Give Your Sex Doll a Wap – The Wappening

Did you get a bucket and a mop for your wet rendevous? It’s time for a wap!

Whether for TikTok sound effect or a good jam on a bus trip, people of today’s generation know about this brand new rap song dropped by grammy award winner rapper, Cardi B together with another singer and rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. Though the track has an undeniably catchy melody and uplifting vibe, some fans and other listeners express confusion over its concrete meaning and blueprint. They addressed their concerns on social media.  

But what does WAP mean? 

Give Your Sex Doll a Wap - The Wappening

Via interview prior to the official release of the track, the rapper song-writer that the term “WAP,” which you can’t find in any dictionary, is an acronym for Wet A*s P*ssy. Moreover, Cardi admitted that this song is naturally nasty in all ways, and there’s no way it can be transformed into a cleaner one. Hence, it’s no surprise that a review released by a reputable music publication called the track Class-A filth. According to the article, WAP brings back the old vibes of listening to songs with explicit letters. 

The suggestive clothing of the song becomes a perfect anthem in different dance moves that easily soared to internet popularity. The track also conceived various dance challenge among influencers and vloggers. On the deeper side, the song also emancipates in one’s sexual desire, especially to those with no partner who can help them relieve themselves. 

The vibe of the track will really turn you on in an instant. So aside from suggestive dancing, what other more you can do to go with the song once it hits the speakers? Simple. Get a sex doll of your type and spend a good and satisfying night with her. But if you’re going to look deeper into the WAP song, there’s an important underlying message there that every want who wants a satisfying release must always remember beforehand. What is that? Keep in mind that the way to gratifying sexual relief is through proper and adequate lubrication. Lube! Let your desire slide through. 

Why Is Lubrication Playing An Important Role in Sex?

Imagine your one hand was accidentally stuck in a very narrow space, and you can’t pull it off. What would you do? Force it off? Cut your hands? Of course, the very first way is to smoothen your hands with the help of oil or any greasy solution. Right after, you’re going to pull your hands off gently as nothing happens. And that’s it. You’re now then again free. 

The same thing goes when you’re having sex. Naturally, the vagina generates lubrication when the woman gets sexually triggered just like what described in the Cardi B song. But there are instances that it doesn’t produce that much. In this case, additional lubrication is needed, and here is where you would need lube during intercourse. 

Basically, lubrication cuts off the friction between penis and vagina when penetrating and so there’s no pain to intervene between the two. It makes the satisfying night comfortable for the lovers who are making love. 

An artificial lube, which is available in various flavors, textures, and quality, is a must, especially if you’re banging an inanimate figure like sex dolls, which apparently can’t produce its own lubrication. Even if your sex doll is made from TPE or silicone with the most velvet feature, it’s still not a reason to feel assured that you’re going to feel comfortable all the way through. You would need a good lube for sure to penetrate better. 

This is How Lubricants Give You An Unforgettable Night

Even if they are already turned on and the lingering feeling is already there, some people still choose to close their eyes for sex because of notable issues such as pain and discomfort. But there is where lubricants work at. It maintains people’s thirst for sex by making them feel secure from these issues. 

Give Your Sex Doll a Wap - The Wappening

If you’re using a lubricant in taking a ride with your sex doll, you don’t need to push too hard just to get into the depth that will satisfy you. For a real-human who is extremely aroused, you can easily get into it with or without the lube. But as for sex dolls, it’s another story to tell because this toy has no feelings and no mechanism to produce it overflowing. 

With the help of lubricants, you will surely enjoy the night sleeping with your sex dolls. Here’s how you can apply it perfectly:

  1. Choose the best lubricant available in the market to avoid irritation. Below is the list where you can choose from.
  2. Put a generous amount all over it. 
  3. Consider using a vibrator to scatter the lube around the channels. 
  4. Put some also to your penis/vagina. 

Where to Get An Affordable Yet High-quality Lubricant?

Play the Cardi B song because it’s about time for a WAP! Now that it has already discussed the importance of lube in sex, here’s the list of the best choices you should consider. Take note that not every lube you can find in the market shares the same quality and efficiency. You should still need to be careful with the details to avoid unexpected issues. 


Don’t deny it, you’ve been seeing this always in convenience stores and malls. Probably because it’s the most popular and the best. Durex makes sure that their lubricants are smooth and would feel natural. 

Orgasm Gel Libido Enhancer

If you have sensitive skin, this water-based lube is the best for you. 

Water-based lubricant for sex

With this, you can easily get pleasured and intensify your arousal because it feels natural even for sex dolls. 

Okeny’s Strawberry Flavor Edible Lubricant

This lube is romantically clean as despite having flavors, it doesn’t leave residue on the toy or even on the vagina.

Give Your Sex Doll a Wap - The Wappening

Mizz Zee Lubricant for Sex Dolls

This is characterized by its thick texture which is enough to find every scoop fulfilling and pleasurable.

Private Fruit Flavor Lubricant

This is probably one of the best-reviewed lube available primarily because of its extra-soothing effect that you can’t find from anywhere. 

Analgesic Anal Sex Lubricant

Who won’t resist having anal sex? Take note that it has a different depth and texture from the vagina so better use this specific lube for it.

Orgasm Libido Enhancer

This lube has been in the market since old age. So it’s no surprise that it has already proven its effectiveness in many circumstances. 

Sex Lubricant Japanese Simulation

Save money while having a good night regularly? This is the best choice as it comes in a large bottle and can last long for around a year. 

 TSN 400g Sexual Lubricant Dropper

For amateurs, this is the perfect choice as it is made to feel so slippery in every scoop. 


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