Silicone Dolls, Men, and Love

Stephen Caroll invited his mother to his home one afternoon for a cup of tea. His mom’s heart leaped in joy upon entering his son’s dining room as she saw a beautiful woman sitting at her son’s dinner table.

The woman she saw was a brunette with a moderate height, and long, skinny legs. She was sitting engrossed on whatever is flashed on Stephen’s laptop screen, completely still. A cup of steaming tea was beside her, and on her left hand was an unfinished biscuit. However, even when Stephen’s mom approached her, she remained completely still, as if she did not notice that someone went near her. 

The woman was Kaori, Stephen’s life-size silicone dolls, which costs $8,500 and that was the very first time he introduced the doll to anyone. 

Stephen recalled that he never told anyone that he was going to buy a silicone doll. And by the look on the face of Mrs. Caroll, it was evident that she noticed something wrong. 

Mrs. Caroll then cocked her head on one side, walked nearer to Kaori, and stuck her hand to poke the woman’s shoulder. That was the moment when Mrs. Caroll’s face showed recognition as if realizing that the woman was a doll.

Stephen (not his real name), lives in Melbourne and is a truck driver. For this 40-year-old man, Kaori gives a humble kind of companionship. Still, he insists that his relationship with Kaori is platonic. 

He says that a lot of people stereotype silicone dolls into something sexual– something that he completely understands. However, he thinks that this aspect is irrelevant, saying that people are doing a lot more other than sex to these dolls ever since they were first developed.  

Models have been a part of Stephen’s life ever since he was young. Growing up in a family of engineers, traits like detail and precision have been cultivated into Stephen. For this reason, he became fond of building scale models during his childhood. However, as Stephen became older, his fascination became focused on more realistic models.

While browsing through the internet, Stephen came across several photos that caught his attention. Those photos turned out to be silicone dolls. The moment he saw the dolls, Stephen thought that they were fascinating. His attention was caught by how hyper-realistic the dolls look like, as well as their beauty and precision. According to Stephen, someone will not easily identify that the doll was actually not a living person. He thought that if other people can have one, then he can also have a silicone doll for himself. 

After several months of saving and searching for his ideal woman, he sent an order to a manufacturing company in southern California. And after waiting for several weeks, he finally had his own lady named Kaori.

Kaori is manufactured by RealDoll. She is just one of the many life-size silicone dolls that the Californian company manufactures. Notably, RealDoll’s silicone models became popular when their mannequins were featured in the film Lars and the Real Girl in 2007. 

The silicone dolls created by the said company are all infinitely posable. They have a PVC skeleton support equipped with functioning steel joints. They also have interchangeable face and wig and are all correct in terms of anatomy. 

For Stephen, Kaori is a work of art and her details are the testament to her reality. There was a time when he had to carry out business in Melbourne CBD and he decided to take Kaori along with him. For him, taking care of Kaori is like moving a disabled person. He picks her up, put her into the passenger seat, and then put her seatbelt on. 

During the time when Stephen drove along with Kaori, the doll would have an iPod on her hand, with the earpiece plugged in her ear, as she sits in the car while listening to her iPod. He parked his car in Lonsdale Street, went ahead and did his thing, and came back with Kaori still in the car.

Nobody notices that Kaori is a silicone doll. Still, Stephen is not afraid that the people around him will find out, saying that he did not break any law for bringing a mannequin in his car.

Furthermore, Stephen is looking forward to expanding her silicone doll collection. As of now, she has five dolls who he enjoys being with. He also thinks that people do not truly appreciate how it feels to be with a sex doll. 

Silicone Dolls, Men, and Love

A life with a latex doll

University of Western Australia’s Cathleen Maslen spent some time studying the subculture of RealDoll. She found out that although the dolls are sexually marketed, not all doll owners think that their dolls are sexual objects. 

Dr, Maslen revealed that some sex dolls aren’t just sex toys. Rather, some owners incorporate the dolls into their daily lives. For men who own sex dolls and take the dolls seriously, they can develop an entire lifestyle that revolves around the dolls. According to her, owners undoubtedly love their dolls and they invest emotion and attachment to them. 

Dr. Maslen also found out that there was one RealDoll owner who actually married his doll in a public ceremony. 

Silicone doll owners are trying to view their dolls as an alternative to having an actual relationship with a real woman. 

However, Dr. Malsen also noted that there are also some silicone doll owners who do not take their dolls as seriously as others. Needless to say, people who own dolls are very much varied than one might think of. 

Silicone doll owners vary from all sorts and ages. People who think doll owners are in for the doll in a sexual manner. Stereotypes may say that silicone dolls are merely for sexual purposes; however, this stereotype is definitely not true in everyone as some men buy silicone dolls for the purpose of companionship. So, although some doll owners are alone, they say that they are not lonely. Take Stephen as an actual example.

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