Love & Sex Store Review

Love & Sex Store


Highest Quality Materials


Perfect Handmade Designs


Reasonably Priced


Discreet Payment & Shipping


Customization Options



  • Fast and Free Shipping Worldwide
  • Fun sex toys available
  • Highest quality available on the market
  • No financing
  • All major credit cards accepted

About the Company

Love & Sex Store reviewed in this article is featured in lots of magazines.  Multiple lines of sex dolls were also available through the store. Originally, sex dolls were made with tin-cure silicone, but Love & Sex Store revolutionized the sex doll world with their platinum technology that retains its shape and texture for a much longer time period. When Love & Sex Store switched in 2014, virtually every other manufacturer followed suit.

Their dolls weight much less than regular dolls, which could be a huge benefit to the customers. More faces and customization options are added to the collection of dolls. If you want to read more about how to make your sex doll more attractive, check out our blog post. Love & Sex Store is setting standards in the sex doll industry, producing very high-end and expensive models.

Sex Dolls Selection

We have to admit – dolls, that are sold on Love & Sex Store are extremely realistic-looking. Probably the most realistic on the market. We loved the website, it is very easy to navigate, and we can see lots of great pictures of the dolls available. Pictures are very detail-oriented, so when your package arrives – there will be no surprises. You already saw everything online.

The selection is not as big, as Sexy Real Sex Dolls one, but the Love & Sex Store sex dolls are hand-picked just for you, and the quality amazed us. Love & Sex Store also has a variety of toys, apparel, and just the torsos available. Also, they have some fun toys, like the stress-relieving booby ball.

Shipping Information

When you are shipping it to your house – the crate that the doll comes in will be fully insured. The package is discreet, without any information about the content.

Love & Sex Store review

Payment Options

 As far as we know, most of the sex dolls are hand-made and Love & Sex Store are just way better quality. You cannot finance at Love & Sex Store, but the prices are more or less affordable. 

AliExpress accepts all major credit cards, cashiers checks, money orders, personal checks. PayPal is used throughout the website. When making a wire transfer, you must pay $50 fee.

Why Do We Recommend Love & Sex Store?

Let’s summarize everything we just read and explain why do we recommend this sex doll company:

Love & Sex Store Review

1.  Strict return policy

2. “You get what you pay for” – In this case, hyper-real, real-life porn-star sex dolls

3. No financing

4. Highest quality available on the market

5. Discreet shipping

6. All major credit cards accepted

7. Fun sex toys available