Top 10 Russian Dolls

Top 10 Russian Dolls

Russia is known for magnificent tourist sceneries, fine art, fashion, soviet artifacts, culture, President Vladimir Putin, and the famous vodka. Despite all the incredible facts about Russia, we can’t ignore the stunning beauty of Russian women. The attributes of these women are quite a turn on even you’re not a Russian yourself. Russian women can do what men do in the fields of heavy lifting, work, and education and they believe in equal rights between genders. Russian women are well educated and strive to be a wonderful wife to his man.

All girls wanted to be treated nice and traditional Russian women expect their men to be chivalrous towards them. Russian girls treat their men with affection, love, warmth, and care to help reduce stress and tiredness from a day’s hard work. These Russian ladies are devoted and loyal which makes this character so special about them. You will surely feel loved and become happier spending your time with a Russian woman and never be afraid to feel in love with them.

When it comes to making love with Russian girls, they are considered as wild, crazy, and seriously good in bed. Importantly, Russian women want development in their relationship and a way to build up the closeness between each other is by sex. Lovemaking is needed for physical and emotional contact for reducing stress and anxiety. Although, not all men can travel to Russia to build a connection with them. An alternative way to have sex with a Russian woman is with a Russian sex doll.

Sexual Natures of a Russian Women

Despite their innocent looks, Russian women love to have sex with their men. Exploring your fantasies and desired sexual position with these girls will never be the same with other ladies across the globe. Here are some reasons why Russian girls offer the best pleasurable experience in your sex life.

They are very feminine

You can see that they have smooth and wonderful skin. Most Slav women have amazing body shapes and figures. They assume that they will be treated with care and for you to be kind and understanding while making love with these girls. They wish to enjoy sex as much as you do and fascinated with unusual sex ideas they can try out. They are very passionate and open to sexual experiments with their partner.

They are incredibly loving

Their performance in making love is genuinely romantic. Keep in mind that they care about their beauty as much as the designs of a room. Something about Russian woman is that have an unusual love for furs, they want to have interior designs with furs such as the carpet in the floor or the bedsheets in the bedroom. They will always be seductive to their partner as much as possible.  With their flirting skills, Russian women can seductively speak to you with a pleasant voice and invite you over for dinner. They will always dress nice and look appealing for their partner and will do all of this because they want to offer the best pleasurable sex for the men they love.

They are perfect companions

Russian women believe that the most important thing they can do for their partner is by pleasuring them in bed. These girls explore new ways to bring enjoyment in lovemaking for their loved ones. They have strong intuitions that tell them how to act well and adapt in bed, that is why the perfect companion for sex is with Russian women.  If you are familiar with the Kamasutra sex positions then these Russian girls are ready for experiments and new innovative sex ideas. You can openly communicate your deepest secrets and preferred sexual positions just for your pleasure.

They are extraordinarily challenging

It’s inevitable that you’ll get in a bed with her sooner or later but as soon as you get it down with a Russian woman, she will leave you limped in the best way. They are known for offering the best pleasurable sex experience you’ll ever have. Being in a relationship with these Russian girls have a crazy side in them when it comes to sex. Kisses and hugs are fine, but it is not enough to satisfy them. These beautiful Russian girls want in bed is for you to bring them the maximum pleasure so both of you could fulfill the enjoyment in each other’s body.

They expect YOU to play a leading role.

When going on a relationship with a Russian woman, they usually don’t want to take the first move, especially in bed. They give you several hints you should notice and strike when the opportunity comes. Never be afraid of taking the lead and collect as much info you can get to spot her sensitive areas then surely; she’ll make it pleasurable for you as well. Domination is a major turn on to Russian women when making love. Be confident in your way of handling it, they consider it as manly and respectful to the girl’s enjoyment.

They are naturally great in bed

Are Russian women great in making love? Absolutely. They are naturally good and famous around the globe for their open-mindedness and devotion in the approach of sexual intercourse. Russian girls are competitors with other famous countries for their love makers. Russia would have easily had its own version of Kama Sutra because of their natural talent in sex. They are either born with a gift to please their loved one or because of the loving characteristics they offer their men.

Fulfilling one’s sexual desire is always pleasurable and enjoyable with the right person that understands you physically and emotionally. Russian girls are the ideal sex partners you can make love with. The safest and alternate way to have sex with a Russian girl is with realistic Russian sex dolls that no other sex doll could offer.

List of the Best Russian Sex Dolls

Below is the list of the best Russian sex dolls you can find that are available in online sex stores today. Here are some choices to pick from.



5 feet and 5 inches tall that weighs around 73 lbs. Known for its Russian beauty and lean body. Bust Size is around 32 inches.

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 2 inches tall that weighs around 66 lbs. Known for its innocent looks and young body. Bust size is around 27 inches.

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 6 inches tall that weighs around 86 lbs. Known for its glorious breast and perfect hourglass figure. Bust size is around 38 inches.

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 4 inches tall that weighs around 88 lbs. Known for its incredible looks and lean body. Bust Size is around 32 inches.

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 7 inches that weigh around 90 lbs. Known for its booming breast and clear skin. Bust size is 35 inches. 

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 5 inches tall that weighs around 43 kg. It has an authentic Russian beauty. Bust size is 35 inches. 

Top 10 Russian Dolls


Barbie Doll Russian

5 feet and 7 inches that weigh around 34 kg. It has small boobs but yummy curves. Bust size is 31.1 inches. 

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 4 inches that weigh around 33 kg. It’s a techno beauty perfect for today’s modern world. Bust size is 35 inches. 

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 3 inches that weigh around 39 kg. Carrying a traditional beauty. Bust size is 36 inches. 

Top 10 Russian Dolls



5 feet and 2 inches tall that weighs around 77 lbs. Known for its naughty look and graceful body. Bust size is around 35 inches.

Top 10 Russian Dolls


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