The Belle Delphine Sex Doll: Unofficially The Best Lookalike?

Who wouldn’t want a Belle Delphine sex doll? Now that we are indeed in the age of the future, there are more and more technological innovations as time goes on. We are living in confusing times, with Belle Delphine sex dolls as a crowning achievement. Quality of life for the new generation has exceeded what it was during the last 30 years. But, what does this mean for everyone? Although depression has increased, there are new ways we can fill the void. Satisfaction and consumption both connote choice, happiness and even sexual satisfaction. But even with that, maybe the Belle Delphine sex doll is exactly what we all need. Now that we live in a different generation from our parents, we should not be ashamed of owning sex dolls.

The Belle Delphine Sex Doll: Unofficially The Best Lookalike?

Though they can still be considered a niche market, the sex doll market is pretty much alive. Moreso now that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. An article by Forbes has stated that Sex Doll Genie saw a 51.6% increase in sales as of February and March of last year. It is more than just the fact that most of us are alone in the pandemic; it is because we, as humans, always crave companionship by nature. With that in mind, though, why would this sex doll be the one for you?

The doll, named Hentai, is sure to bring forth your cosplayer dream. She is an anime real-life sex doll with the ideal amount of bounce. She looks vaguely reminiscent of someone, though. However, I’m not exactly sure who.


Hentai, when translated directly from Japanese, literally means “pervert.” It’s a sub-genre of anime that focuses more on sexual acts and aims to overly-sexualize characters with its explicit imagery and plot points.

Hentai was named as such to provide the classic anime fan the satisfaction that they have always wanted. Every anime fan desires to have sex with an anime character or a cosplayer, and Hentai promises to provide that. As I have mentioned before, she reminds me of both an anime character and a famous cosplayer. Though, I’m not sure who. Perhaps this is the first of many Belle Delphine sex dolls?

Maybe Super Sonico?

For hardcore Japanese anime fans, she may look like Super Sonico. Sonico is a familiar figure among hardcore anime fans; Her well-endowed figure gives her many action figures along with doujinshi that perfectly encapsulates the dreams that she, too, would be real.

Super Sonico was nothing more than a fictional character bought to life. She is the personification of an ideal woman for lonely middle-aged men that are aware that she is nothing more than a fictional character. But this sex doll is real, although she cannot speak and make some fantasies come true.

Maybe Belle Delphine?

Though for people that do not know who the hell Super Sonico is, the doll looks more similar to Belle Delphine, though not in all aspects.

For people like me who have no idea who Belle Delphine is, she is a self-made millionaire through her OnlyFans account. OnlyFans, for those unaware, is a subscription-based online platform that allows content creators more freedom than more mainstream media like YouTube and the like. Delphine made her name by selling “gamer girl bathwater,” she sold for $30 in 2019. It went viral back in the day and remains sold through her official website up to this day. Made from natural bath water, it says on Delphine’s official website.

Chances are, you have a vague idea of what Belle Delphine does when you see Hentai on our platform. She is indeed vaguely reminiscent of the internet star. But, why would you buy Hentai? Well, why not?

The Belle Delphine Sex Doll: Unofficially The Best Lookalike?

Key Features:

Height: its small stature and ideal body figure would give the buyer the fantasy of making it with a real person. She has a height of 155cm, which is the average height of a Japanese woman.

Oral, vaginal, and anal capabilities: Hentai offers an immersive experience for people with cosplay desires with her capabilities. Here are her complete capabilities:

l Full Bust: 90cm | 35.4 inch

l Waist: 56cm | 22 inch

l Hips: 90cm | 35.4 inch

l Weight: 34kg | 75 lbs

l Under Bust: 58cm | 22.8 inch

l Vaginal Depth: 17cm | 6.7 inch

l Anal Depth: 14cm | 5.5 inch

l Oral Depth: 12cm | 4.7 inch

l Arm Length: 64cm | 25.2 inch

l Shoulder Width: 34cm | 13.4 inch

l Calf Circum: 30cm | 11.8 inch

l Thigh Circum: 54cm | 21.3 inch

l Leg Length: 81cm | 31.9 inch

l Foot Length: 23cm | 9 inch

Perfect Bosoms: In addition to all of these features, Hentai is also well-endowed. Her 90cm bust allows her to have a realistic jiggle whenever you shake her. With that in mind, her bubble butt provides the buyer with a sense of realism as well.

Why Would You Want Hentai or a Belle Delphine Sex Doll?

Yes, Hentai is vaguely reminiscent of either an internet celebrity or a defunct anime character from days gone past. But, do not let that deter you from buying her. Do not think of her as a sex doll: think of her as a loving companion that would be able to provide you comfort on lonely nights. Every single male on the planet can relate to this issue as well. It is not something that married men face. Selling sex is the oldest business on the earth. And that is what Hentai offers that, and so much more. She offers to give you the comfort that you would need on sexless nights, along with the satisfaction of having sex with someone you have always dreamed about as a child.

Hentai, along with several others, can be procured through Sexy Real Sex Dolls. What’s more, if you don’t want to have a sex doll that looks similar to Belle Delphine, you can customize your own! Maybe you’re a fellow who fancies Pokimane or someone who looks like your typical Japanese schoolgirl. Worry not, as our Top 10 Sex Doll Companies have got your fantasies covered for you!

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