Most Common Questions Asked When Buying A Sex Doll

The decision to eventually buy a sex doll for you is quite hefty on its own, and it might take quite some time for you to make it. In the end, it is expected that you make an informed and sober decision after considering all sides of the issue. As expected, there are numerous questions usually asked along the journey of making this big decision. We analyzed the most frequently asked questions and drafted the best answers for you so that you are not feeling alone in this otherwise long journey.

What is the length of the production time for my sex doll?

This is the most asked question, and we guess it is because of the anxiety of having to wait to have your sex doll home finally. Usually, since all the sex dolls are hand-made and molded each step of the way, it takes approximately three to ten days for your sex doll to be shipped. But this might change depending on your location. 

Are there any risks associated with sex dolls?

So far, there are no known risks associated with sex dolls. They are made from safe materials and are perfectly hygienic to use, even without protection. But the way you use and maintain your sex doll’s cleanliness is going to determine your health and sanitation. 

What materials are used to make sex dolls?

Most sex dolls are made from silicone and TPE materials. The materials are safe and perfectly healthy for you as well as for the environment. Other small plastics, as well as pieces of PVC and steel, are used to make the skeleton inside. 

How flexible are the sex dolls?

Because of the flexible metal skeleton inside, your sex doll can stand straight like a person, sit, and bend, as well as pose in ways a real person could not. That is why you can achieve many sex positions with a sex doll than with a real person. Some poses might require support, though, considering their feet may not be able to support their weight. The sex doll joints can rotate in 180° and are strong enough to bend in any way humanly possible and more. As long as it is in the natural direction, sex dolls are very flexible; otherwise, they can fracture the joint and cause the sex doll to break. With elongated use, this flexibility may be compromised as sex dolls tend to wear out after many years.

How can sex dolls be warmed?

By simply using a hot water bath or a heated blanket. Some people even use hot water bottles. 

How to have sex with a sex doll?

Just like you would with a human partner. Use the orifices available for penetration if the doll is female, the vagina, mouth, and anus work just like those of a real woman. If it is a male sex doll, the erect penis, anus, and mouth work just as well.  

Can sex dolls have sex without lubricant?

No. even if you wanted to, you will end up getting bruised. It is advisable to use sex lubes that are safe for both you and the sex dolls.

Can a sex doll go ‘doggy style’ on its own?

Not possible, as the joints do not lock; you are required to support the upper body with pillows so that she remains steady during sex.

How much weight can a sex doll support?

If you have to get on top of your sex doll during sex, you need to know that the maximum pressure you can exert on it is 400lbs. Above that, it might cause breakage and eventual wearing.

How can sex dolls be cleaned?

By using warm water and safe soap detergents. It is easy to clean the entire body, but it might require more expertise to clean the orifices to get rid of your cum so that it is safe for your next use.

Can sex dolls be dressed in any clothes?

Yes, your sex doll can be dressed in any clothes. However, if your sex doll is made from TPE, you might consider being a little careful with the clothes you dress her up with. Avoid dark, colored, or loose-dye clothes because the sex doll’s skin tends to absorb the color and retain the stain and discolor. For all sex dolls, avoid clothes that have pins and sharp edges because they can potentially damage the sex doll’s tender skin.

Can sex dolls be made up with cosmetics?

Yes, this is perfectly in order. The only reservation is that you have to use makeup that has natural colors and shades. Contact your manufacturer to know which make up kits are safe to use on your sex doll without compromising on its natural look.

Am I supposed to pay for tax and duty for my sex doll?

This largely depends on your location; within the United States, you will need to pay up the taxes and duties. Otherwise, it is a smooth doorstep delivery with every fees and taxes taken care of.

Can sex doll orders be canceled?

Upon specifying the sex doll you want to be made for you, you will have 24 hours to cancel the order. Manufacturing begins after 24 hours, and at that point, you cannot cancel the order. On completion, you have only five hours to cancel the order, and once it has been shipped, you cannot cancel the order. 

Can sex dolls be repaired?

If your sex doll arrives with defects, you should contact your manufacturer to guide you around in fixing it. However, you cannot send your sex doll back for repairs because of the risk involved.  All the wears and tears can be taken care of in simple steps and by using the TPE glue. Your manufacturer will provide you with the perfect guidelines via phone on how to correct any defects.

Wrinkles on my sex doll?

They are as a result of having your sex doll in one position for too long. If you are not storing your sex doll away, ensure to change its positions often to avoid the wrinkles and creases. 

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