Top 10 Best Sex Doll Companies Reviews

UPDATE! We’ve Got Manufacturer Price Options Now!

We love sex dolls. This entire site is a testament to that. However, after many long email chains and comically difficult phone calls, we have confirmed and tested REAL manufacturer prices for every sex doll (except for RealDoll – they are $7,000 each and the only sex doll made in the United States). Every other sex doll is handmade in China, and now, much to the dismay of all of these companies, we would like to share them with the world!

Now, for the first time, you can get a sex doll that sells for $2,000 for around $500. Hell, you can resell them if you want to. Either way, these guys also have 2-week shipping because they use the UPS & FedEx “discrete” shipping agreement. The icing on the cake? They HAVE TO provide full returns for happy customers, or they get removed from the network. That’s right! Just in case you are worried about fraud and fake-sex dolls (this is very real sadly), you no longer have to worry. You can sleep soundly at night, for more than one reason! All you have to do is say the product is not as described, and you can get your money back. However, with our help, you will not need to return a damn thing.
  • Our Favorite Overall!
  • Wide Variety of Customization
  • Super Realistic
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Good Customer Service Response Time
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment

  • One of Our Favorites!
  • Unique Customizations!
  • The MOST Realistic
  • Good Pricing
  • Fast Customer Service
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment

  • One of Our Favorites!
  • Good Customizations
  • Highly Realistic
  • GREAT Prices
  • Fast, Helpful Customer Service
  • Discrete Shipping & Payment


The Top 10 Sex Doll Companies:

Above you have seen our quick reference chart, but if you are interested in the full story, keep reading. Below we will list the best sex doll companies and the specific reasons that they made this list. Not all of this information will necessarily be positive information or good news. Based on your interests and limitations, some of the “negative” things might be a good thing for you.

The exact opposite is true. For example, RealDoll is by far the most expensive with dolls ranging up to and including about seven thousand dollars. However, if you have the budget, and you want the most surreal doll that is designed and modeled after a real porn superstar… you have got a perfect match!

We are dedicated to providing you with honest reviews of the sex doll companies. We base our knowledge on thorough research of the product and the company, which sells it. Real Sex Doll Reviews employees order products from each sex doll company, inspect it, and tell you the truth. We understand that getting a sex doll is a big decision for you, so we will try to make it easier – Here is our Top 10 Best Sex Doll Company Reviews: 


#1 Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls Review - Reviews

1. Most known & awarded brands Sex Doll Brands

2. Authorized reseller for only best sex doll brands like WM Dolls & YL Dolls

3. More TPE dolls, than silicone dolls

4. Best Buy Guarantee. If you find the same product somewhere else cheaper, they will compensate for the difference.

5. All major credit cards accepted & you can buy today and pay it at home or slice your payment.

6. Free & discrete shipping & fastest order handling

7. Custom clearance and taxes handled by Joy Love Dolls

8. Informative explain video page & Professional pictures of the dolls & best explain videos

9. Cancellation within a 24-hour period

10. Great customer service

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#2 Silicon Wives


1. Highest quality material

2. Factory Authorized Vendor

3. Largest sex dolls selection

4. Customization available

5. Free shipping

6. Anonymity

7. Accepts all major credit cards and cryptocurrencies

8. Price match

9. Privacy protection

10. Referral programs available

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#3 Sex Doll Genie

1. Very affordable

2. 99.1% positive feedback

3. Free and Fast Shipping

4. A great variety of sex dolls

5. Sex dolls accessories available

6. Dildos, masturbators, and vibrators available

7. Great customer service

8. Many payment options

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#4 Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls Review

1. Best and one of the biggest sex doll collection on the market;

2. Shemale and male dolls are available;

3. One of the best and easy to navigate websites;

4. Very competitive prices;

5. Best customization options;

6.  Great and Fast customer service;

7. Many payment options available;

8. Very convenient and fast shipping and handling time.

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#5 WM Doll

WM Doll

1. WM Doll offers a large collection of sex toys, sex dolls, torsos, vibrators, and vibrating eggs

2. Fast, discreet, and free shipping worldwide

3. Payments through bank transfers, PayPal, and biggest credit card companies

4. Returns are possible within 7 days of ownership

5. Many sex dolls available

6. Very affordable

7. Informative website and FAQ page

8. Coupons available on the website

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#6 Sexy Sex Doll

sexy sex doll

1. Awesome prices on the market

2. A large variety of products

3. 98.1% positive feedback

4. Awesome payment methods

5. Great return policy

6. Goofy accessories available (anal sex toys, sex bandages, silicon boob stress ball, a metal butt plug with pom-poms, sex furniture, etc.)

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#7 Madam Dolly

madam dolly

1. High-quality sex dolls

2. Good price!

3. Items delivered as described

4. 97.4% positive feedback

5. Guaranteed return of the product if not as described

6. Lots of payment options available

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#8 Sex Dolls

sex doll

1. Strict return policy

2.“You get what you pay for” – In this case, hyper-real, real-life porn-star sex dolls

3. No financing

4. Highest quality available on the market

5. Discreet shipping

6. All major credit cards accepted

7. Fun sex toys available

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#9  Silicone Sex World

Silicone Sex World Review - Reviews

1. Sells not only female sex dolls; some accessories available

2. A large variety of TPE and Silicone sex dolls

3. Very cheap

4. PayPal and major credit cards accepted

5. No returns

6. Coupons/ Promo Codes available

7. Free shipping worldwide

8. One of the oldest sex doll companies

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#10 Hot Sexy Dolls

Top 10 Best Sex Doll Companies Reviews

1. Huge selection of all kinds of sex dolls, sex doll’s costumes, torsos, and masturbators

2. Male dolls, transvestite dolls, gay sex dolls, and mini sex dolls available

3. Great prices, very affordable

4. Accepts PayPal, wire transfers, and credit cards

5. Very strict Return Policy

6. Fast and discreet shipping

7. Professional customer service

8. Coupons are available on the website

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#11 Racyme Dolls

Top 10 Best Sex Doll Companies Reviews

1. Free and discreet shipping

2. No warranty and returns

3. Long processing/shipping time

4. A large variety of TPE sex dolls

5. PayPal and major credit cards accepted

6. Great customization options

7. Reasonable prices

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