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Highest Quality Materials


Perfect Handmade Designs


Reasonably Priced


Discreet Payment & Shipping


Customization Options



  • High-Quality Sex Dolls
  • Good Return Policy


  • Unclear Policies on Shipping
  • Contact Information Not Working

Racyme Review – Racyme.com Reviews

Racyme is an online sex doll vendor that was established in the year 2015. It has been in operation for about four years now and is located in the Dongguan region in China. Racyme prides itself in the production of high-quality sex dolls and a dedicated, experienced, and professional team. Racyme operates in the strategy of offering exceptional service to its clients and hopes to build its brands wider than it already is.

All the sex dolls at Racyme are made from either silicone or TPE materials, and according to the website, Racyme has cutting-edge technology for manufacturing sex dolls that are realistic and real can be.

The Racyme website, upon opening, is rather plain. It has numerous sex dolls displayed in all sex poses, yes, but the choice of color and graphics is not as attractive as it should be for its kind. What is more, the various columns on the website do not contain full information as should. You will not fail to notice that the contact information provided does not work full time as it states therein.

Since most of the sex dolls on Racyme are made on order, it is not very clear as to the volume of the sex dolls made at Racyme. The displayed email to use in such crucial inquiries is slow and almost unresponsive.

Sex Doll Selection

All the sex dolls in Racyme are made at the Dongguan warehouse in China before being imported to its various vendor warehouses across the world. Unfortunately, Racyme has not clearly indicated to the public which these authorized vendors are. You might end up buying substandard sex dolls from con vendors in the name of Racyme.

The sex dolls at Racyme are either made from silicone or made from TPE materials. As to which material your sex doll comes in is dependent on you entirely. You get to state this in the ordering process.

You have a chance to ask Racyme to customize your sex doll into your exact desire during the process of ordering for your sex doll. You get to state your desired sex doll skin color, hair color, eye color, height, boobs’ size, butt size, and body size, among other aspects.

Racyme also sells other sex doll parts and detachable body parts like the detachable vagina, detachable penis, and extra heads. Other accessories sold by Racyme include the maintenance package for your sex dolls like the cleaners, the lubricants, and extra clothing. Get a chance to obtain female sex toys like dildos and penis-like vibrators for female sexual gratification as well.

Shipping Information

The shipping information on Racyme sex dolls is rather scanty, and you may not be able to learn much on the same from their absentee customer service personnel as well. All that is stated is that the sex doll that you order for will arrive at your preferred pick-up point within a maximum of fifteen days. The specific number of days from production and shipping are not outlined. This made me wonder if I will be receiving a sex doll from my neighboring country, faked as coming from abroad.

The shipping companies that have been trusted by Racyme to bring home your sex doll safely include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other specially selected express delivery channels. According to the website, your sex doll is bound to arrive at your doorstep fast and safely.

Your sex doll will be packaged discreetly for the sake of your privacy protection. The package is not marked or labeled in any way that can attract suspicious attention from the duty officers.

Return Policy

Racyme has specific conditions that determine whether or not you can return your sex doll to them. For one, the sex doll has to be unused at all. This is for the safety of the workers at the Racyme warehouses and also to comply with the existing laws governing such business. Also, the sex doll being returned has to have been deemed defective while being shipped by Racyme. If the defect is due to poor storage and improper usage, Racyme does not accept the same to be returned to them. They have, however, not specified whether the returned goods have to be in their original packaging or not. The refund is effected within thirty days of reception by Racyme, after analyzing that everything is in order. You are advised to properly use and store your sex doll so that it can give you better service for longer.

Payment Options

There is no concrete information on the payment methods accepted at Racyme; in fact, the column on payment methods is missing altogether. However, at the bottom of the page, there are some logos I presumed meant to refer to the payment methods accepted at Racyme like PayPal, JCB, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Racyme should include full information so as to enable buyers to make informed choices.

Racyme Review - Racyme.com Reviews

Racyme Review – Racyme.com Reviews

The most outstanding thing about Racyme is that they sell a wide variety of sex dolls, and are all-inclusive for both men and women clients. Most sex doll vendors center on the female sex dolls forgetting that the women too, have desires for sex toys and masturbatory toys. The price ranges for Racyme sex dolls are within range and can be considered quite affordable for most people. If the Racyme management fixes the website’s pending issues, everything will check out without hitch.


The sex dolls’ variety is extensive to choose from. No one will feel left out based on the sex doll selection at Racyme; man or woman.

Affordable sex doll prices at Racyme are a pulling factor.


The contact information for Racyme provided on the website is not working. Clients could reach out for more inquiries if it was.

Scanty information throughout the Racyme website is deeply wanting. Information should be given fully to minimize cases of making uninformed purchases.

Unclear policies on shipping returns and refunds on the Racyme website may confuse prospecting clients.

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