Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls

Check out our list of Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls! We choose them with care and passion. If you are a big Platinum Blondes fan and looking forward to buying a sex doll – this list is for you!

#1 Astrid

Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls

Astrid is #1 in our Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls list. This Nordic beauty has H-Cup breasts, large curves, and a Northern European character. If you are ready to conquer her heart  – she will be waiting for you every evening in the bedroom.

#2 Anna

Top 5 blonde sex dolls -2

Anna is a tiny country girl waiting for a man to show her the world. She is very delicate but ready for some roughness in bed. This beauty is petite, with perfect breasts and hot little butt. You will be a lucky man if you get a beauty like her. She can satisfy any man’s needs.

#3 Anastasia 

Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls

Anastasia is ready for sex. Whenever you want to, wherever you need to. She is extremely realistic, due to a special technology for the ultimate human-like experience. Anastasia is on fire – get her now!

#4 Katy 

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If you love tall sexy mamas – Katy is made for you. She is a gorgeous sex machine, which will make you scream out of pleasure. Katy is a full-size TPE doll, which could pleasure her man vaginally, anally, and orally. She has a steel skeleton, and her joints are so flexible, that she can handle any sex position.

#5 Lara

Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls

Hand-crafted just for you,  Lara ends our Top 5 Platinum Blonde Sex Dolls list. She is very innocent in life, and not at all in bed. Take her with you – and you will experience the best sex of your life – trust us! We loved her curves, beautiful petite body, and long sexy hair.

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