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The China-based high-end sex doll manufacturer, YL Dolls, has been committed to producing realistic, excellent quality medical grade TPE sex dolls since the company’s founding in 2013. The company, in its more than 8 years of existence, has always been committed to upholding its brand and making sure its reputation as a sex doll manufacturer is mostly, if not wholly, a good one.

Also, having been in the industry for a good several years, it is good to see the continued commitment of a company that is willing to go into the details of giving the customers the quality and freedom of customization that they are looking for, as well as the means to take proper care of them. Many companies, after some years of being in the business, will tend to slack off in the later years. YL Doll only gets better and more committed to great products and services the longer it stays in business.

Variety & Details

Their full online catalog offers freedom and variety in choosing from a wide assortment of head, hairstyles, eye colors, nails, body, vagina, skin, and torso types, as well as heights (ranging from 128 cm to 170 cm) in order to suit the discerning buyer’s preferences in customizing their own life-sized doll companion. Not a lot of manufacturers can offer that kind of customizability because they tend to only use pre-made templates and value fast turnover times to customer satisfaction. But YL Doll isn’t like most of these manufacturers.

Their popular models range from the realistic (mostly Western, Blonde, Brunettes, but they also offer a selection of Asian, etc. options) to more fantastic choices (that appear more elven, or fairytale-like). Their online store also offers additional accessories for the care and maintenance of the dolls – from stain removers, storage hooks, extra parts, and TPE glues. It’s the variety and flexibility of their store inventory that really sets them apart from most other manufacturers; they aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your realistic sex doll needs.

High-Quality Materials and Make

Their dolls use a safe, elastic, medical-grade TPE material (a type of thermoplastic polymer) safe for human skin contact and the environment – to realistically simulate the soft, delicate touch of human skin. It might also be good to note that the company has always endeavored to comply with National Health & Safety Standards since their start in 2013. Ever since their conception, YL Doll has continued to research and develop their products alongside a competitive market. This predilection to really keeping up to code and following the most updated rules and market demands is of the utmost importance especially in less traditional, typically more “taboo” industries such as the sex doll industry – there are only so many ways to be sure that the product you think you’re ordering its completely safe and usable.

YL dolls have a realistically proportioned, flexible stainless steel skeleton that allows for user freedom in imaginatively posing the dolls. These metal frames or “skeletons” are connected by joints that have been specifically designed to mimic the dynamic movements and limitations of the human body. As such, you can expect these dolls to be heavy, but you would also be getting a resilient, reliable, durable product that you can pose as you desire.

That YL Dolls can realistically take on a variety of poses: from standing up, laying down, seated, and the like is something many of its current and past owners can attest to. These poses are useful not just for your sex sessions with the doll, but for those of us who enjoy taking pictures and setting up photoshoots for their companion. This, coupled with the high-quality TPE material, anatomical proportions, movement, and realistic make of the doll make for a very satisfying look and feel for the product.

Good After Sales Service

YL Dolls also offers excellent advice and after-sales service to the users of their products on the proper care, maintenance, and lubrication for their dolls in order to ensure a longer lifespan. The company advises that one would not need to take the doll to the bathroom to wash completely, but instead have a care kit at hand that one can easily put together consisting of everyday products in order to clean, moisturize, and take care of the doll, especially in high-stress areas such as the crotch and mouth areas.

Buyers can have ease of mind in knowing that YL Dolls come in discreet, boxed packaging for worry-free shipping and delivery. As the dolls do come from China (if not from a nearby stockist), do expect to have these ships in the time of a few weeks. It’s also a note that while shipping might cause a little wrinkling caused underparts under the weight of the doll, these aren’t long-term issues at all as they eventually fade over time with proper care.


To recap, the YL Dolls brand has the following really good characteristics: a solid 8-year old brand with a good reputation, a wide variety, and a range of products and accessories, materials, and designs with the utmost highest quality, and great customer relations and after-sales services. Overall, YL Dolls are easily recommendable as a satisfying, quality product for any prospective owner of one of their love dolls.

The company has built a good reputation for itself with its commitment to providing freedom of choice and variety with its doll models and parts, with good after-sales service and care advice to ensure a lasting product. Most importantly, the use of the TPE material to simulate the supple feel of human skin and the doll’s realism in human anatomical proportions and poses are both executed very well. It’s important for any buyer to be aware of the good offerings in the current market, their pros, and cons, and with this review, YL Dolls continue to produce and develop TPE love dolls that are well worth the investment.