WM Doll


Highest Quality Materials


Perfect Handmade Designs


Reasonably Priced


Discreet Payment & Shipping


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  • Superior quality sex dolls
  • Fair-priced sex dolls
  • All-inclusive payment options
  • Attractive website
  • Amazing customer service!

WM Doll Review

About The Manufacturer 

WM Doll is a sex doll manufacturing company based in Guangzhou, China. WM Doll has been in operation for many years now, producing high-quality, realistic sex dolls. WM Doll has an official website for purposes of online purchases and promotions and marketing. As the biggest distributor of sex dolls in the UK, WM Doll has established a broad base of clientele across the world.  

WM Doll makes sex dolls that are realistic and human-like using materials that are safe for the environment and human use. Most of the sex dolls are made from TPE materials, but there are cases of silicone sex dolls depending on the client’s needs.

WM Doll has an eye-catching website. There are graphic displays of sex dolls of different colors and sizes; all posed invitingly and provocatively to the buyers. The dolls are dressed in sexy outfits fit for the kind of website. The information available on the WM Doll website is clear and precise, and all the columns are systematically arranged as should be. Most queries are answered in the FAQs column, and there is an available working contact and working live chat for more information.

WM Doll Review

Sex Doll Selection

WM Doll is the largest producer of silicone and TPE sex dolls in China. There are many authorized sellers of their dolls available on their website. All the sex dolls on WM Doll are made from scratch using step-by-step professional methods, and the result is just outstanding. If you are buying from the WM Doll website, rest assured you are buying your doll straight from professional manufacturers.

WM Doll provides for clients to have their sex dolls customized according to their preferences. As such, you get to choose the size of your doll, the height, the boobs size, butt size, skin color, eye color, wig color, and nail color. You also get to determine what material it should be made of.

WM Doll offers the largest sex doll selection for you to choose from. On top of that, you get to choose the accessories for your doll-like the wigs, for instance. Some of the dolls come with detachable vaginas for easy cleaning after use. Others come with detachable penises for people with shemale fantasies and fetishes.

Shipping Information

WM Doll has a clearly outlined shipping policy for its sex dolls. They offer free worldwide shipping on all their sex dolls. Some countries have strict sexuality laws thus prohibit the company from selling to them. As such WM Doll does not ship its dolls to the Middle East, Africa, South America, and part of Asia.

The prices you see are the ones you get to pay; there are no hidden charges whatsoever. WM Doll handles the taxes and customs fees for all recipient countries.

Since your doll is being built from scratch, the production process may take longer, and you get to receive your doll within three weeks of placing your order. While this appears quite long, it is not comparable to the quality and service you get from the end product.

Shipping is done via FedEx, UPS, and TNT courier services and is operational between nine in the morning and six in the evening. Shipping boxes are brown and plain to protect your confidentiality as much as possible.

WM Doll Review

Return Policy

The WM Doll return policy is outlined in a straightforward manner. Once you place your order, you have twenty-four hours to revoke the order, after which, production will be started, and cancellation is not allowed.

WM Doll thoroughly inspects and checks all their sex dolls before shipping. Their warehouses in the UK also run quality tests on the dolls before shipping them to you. Seeing that the doll is made as per your instructions, you will receive exactly what you ordered.

No return of sex dolls is allowed at all, and their sale is final. This is due to the health compromises on all the parties involved. The only exception is when you receive a doll you did not order for.

You are required to check that your doll is in excellent condition immediately after you receive it. Any problems should be reported within twenty-four hours. If it is defective in any way, WM Doll will offer to fix it for you. If the damage is beyond repair, WM Doll will ensure you get a replacement. They will take care of the shipping cost, repair cost, and shipping back to you for free. Your satisfaction is very vital to WM Doll.

It is vital that you care for and maintain your sex doll well for the best service. If your doll is damaged through rough or improper use, you are to bear the entire cost of repair or repurchasing a new one, even if you just used it for a day.

Payment Options

All transactions with WM Doll are secured by top security agencies; you are guaranteed 100% security of your financial information. All major cards are accepted at WM Doll including VISA, American Express, Master Card, and Discover. PayPal is also recognized as is the direct bank transfer. For any questions on the payment methods, feel free to contact WM Doll customer service.

WM Doll Review

Why Do We Recommend WM Doll?

WM Doll has been in business for a long time and has many positive reviews on the internet. Their sex dolls are of superior quality, and their prices are fair and very competitive. Their sex dolls are of a wide variety and all-inclusive. Buying from WM Doll not only gives you a quality guarantee but also gives you back the value of your money. WM Doll is the largest producer of sex dolls in China and only has professional and qualified employees. Also, it exports more than half of the world’s sex dolls. Hence Real Sex Dolls Reviews Team highly recommends it! 


Superior quality sex dolls.

Trusted manufacturer and authorized vendors.

Fair-priced sex dolls.

Clear information available to the public.

Attractive website design.

All-inclusive payment options.

Working customer service live chat and email.


Sex dolls limited to men only.

Strange head-to-body ratio on some models.

Relatively long production time.