What Is The Name For a Sex Doll Fetish?

Doll fetishism is a sexual fetish where an individual is attracted to doll-like objects and sex dolls, like the figurines and others. The attraction includes the desire for real sexual fantasy with an animate or inanimate doll or encounters between the sex dolls themselves or sexual pleasures gained from thoughts of being transformed.

Studies on Doll Fetish- Agalmatophilia

Agalmatophilia involves sexual attraction with a statue, figurative object or a doll directly.  Agalmatophilia is not to the same as supernatural powers and fictions of those who bring an icon to life, referred to as Pygmalionism as per Henry Havelock Ellis about Pygmalionism in his Studies in the Psychology of Sex. It’s also falling love with statues, which is a rare type of erotomania discovered on visionary sense and is closely related to the allurement of beauty. Pygmalionism was sometimes restricted to cases in which a man requires a prostitute hence will end up assuming that the statue can act as one; therefore the idea comes in.

Krafft-Ebing recorded an 1877 case of a gardener who fell in love with a statue of the Venus de Milo and caught red-handed attempting have sexual intercourse with it. The man who designed the original dolls were sexually attracted to children, and his main agenda was to help others in controlling the urge for sex.

Primarily these dolls are being manufactured mainly for pedophiles who want to control their sexual abuse of real children. Its proved that there is no way to change someone’s fetishes so sexual dolls help people to express their desires legally and ethically and it is not worth living if you have to live with repressed passion. Moreover, the seductive looks of the dolls make a person attracted towards it. The manufacturers of the sex dolls usually make the toys to look more attractive to draw men towards them and please them; the reason why they are tempted to buy it for intercourse and companionship.

What Is The Name For a Sex Doll Fetish?

Modern Sex Dolls 

Sex dolls, also called love dolls are used by humankind for pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They are all designed and available in almost the same shape and size of a feminine sexual outlook which has artificial orifices. The parts can be changed and molded to whatever form the owner wishes. Sex dolls are mostly used to fulfill sexual fantasies, cuddling and hugging, in art and photocopy, as gag gifts and to aid in masturbation. These days, we have love dolls manufactured from a simple sex toy to mannequins which are used primarily for modeling. Silicone sex dolls and TPE can be very lifelike since they are purely made from the real looks of human bodies with sexy bodies, faces, soft skin and with long hair.

What Is The Name For a Sex Doll Fetish?

The Origin of Sex Doll Fetish

The creation of a human form in its image for sexual gratification is an ancient and enduring practice which in today’s generation is seen as normal. Technology continues to discover different and new ways of animating objects through robotics in computerized programs designed to replicate human emotion. Silicone sex dolls, being the modernized ones, are about fifteen years according to the history of sex dolls. According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Pygmalion was a misogynist who sculpted a beautiful and a perfect woman out of ivory.

The goddess Venus ended up buying the ivory as a gift to Pygmalion since it was very attractive. The use of statues for sexual gratification became common, and many practiced it. It was because the figures were molded very beautifully in the likeness of human beings. Statues in ancient Rome and Greece were often placed at street level, tinted with accurate colors, and displayed freely so that when touched, they could attract people to buy and have them. Life-Sized dolls and statues were incorporated into religious and sex practices in the ancient era.

The religious leaders ended up marrying a statute which happened in ancient Greece. Admetus wife who was about to sacrifice him for his life, he told her that he would get a talented sculptor to carve her likeness and he would hide it under the bed. He would then kneel beside it and throw his arms around it and say her name which was Alcestis. Alcestis would think that he was holding his dear wife in his arms, snatching at cold comfort to ease the weight from his heart! (As cited in Scobie & Taylor, 1975.  

The digitized sex doll may have a straight antecedent which is inside a cotton sex doll created and used by sailors on long voyages, referred by the French to as dames de voyage. Both navies reportedly manufactured their versions which looked like those of the dames de voyage.

What Is The Name For a Sex Doll Fetish?

German Navy Sex Dolls

A popular urban legend claims that the German navy was the first to be created compared to today’s sex-dolls. According to the rumor spread by the urban myth, the doll was part of the Nazi’s fieldhygienic project, which initiated the counterbalance of the sexual drive of stormtroopers by Lenz N D. However, since Lenz existed, he reported the so-called Borghild doll are unverifiable and are possibly hoaxes (Ferguson, 2010; Schewe & Moreno, 2011). The Japanese had a version of a dames de voyage, called a do-ningyo.

A description is cited from a Japanese work titled “The Art of Quickly Seducing a Novice” in Tabori’s book, The Humor and Technology of Sex (1969): A man who is forced to sleep alone can obtain pleasure with a do-ningyo. It is the body of a female doll, which is in the image of a girl of thirteen or fourteen years with a velvet vulva. But these dolls are only for people of high rank. (p. 337) Sex Dolls and statues created and used for sexual purposes are cross-cultural phenomena in various forms for centuries. The absence of historical information about production, distribution, and sales, or customer satisfaction data on sex dolls leaves the history of sex dolls open to considerable speculation.

Until the emergence of the modern sex dolls, records of sales are found only in rumored accounts of sex doll use, and antique advertisements, such as the one translated by Henry Carey from a Paris circular in 1902. It advertises the sale of a complete, custom sex doll made to fit customer specifications.


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