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Hot Sexy Dolls Review – HotSexyDolls.Com Reviews

About The Company

Hot Sexy Dolls is a popular sex doll company based in the US. They are a reseller of sex dolls that are currently making waves in the industry. They’ve been a player for more than three years and have made a name for selling high-quality and durable products. is an excellent brand to consider for those who are looking to buy sex-related dolls and toys. Regardless of gender, they have the right products that are suited for the customer.

Hot Sexy Dolls have a wide choice of sex dolls and TPE realistic sex dolls. TPE materials and silicone are used to create these beautiful sex dolls. One look at the dolls and you’d see the time and care that were spent creating them. The dolls are very lifelike with features that emphasize the hallmarks of what makes a woman irresistible. From the soft texture of the skin and the masterful contour of the bodies, these dolls are a guaranteed hit in every regard.

With the best possible products in mind, Hot Sexy Dolls always put the customer at the forefront of their business. Their service is always on point and never lacking in communication. The dolls that they sell are made with the best materials on the market. They are manufactured with the strictest of measures, are varied, and can be customized to any specification.

Hot Sexy Dolls’ mission is to be the leading provider of fully customizable TPE love dolls on the market, both in the US and all over the globe. Their passion to be the best is clear with the quality products that are available on their website.

Sex Dolls Selection

The company has a good selection of sex dolls available, with the option of choosing between TPE and non-TPE models.

Hot Sexy Dolls also have lots of sex doll accessories for every purpose imaginable. They have a robust collection of accessories such as doll eyes, doll heads, doll wigs, even doll clothes. The look of the dolls can easily be changed without any hassle!

The dolls come in a variety of sizes. The smallest doll stands at around 3 ft 2 while the larger dolls are at 5 ft 5. Like previously mentioned, the dolls themselves are not limited to girl designs; there are also male sex dolls available with heights starting at 5 ft 2. The overall look of these male dolls resembles the superstars of the current generation. They possess a sharp-looking design that exudes a sophisticated and sexy vibe.

Another cool feature of Hot Sexy Dolls is their ability to customize the dolls. Customization is an important feature to have because it gives the customers the freedom to build their dream doll from the ground up, this is unheard of a few years ago but is now a needed feature for most customers. Do you prefer dolls with wider hips than usual? Do you crave younger-looking designs? They got you covered! Hot Sexy Dolls can mix and match every part of the body to make it the ultimate doll that customers desire.

Hot Sexy Dolls Review - HotSexyDolls.Com Reviews

Shipping Information

Hot Sexy Dolls can ship anywhere, even in countries outside the USA. They do international shipping using FedEx for delivery. No company information or signage will be placed on the package to ensure that privacy is kept. The customer can request to declare the item as a “dummy,” “marionette” or anything to that effect. Customers can shop with full confidence knowing that the dolls will be delivered to them as discreetly as possible. Tracking information will be provided as per usual. Shipping usually takes 3 to 10 days on average, and a signature is required from the receiver.

Payment Options

Hot Sexy Dolls’ paying options are somewhat limited compared to the other companies out there. The customer can choose between paying using all major credit cards (Mastercard, American Express, and Visa) or PayPal. Hot Sexy Dolls guarantees that they will NOT save your credit card information. A confirmed address is needed for payments done via PayPal.


Because of the nature of the sex doll industry, all products come “as they are” without a warranty of any kind. This has been the norm for this business. However, if during the first week after shipping and the customers realize that something is missing, tampered or damaged, they need to get in touch with Hot Sexy Dolls immediately.

Inspect the item as soon as received to verify that all parts are included and in new condition. If there’s a problem, contact Hot Sexy Dolls to get more information on the next step. If the doll is to be returned for replacement, the buyer is responsible for sending the doll to Hot Sexy Dolls. If an order was placed and for some reason, the customer wishes to cancel after receiving the doll, a $100 replacement fee will apply.

Hot Sexy Dolls Review - HotSexyDolls.Com Reviews

Hot Sexy Dolls Review HotSexyDolls.Com Reviews

Let’s summarize everything we talked about and understand why Hot Sexy Dolls is a name that everyone remotely interested in sex dolls needs to remember:

1. Hot Sexy Dolls has an excellent array of designs to choose from. Most denominations, body types, and ethnicities are well represented.

2. The sex dolls are made of high-quality TPE. TPE stands for (thermoplastic elastomers) and is a trusted material that has the feel of real human skin; it also has a high tolerance to wear and tear.

3. They reinforce the insides of the sex dolls with stainless steel which gives them their unique lifelike structure.

4. Hot Sexy Dolls is an authorized reseller of JY Dolls. No cheap imitations sold here.

5. The ability to customize the dolls to whatever specification desired. They have a very solid selection of accessories which provides numerous combination possibilities.

6. Prices of Hot Sexy Dolls’ sex dolls are WAY cheaper because they directly get them from the manufacturers.

7. The privacy of the buyer is kept throughout the transaction. You can be sure that NONE of your neighbors will know what the content of the package is!

8. Great customer support. All inquiries will be answered promptly.

9. Quick shipping time and handling

10. These dolls are truly a great value for money!

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