Silicon Wives


Highest Quality Materials


Perfect Handmade Designs


Reasonably Priced


Discreet Payment & Shipping


Customization Options



  • Bigger Male Doll Collection, Than Sexy Real Sex Dolls
  • Better Website That Is Easier To Navigate
  • More TPE Dolls, Than Silicone 
  • Professional Pictures of Sex Dolls
  • Better Return Policy

Silicon Wives Review

Silicon Wives Review

About the Company

Founded in 2015, Silicon Wives has been working on providing best, high – quality sex dolls. Just like Sexy Real Sex Dolls, they are working with manufacturers, like JM Dolls, JY Dolls, Warm Doll, WM Doll, Sanhui Dolls, and YL Dolls.

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Sex Dolls Selection

Silicon Wives Selection is not as large, as Sexy Real Sex Dolls, and it looks like the dolls are chosen according to their popularity. The selection of silicon dolls is not as big (around five products), but the selection of the TPE doll is huge. We liked the pictures of the dolls that Silicon Wives have provided. They include so many variations – clothes/no clothes, different perspectives, thousands of different locations – showers, baths, bedrooms, and outside patio settings. Some dolls have over 30 pictures of all details available!

Silicon Wives have a bigger male doll selection than Sexy Real Sex Dolls. This company also offers real-size and height sex dolls, torsos and vaginas, feet and legs, and other custom-made body parts. If you want to make your doll “from scratch,” Silicon Wives will require to fill out a form first, before they can give you options to choose from.

Shipping Information

Silicon Wives provide free shipping worldwide, using FedEx, UPS, or other mail services. It typically takes 2-3 weeks for the dolls to ship, and 3-7 days for the doll to get delivered to your home. The package will also be discreet, and there will be no labels, logos, or information about the content. Review


This company always inspects every doll before shipping. If there is some damage or defect, you will need to contact Silicon Wives immediately. If the doll is unused – they will offer a refund. They will not give the money back for any other reason, but the damage issue. You can also cancel your purchase within 24 hour period if you changed your mind.

Payment Options

Silicon Wives accept all major credit cards, using PayPal as their main platform for payment. They offer payment plans, for those, who prefer to finance their doll.

When you get your billing statement – you will see just an “SW Order” as the vendor, so do not worry about your privacy.

Why Do We Recommend Silicon Wives?

Let’s summarize everything we just read and explain why do we recommend this sex doll company:

1. Bigger male doll collection, than Sexy Real Sex Dolls

2. A better website that is easier to navigate

3. More TPE dolls, than silicone

4. Nice and professional pictures of the dolls

5. Better return policy

6. Cancellation within a 24-hour period

7. All major credit cards accepted

8. Financing options available

9. Free and discreet shipping

10. Great Customer Service