Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

Here is our Top 10 List of the world’s most realistic sex dolls reviewed here first!




UPDATE! We Found Direct-Manufacturer Prices For You!


After some lengthy research and some hilariously awkward phone calls and emails, we’ve managed to find direct-manufacturer pricing for all the exact same-sex dolls! That’s right, the Chinese manufacturers, who make 99% of these high-quality TPE & Silicone sex dolls (RealDoll is the exception), are operating direct stores on AliExpress! For the same doll that these American websites are selling for over $2,000 are readily available for $500! This makes us very happy and should make you pleasantly surprised. We’ve ordered, tested, and confirmed that these are literally the exact same-sex dolls, just without the American man in the middle making his cut! If you want a sex doll that is made in America, your only choice is RealDoll, but be prepared to shell out over $10,000. The best part about AliExpress? It forces all merchants to offer returns, so if you are not satisfied, you can actually get your money back! Can’t say the same for ANY of the American companies!
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#1 Olivia 

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews


Stunning Olivia will give you a chance to feel like you are dating a supermodel. Beautiful breasts, tight butt will make your evenings exciting. She is one of the Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls. You will become a different man when you meet her. We can guarantee that.

#2 Tanya 

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews


Tanya is a gorgeous girl that has anal, oral, and vaginal capabilities. She is simply stunning. Tanya is going to change your life forever.  Tanya is a part of HDK, which is the next generation of sex doll technology, introducing the highest quality silicone available on the market.

#3 Beth

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

Be prepared for some wild sex with this crazy Latina girl! Her body is perfect, her cute face and beautiful hair will make you want her every day. She is made of high-quality TPE. Beth is made for those, who prefer tiny girls.

#4 Lina

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

Lina was made for those, who like some curves! She has some mass on her thighs which makes her a crazy sex machine, who is never tired and never has a headache. Lina can transform your sex life and keep you satisfied all the way!

#5 Amber 

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

Simply breathtaking. Body, face, the little outfit are just begging for some love every night. Amber is tiny, only 4ft11′ (148), but with major sex desires. She is one of the top Platinum Blondes on the market. Her breasts are perfect, vaginal, oral, and anal sex is available. All day, every day.

#6 Lana 

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

This Asian princess is ready to go whenever you are! Lana is a tiny lady with perfect breasts and a tight little butt. She is so flexible that she can hold almost any position shown in Kamasutra. Lana can please any man with her mouth, vagina, and butt.

#7 Scarlett 

Top 10 Realistic Sex dolls-4

This smokin’ hot teacher is about to show you how it is done! Scarlett is playful in bed and can bring so much pleasure that no man can handle it! With this gorgeous body and endless legs, she might impress you so much, that you will want more every day.

#8 Renee

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews


Yes, she is from the Wild West! If you enjoy some hot cowboy sex – Renee is the one that will change your life forever! Her long gold hair is a unique feature, which men enjoy. This country girl will be happy if you take her to your farm!

#9 Lara

Top 10 Realistic Sex Dolls Reviews

Lara is a very classy sex doll. She will show you some hot love in your bedroom every night. Lara is extremely realistic, with a round butt, tiny waist, and gorgeous breasts. She can satisfy you with her mouth, butt, and vagina – in any position you want to. She is light; her weight is around 82 pounds (37 kg).

#10 Blake

top 10 realistic sex dolls

Blake can be anything that you want her to be – her body is perfection already, but if you would like to add any changes, like the hair color, tattoos, or other things – Silicon Wives has great customization options for you!