Top 10 Myths About Japanese Sex Dolls

The milestones that have been covered over the years by the sex doll industries are major, and they can only keep getting better. Now, you can actually customize a sex doll according to your key desires like height, body size, eye and hair color, skin color, size of boobs, ass, and penis, etc. It gets better; now, sex dolls can be manufactured according to a given nationality. If you want a Chinese sex doll or an Asian sex doll, the sex doll industry has got your back. One of the most famous sex doll nationality is the Japanese, in all the aspects. But to understand the Japanese sex dolls, you have to realize that there are some myths that would otherwise discourage you, and we have demystified them below.

Top 10 Myths About Japanese Sex Dolls

Image: Hiyori Doll. Photo taken from OVDOLL

That Japanese sex dolls are only female is a myth.

We all know how beautiful and flawless Japanese women can be. We also know that it is the reason why sex dolls are considered to be sexy and extremely striking. Japanese sex dolls include more than just female sex dolls. Just like any other sex dolls, the market is flooded with Japanese sex dolls of all genders; female, male, and transsexual dolls, keeping in mind that they also have other types of sex dolls that are alien!

That Japanese sex dolls are small and childlike is also a myth

that has been based upon the fact that the Japanese are moderately short and small people. The truth is that there exist customization principles that can help to guide you to come up with the perfect body size and height for your sex doll. And as much as the sex dolls are small, most of them have the standard height for both men and women, unless a special order for an extreme in the size or height is made.

That the male sex dolls of Japanese nationality have small penis is and has always been a myth.

Again, it is not entirely correct that sex dolls be based upon the physical set up of a person when there are customization features in place that guide the production. It is believed that the Japanese do have moderately small penises as compared to the norm, but it might not apply to them all. Go ahead and instruct your manufacturer on the size of the penis that would work for you, as well as any other aspects of it.

Top 10 Myths About Japanese Sex Dolls

Image: Esther Maid Sex Doll. Photo taken from Silicone Wives

It is also only a myth that Japanese sex dolls are meant to be used by virgins and people with minimal sexual experience.

The truth is that Japanese sex dolls appeal to everyone, including people who are new to sex. Think of it just like the regular sex dolls that can be used by anyone. Actually, the more sexually experienced you are, the more likely you are to explore sex doll varieties. However, there is a small truth here because virgins tend first to try out a sex doll before they can face the real sex world.

Another myth surrounding the Japanese sex dolls has to do with the fact that people who use sex dolls might have one or more problems

that are related to sex like erectile failure or dysfunction. The truth is that the people who use sex dolls vary from the healthy ones to those suffering from sex disorders that may be too embarrassing to open up to a partner about. So, it might be true that ED patients prefer the privacy of their non-judgmental sex dolls, part it is also true that there are sex doll owners who are totally healthy and with a crazy sex drive.

It is also not true that Japanese sex dolls are meant only for physically challenged people.

Anybody, physically challenged or not, is free to own and use a sex doll for all their reasons. Physically challenged people use sex dolls because of many reasons, and mostly because their conditions may not allow them to meet someone who is a perfect match to them, sexually. People without any physical challenges are also free to use Japanese sex dolls.

Top 10 Myths About Japanese Sex Dolls

Image: Yumi Sex Doll. Photo taken from Silicone Wives

It is wrong to assume that Japanese sex dolls will become addictive to their users.

Japanese sex dolls are sweet and sexy, yes, but not to the extent that they would make you hooked to them like coke. You need to exercise controlled use of your sex doll, in such a way that it remains healthy for you and your mate. Occasionally, there would be cases where a person decided to focus more on the sex doll, but they may not have enough to addict you with. The real addiction here is the addiction to the real cookie.

That Japanese sex dolls can and will eventually replace real sex partners is not only a myth; it is also extremely impractical.

Sex dolls are meant for fun and varied experiences, but not to take the place of your human partner. Remember that a sex doll cannot bear kids and neither can it possess the qualities of a human. They are not naturally warm, they are not friendly or emotional, and they cannot keep you all cuddled up in some sweet homely sessions. So, they are primarily meant for pleasure whether or not alongside your partner.

It is also not right to assume that Japanese sex dolls are overly expensive and pricey.

Sex dolls have prices that are affordable, and price ranges that are all-inclusive. You only need to look around for a sex doll that is within your price range, because some of them are extremely affordable, and others might be moderately expensive. It depends on the material of the sex doll, as well as with the vendor of the doll. Do not allow a myth to come between you and your most desired asset. You can go online and check out the available offers and prices, and compare them across the board to see where you fit. But generally, anything between $500 and $ 5,000 is a good price to look at.

Top 10 Myths About Japanese Sex Dolls

Image: Sex Doll Ariana. Photo taken from Sex

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