped to you right from the manufacturer. They have passed all the required quality test controls and arrive in perfect condition. Silicone Sex World has been around for a long time and can be a trusted vendor as it has been featured on top websites and magazines.


– Stocking of top-quality sex dolls.

– Very competitive prices and one of the cheapest companies available.

– Clear-cut information on all policies and guidelines regarding their sex dolls.

– Silicone Sex World website is well done and well marketed.


– Delivery time longer than most other vendors in the market.