OvDoll Review – OvDoll.com Reviews

OvDoll Review - OvDoll.com Reviews


Highest Quality Materials


Perfect Handmade Designs


Reasonably Priced


Discreet Payment & Shipping


Customization Options



  • Very Affordable
  • Gay, Transvestite Sex Dolls
  • Mini Sex Dolls
  • Fast and Discreet Shipping Worldwide
  • Accepts PayPal, Wire Transfers and Credit Cards

About the Company

OvDoll is located in Japan, with the sales office in the United States and the United Kingdom. With more than eight years of experience, OvDoll guarantees the high quality of the dolls and professional customer service. This company invests in research, creating dolls with artificial intelligence and skeleton with human-like capabilities.

OvDoll Review - OvDoll.com Reviews

Sex Doll Selection

The variety of products on OvDoll.com astonishes us. They sell not only mini sex dolls, customized, and realistic sex dolls, but also male sex dolls, separate feet, breasts, legs, Manga and Anime sex dolls, gay sex dolls, torsos, masturbators, sexy clothes for dolls, etc. Even transvestite dolls are available on OvDoll.com. This is one of the biggest selection on the market, and we are happy to share this new find with you.

Realistic sex dolls are from 100cm (2 ft 2 inch) to 170 (5 ft 7 inch). There are blond, brunette, tall, short, male, female, transvestite sex dolls with all the capabilities (vaginal, oral, anal). Sexy uniforms (like the policewoman, nurse) are available on the website. This could come in handy if you are looking forward to changing your doll’s appearance. 

Shipping Information

OvDoll will send you the shipping information right after the order is shipped. They use FedEx or DHL mail services. This company offers discreet shipping so that nobody will know the content of the package. OvDoll delivers around the world.

OvDoll Review - OvDoll.com Reviews


OvDolls have a very strict return policy. They are stating, that all returns are final, due to the nature of the product. Right after production, there are no returns on the sex dolls.

Payment Options

We finally found a company with affordable prices! OvDoll offers great discounts, coupons, and overall one of the lowest prices on the market. Human-size sex dolls can be as low as $1000, which is extremely cheap.

OvDoll accepts credit cards, wire transfers, and payments through PayPal.

OvDoll Review - OvDoll.com Reviews

OvDoll Review – OvDoll.com Reviews:

1. Huge selection of all kinds of sex dolls, sex doll’s costumes, torsos, and masturbators

2. Male dolls, transvestite dolls, gay sex dolls, and mini sex dolls available

3. Great prices, very affordable

4. Accepts PayPal, wire transfers, and credit cards

5. Very strict Return Policy

6. Fast and discreet shipping

7. Professional customer service

8. Coupons are available on the website