Best TV Shows Starring Sex Dolls

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: who would make a TV show that stars sex dolls? Wouldn’t that be the same as making a television show that does nothing but clean? But then you see the hit Netflix show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and my case rests: there will be a show about any topic that you might think about, no matter how niche it is. But then again, I would be surprised if there are actual shows that feature genuine sex dolls. 

Best TV Shows Starring Sex Dolls

You can color me surprised yet again, as there are actual shows that feature authentic sex dolls! Now, admittedly, these shows are for an older audience. But, as you’re on a website that talks about sex dolls in the first place, I would be surprised if you aren’t one. 


Best TV Shows Starring Sex Dolls

A shocking twist from a dying platform, Dummy promises to be one of the weirdest programs you’ve ever watched on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole of VTubers like I did or are a fan of furry art. This show promises to be much weirder than the weirdest thing that you’ve watched online. 

The premise is weird. Even I, one of the most peculiar people to ever grace God’s green earth, can say that. The series involves Anna Kendrick befriending her boyfriend’s sex doll and taking it on an adventure throughout America. When push comes to shove, you usually won’t watch a show like this even in a million years. More so when it’s only available in Quibi. 

Now what’s wrong with Quibi, you might ask? Quibi is the fact that their platform is slowly dying on the onset of the pandemic. They released their platform last year and are for people on the go, right in the middle of a pandemic. Now I know it’s mostly intended for Gen Zs, as a study has shown that most of them have an attention span of fewer than 8 seconds. They also advertise their content as “movies in chapters,” which could be a thing for most Gen Zs. Given a choice, I’d rather watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 winner Sasha Velour’s Nightgowns on the platform. 

Back to Dummy, the show is a bit more than just a weird show for weird people. I haven’t watched it. But looking at reviews on RottenTomatoes suggests that it can hold its candle when it comes to other shows from Netflix and YouTube as well. What’s more, as Quibi is unique among streaming platforms, you can view Dummy in a horizontal view. All that means is that you can view the doll spread its legs in a manner you never knew was possible.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful

Although The Bold and the Beautiful has been around for a long time, the Emmy-award winning show started to use blow-up sex dolls for some of its more intimate scenes. 

You might be thinking, why would they do that? 

The coronavirus pandemic has placed everyone on lockdown, and there are no questions about its adverse effects on the entertainment industry. But, entertainment giant CBS can provide adequate protection for its crews and actors for the pandemic, right? World of Wonder managed to film two entire seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and one in the United Kingdom. However, a reality show and a sitcom are two entirely different things. Although they may look similar at first, RuPaul’s Drag Race does not allow for intimate scenes between two cast members. And that’s why The Bold and the Beautiful has opted for this bold move. 

The entirety of the production staff considered everything into mind. The production team always ensures that the show’s actors are wearing masks, all while following the social distancing protocol until it’s time to shoot their scenes. They’ve also removed and edited some of the scenes that include group shoots. Lastly, they made sure to use sex dolls for the more intimate settings, including the actors. Though it may sound like a bold move, they’ve used sex dolls before as a corpse on one of their episodes. All that they needed was a bit of makeup here and there, and voila! You have something that looks vaguely reminiscent of a woman. 

The way The Bold and the Beautiful uses sex dolls is a more creative use of sex dolls than Dummy. Though both shows were filmed during the onslaught of the pandemic, the way they utilize sex dolls couldn’t be more different from each other. Dummy is mostly for people with more sense than money; a testament of what people can do with nothing more than just their imagination and a sex doll. The Bold and the Beautiful use sex dolls as an innovational tool during the pandemic. 

Me and My Sex Doll

Me and My Sex Doll is the complete opposite of both Dummy and The Bold and the Beautiful. Me and My Sex Doll is a British documentary shown on television, to the dismay of Ofcom and the majority of the British audience. 

The British audience was in for a shock after opening their televisions on the 17th of June in 2019. Channel 5, the channel that showed it, has been inundated with Twitter and Facebook complaints after it showed a pretty graphic sex scene between a man and a silicone doll. Ofcom, or the United Kingdom’s Office of Communication, has declared that the program has breached several protocols, including showing graphic sex scenes and the likes. 

Best TV Shows Starring Sex Dolls

I can’t blame Ofcom and the British audience on this one, as some of the scenes are indeed too graphic, even for me. I mean, they’ll probably be alright when you show them over the internet, but not on National Television, with children watching. The documentary promises to stir conversations and debates at every episode regarding sex dolls and their adverse effects on people. 

There aren’t many shows that feature sex dolls, but to my shock, there are some. Although there aren’t a lot of them, there are some that raise questions and debate whenever people see them. They’re either think pieces or an example of innovation during the time of a global hardship. Sex dolls are the way of the future, and now some shows feature them. Welcome to the future, I guess. 

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