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  • No Young Sex Dolls
  • No Male Sex Dolls
  • Limited Accessories

Silicone Sex Dolls City Review – Reviews

About The Company

Silicone Sex Dolls City is an established company that sells good quality dolls that can be customized. They have been in the industry for a total of 4 years now; they are committed to providing the best service that they can. They specialize in selling sex dolls that are detailed, fully articulated, and made of high-quality materials. Their Japanese inspired dolls are made to closely mimic the grace and femininity of the female body. The dolls are soft to the touch have realistic features. We particularly loved the faces as they look stunning. The dolls allow oral, anal and vaginal penetration. The company only sells female and shemale dolls as we speak.

The company started by finding the best sex dolls manufacturers and built relationships with them. They have set up shop in Sydney Australia a few years back, since then they have slowly built a good reputation in the area and are now a key player in the region.

Their website is good for what it is. There are a total of 7 tabs at the top of the page. They are Home, Shop, HD Videos, Blog info & Ideas, About us, Contact us and FAQ. It provides enough information on what the company stands for. All of the dolls come with good information about them, and the pictures are very clear. It is good that they have an FAQ tab because other websites tend to place important information on different pages which makes finding information tough.   Design wise, it is not the best, to be honest, but it serves its purpose, and that’s what counts.

Silicone Sex Dolls City Review - Reviews

Sex Doll Selection

There’s a good number of sex dolls available on the website. They did a good job of arranging the dolls per size; we thought that it was the right thing to do because some buyers are particular on the size of the dolls they buy. The sizes range from 135cm- 172cm in height. The doll quality is above average, it’s not the best, but it’s far from being horrible either. They also have parts available for customization purposes. There’s a lot of good options on doll faces and wigs available, sadly the options for clothing and other accessories are extremely lacking.

We find the lack of options for male dolls disappointing. Silicone Sex Dolls City needs to realize that the demand for male sex dolls is steadily increasing. Limiting themselves to only one segment of the market may severely impair their market share if they don’t make changes quickly.

Shipping Information

Silicone Sex Dolls City will send an email confirming that the order has been received. The actual time to build and assemble the sex doll will take at most three weeks. The shipping cost is included in the total price when the doll is purchased. The company provides buyers with tracking information once the order is shipped out. Silicone Sex Dolls City uses carriers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx for delivery. Orders will be kept discreet at all times, the company packs the product without any branding, meaning that only the buyer knows what’s inside. Silicone Sex Dolls City values the security of its customers and will never sell nor expose their information in any way.

They allow worldwide shipping except on Islamic countries and countries like India, Africa, and Mexico. Customs fees will apply to Canada, Australia and some countries in Europe. Orders coming from the US will not pay any Customs fees.

Silicone Sex Dolls City Review - Reviews


Returns are only allowed if there’s an error made in ordering a product or if the product itself is defective. The buyer has three days to inform Silicone Sex Dolls City of any problems with the delivered product; the company can accept returns or exchanges once all of their requirements are met. Sex dolls that have been used are not eligible for returns.

Payment Options

Customers can pay using the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. It’s good that they accept PayPal as some companies don’t for some reason.

The website is fully verified and secure. They are registered under ASIC which means that they are a company that has passed strict compliance guidelines. They are a fully legitimate company and orders processed are safe and secure.

Silicone Sex Dolls City Review – Reviews

Silicone Sex Dolls City is a company that has built a good reputation locally with good reason; they have chosen a niche in the market and decided to focus on that. Their doll selection is varied and looks great overall; the doll quality is pretty good as well. We give a markdown though on their lack of options for customization.

They could have added options on clothes and accessories to keep things fresh. Accessories give the dolls variety, and we all know that variety is the spice of life.  Giving customers options to mix and match is a must in today’s market. This is super important because buying a sex doll is an investment in itself and we need to keep customers excited every time they see their dolls, the best way to do that is to provide lots of accessories.

We recommend Silicone Sex Dolls City if you are the type that prefers Asian looking models. The price and quality are satisfactory across the board. The limitations on things like ethnicity, gender and accessories is a shame though. If we were to suggest, it would be better for them to still focus on Asian designed models but have some options on other ethnicities too. That way people will have more dolls to choose from, and everyone’s needs are met.

Silicone Sex Dolls City Review - Reviews


– They source good manufacturers from all over the globe.

– The company has built a good following locally.

– The sizes of the sex dolls are varied. They have doll sizes for most preferences.


– The website design is simple and does not capture the immediate attention of the reader.

– No option for male and younger looking dolls.

– A limited number of options for accessories like clothes and the like.

So, Is This Company Right For Me?

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