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YourDoll Review

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About the Company

For years, YourDoll has been committed to providing its patrons with a top-of-the-line and hyper-realistic arsenal of sex dolls that aim to turn their long-lost sexual fantasy into a rewarding reality. The proficient team of sex doll experts of this company is skillful enough to generate a superior type of plastic creations that perfectly resemble the woman of your wet dreams in both sight and touch. This company is known for its unparalleled efforts in careful research and thorough sex doll production that keep its clients satisfied with its products and services.   

The individual teams that compose this market giant possess outstanding credibility and efficiency in performing their sole parts, which are all important to carry out their daily operations. These brilliant people have kin knowledge and expertise with regard to the fundamental measures of the company’s operation, such as production, distribution, legality, and confidentiality. 


YourDoll Review


Owing to their clients’ need for convenience, YourDoll created and published a responsive website where interested individuals can easily inquire about their preferred products, browse through the sex doll collections, order, and pay. The elements that made up this online store are a hundred percent user-friendly, which allows online activities to be much easier for the users. Furthermore, all the basic information you would need from the company is prominently posted across the website, so there is no reason to get lost while savoring the access.    

Sex Dolls Collection

YourDoll prides itself on the luxury and indescribably realistic collections of sex dolls they offer to the patrons. This company was able to create and continue its undying legacy of shaping high-quality sex dolls that exactly look like real humans. The love dolls they have on the shelf contain very detailed elements when it comes to orgasmic factors, beauty, capability, flexibility, and durability. Whatever your preferred sex position or sex type is, it’s never going to be a huge issue as these sex dolls are enwrapped with extreme versatility to support your wildest fantasy. 

On top of anything, this company ensures not only quality but safety to all the products they place in the market. For all their sex dolls, YourDoll only uses two types of raw materials, which are TPE and hypoallergenic silicone. These two substances are all approved by the authorities as several types of research strengthened the fact that these are all safe to use and can bring no harm. 

To ascertain that the clients will acquire the best sexual experience from their sex dolls, this manufacturer safeguards the quality of their sex dolls in terms of versatility and durability. The love dolls they offer are extremely durable from the inside to the outside. The creations are made with a rigid metal skeleton that keeps them in good shape while engaging in various aggressive positions and wild intercourse. 

This company makes sure that every product they sell online comes with the most realistic attributes. Hence, YourDoll strives hard to fill their love dolls arsenal with diverse personalities and characteristics that can absolutely suit various sensual fantasies ranging from mild to extra-vigorous intercourse. The sex dolls available in the inventory are distinctive in terms of skin color, facial complexion, toe and fingernail, cosmetics, breast size, nipples, vaginal size, pubic hairs, and even eye color. Personalization is also offered where the clients are given a chance to tell the manufacturers about their preferences.

All you need to do is to go through the websites and browse the company’s wide-range collections of sex dolls that come in different overall sizes, gender, personality, and character. YourDoll also offers some exciting freebies for every purchase, such as wigs, heads, and eyes. 

One thing is for sure, this company can absolutely upraise your standards when it comes to self-pleasure and release. Once you try any of their top-notching collections, you would never dare to turn back again to self-masturbation.  

Your doll review

Shipping Information

YourDoll takes a strict confidentiality measure to all the products they ship out worldwide. Distribution centers and couriers affiliated to this company exert adequate effort to maintain the privacy and discretion of their clients. To reward their regular and loyal customers, YourDoll launches worldwide shipping free of any charges provided that their country holds no policy or regulation that may hamper the entrance of these products in their borders. Unfortunately, this company does not consider the delivery of products to Brazil, Islamic countries, Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, and India. 

Normally, it takes about 8-15 days before the order arrives at the shipping addresses. This duration already consists of the manufacturing and the delivery. However, it may still vary between orders based on certain circumstances such as proximity, financial settlement, and product. But rest assured that YourDoll works on top of this and ensures that once the order has already made, it’s going to be shipped out straight away. 

To give the clients the chance to track their order, YourDoll emails them the tracking number provided by their couriers: FedEx, UPS, and DHL. The parcel you are going to receive will include no label which pertains to sex doll or any relevant terms. 

Payment Option

Wherever the clients are, settling financial obligations and getting the order next to their door would be so easy because YourDoll offers a variety of payment methods. This company accepts payments processed through credit or debit cards, Paypal, and JCB. 

To keep transparency, the purchase reports will be hand to the client once the order has been placed in the system. 

Returns and Why Do We Recommend YourDoll?

Cancellation of orders will be recognized within 24 hours after checkout. If it happens that the client wishes to discard the order beyond the given acceptable time, they still have the chance to cancel their orders, given that they are willing to shoulder the 20% cancellation fee. The charge will be taken away from the declared credit card. Unfortunately, cancelation of the order when it’s already en route to the address would never be acknowledged at all. If the client insists, the case will be directed to the company’s policy for returns.

YourDoll is the best company to look for when it comes to sensual products like toys and dolls, as it’s whole-heartedly committed to its service for the uncompromised welfare of the public.